3 Crucial Facts About Uncontrollable Shaking Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety and especially panic attacks (sometimes referred to as anxiety attacks,), then you’ll already be very familiar with many of the symptoms.

The problem with panic attack symptoms, however, is that providing a full list is almost impossible as everyone has their own panic attack boxed set.

Not everyone, for example, suffers from uncontrollable shaking anxiety while experiencing a panic attack, while for others it’s part of their familiar package. Then other people (myself included,) have suffered from uncontrollable shaking during a panic attack, but it’s not usually one of my symptoms.

There is some good news regarding the shaking that can accompany a panic attack, however, so here’s the three that are worth knowing about.

3 Crucial Facts About Uncontrollable Shaking Anxiety



Shaking or Trembling During a Panic Attack Is Normal

I thought it wise to cover this one first because if you’ve recently had your first ever bout of shaking or trembling due to a panic attack, then you might be online looking for immediate answers.

The shaking or trembling is very typical in the legs or arms but can undoubtedly take effect anywhere in your body.

When you are suffering from a panic attack, your body is undergoing the powerful effects of the fight or flight process. As humans, we very often aren’t given the chance to do battle with a lion, so it has to be an aisle in a supermarket instead. The trouble with non-threatening supermarkets is that they aren’t… well… threatening. So if we do happen to suffer from a panic attack, then it’s more of a panic ambush as we really weren’t expecting it.

During our ‘panic ambush’ our bodies have a massive build-up of various stress hormones, and these hormones deliver all the symptoms of panic attacks, and indeed the uncontrollable shaking can be one of those symptoms.



The Trembling Or Shaking Is Actually Signalling That The panic Attack Is Ending!

While you are experiencing a panic attack, it feels like you are inside a never-ending tunnel. The great news about the shaking or trembling stage is that it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. You are likely to feel utterly exhausted by this stage, and the shaking feelings may make you wonder what’s coming next to break you down even more. Nothing else is coming; the panic attack is spent.

The exhaustion that follows may have you believe that you are still experiencing your panic attack, but you are not. You are now experiencing soul-deep tiredness.

The shaking feeling is your body now “shaking off” the stress hormones to bring you back to your normal state. If you could do some vigorous exercise at this point, then this would work even faster than the shaking. But often we are in a public place and doing any kind of exercise would feel rather out of place. The body resorts to its only means of shaking off the stress hormones by “shaking them off.”


How To Stop The Shaking Associated With Panic Attacks


So here’s where it gets somewhat contradictory.

To stop the shaking associated with panic attacks – shake more. Move, move more, move faster, just move!

Your muscles are trying to shake off the excess stress hormones, and because you could neither fight the threat or run away from the danger, your body now has an excess of hormones that all need to be released. Your body’s shaking is a big HINT to get moving!

Undoubtedly this can lead to some embarrassing moments depending on where you are at the time. If for example, you are sitting on a plane flying somewhere then now would be a good time to head to the bathroom. The standing up and the walk alone will be a better option than to remain seated.

If you are in a supermarket, then leave your trolley where it is and grab a six-pack of water and carry it back to your cart. That exertion will certainly burn-off some of those shaky feelings (only do this if your physical strength and abilities can typically do this.) But I think that you get the idea!


While uncontrollable shaking anxiety feels ‘weird,’ it is no weirder than having the belief that everyday situations are threatening (when we all know that they really aren’t.)

We panic attack sufferers seem to stubbornly accept that having a meeting at work is as dangerous as fighting a lion, and that’s our little secret : ) We are hypersensitive to many senses that non-sufferers cannot even imagine experiencing. We are special, and if we ever conquer our imaginary fears, then we’ll look back and understand how special we were, and how special we still are. Ever wanted a Sixth Sense? Well, you already have one.

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