The Best Paper Aircraft - The Paper Planes Series

The Best Paper Aircraft


Fold the world’s most amazing paper planes!

From a series of best-selling books by Carmel Morris, Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction and The Best Paper Aircraft now finally released in the Paper Planes series.

These best-selling books have sold over 300,000 copies world wide!

Reviwed by many as the best paper aircraft ever, now you too can build Concords, jump jets, loopers, crazy flying machines, long distance super gliders, flying water bombers and much, much more with;

Paper Planes Book 1 and 2 has 28 amazing planes that will turn you into a paper airplane guru.

“This is real neat! The instructions are easy to follow. People now think I’m a master at this stuff, a paper aircraft guru! The only downside is all the geeks at work keep hassling me to make them cool planes like these.”
- Pete Watson, Palo Alto CA

Using the art of Origami, these planes truly are advanced paper aircraft, out-performing the typical standard dart by distance and performance, yet clear step-by-step instructions will make anyone a paper airplane expert.

“My teacher thought he was so cool with his glider until I showed him my long distance dart from book 1. Now he wants me to show him how to make all these gliders. I told him to get his own books!”
- Jeff Harson, Denver CO

Look at some of the hot planes you can make in Paper Planes Book 1 and 2…

Super Stunt Craft
Super Looper
Glider with advanced landing gear
Amazing Wing
Jump Jet
Space Shuttle
Flying Water Bomber
Dive Bomber
Runway Skimmer
Elastic-powered Jet
Stunt Fly
Dart Attacker
Air Hopper
Long Distance Glider
Split Nose Distance Dart
Shuttle Copter
Sea Plane
…and much more!

Some great models inside await your folding eagerness, such as this model from Paper Planes Book 2…

These books can be downloaded today, no need to wait for your order. Simply download and print if you wish. All models are clearly explained and throwing instructions are provided. And when you download today, you get more…

…for a short time only, we’re offering this very special report…

BONUS REPORT! ‘The Paper Aircraft Dossier’

Absolutely FREE when you download the Paper Planes series.

Discover the secrets paper aircraft competition winners don’t want you to know:

How to properly throw your paper aircraft no matter what type of model it is.
Building that perfect plane.
Working with symmetry.
Size, adjusting aspect ratio and paper weight.
Pros and Cons of using printed folding lines.
Includes bonus new glider design to experiment with.

This report is a must-have if you want the edge on your school and college buddies.


BONUS FREE BOOK! ‘Paper Planes Book 3!’

That’s right! The third book in the series for you, for ABSOLUTELY NO COST!

For a limited time only this is an ABSOLUTELY FREE OFFER so be quick. This book normally retails for $14.95.

Paper Planes Book 3 has 12 more brilliant high-performance gliders plus essential flight theory.

Includes flight theory and the art of throwing every kind of aircraft.
Build high-performance distance and stunt gliders.
There is even instructions for an origami hangar to house your masterpieces.
Models are folded from single sheets of A4 or US Letter paper.
Like the other Paper Plane books, there is very little cutting involved.
Even the paper aircraft featured on the cover of this book is folded from a single sheet of paper, no cuts!

This book is the cream of the paper aircraft crop, selling hundreds of thousands of copies world wide.

“I’m a senior high teacher who loves math and physics, even though some of my students don’t. But when I fold some of the models in these books and demonstrate air resistance, geometry and spacial-folding techniques related to geometric concepts, my students instantly pay attention.”

- John Turnbull, Scarsdale NY

So how much for three great paper aircraft books and the bonus Paper Aircraft Dossier? Elsewhere you would pay $44.95. For you right now you get all three books and the bonus dossier for just $23.95! You won’t get this value in a book shop. Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below to secure your Paper Plane e-books now and you will have it in no time; ready to fold the best paper aircraft that will turn heads!

“The inventiveness is incredible. The technical skill and flight knowledge easily explained outshines anything else I have seen. Personally I think you are asking too little for these books but who am I to complain? I now have three great e-books to keep my kids occupied for hours and hours. Thank you!”

- Karin A. Gottschalk, London, UK

What’s more, you have our COMPLETE 60 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days, we will refund your money, end of story, but we do hope you continue to make some great paper planes!

Yes! I want to get the best paper aircraft to fold and fly for just $23.95!

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ link below to order all three books, Paper Planes Book 1, Paper Planes Book 2, Paper Planes Book 3 and the special Paper Aircraft Dossier bonus report.

When you click the above link:

1. Your Purchase is handled by ClickBank, a trusted and well known seller of digital products on the Internet.

2. You can purchase at any time from anywhere in the world, even if it 11:30 at night or 3:30 in the morning.

3. It takes just a short moment to secure your e-book and have it open in front of you!

4. The e-book is in Adobe PDF format. If you don’t already have Adobe PDF Reader, download it from here, for free.

“These books got banned from our school. I’m guessing that means they’re cool as the teachers are just stuffy old [offending remark removed] not interested in fun education.”

- Pete (the Man) Jefferson, Melbourne VIC

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