The ADAA – Spotlight Page

If you haven’t already heard about The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), then here’s my Spotlight Page on what they have to offer people suffering from anxiety and depression.

Founded in 1979, the ADAA has always been on a mission to help everyone from all walks of life to conquer their anxiety and depression. Their unparalleled services also cover other areas of mental health including obsessive-compulsive disorder and trauma-related disorders to name a few. The ADAA are a nonprofit organization recognized internationally for their excellent work dedicated to both the prevention and cure of anxiety related illnesses.

Like all nonprofit organizations, the ADAA relies heavily on donations from companies and individuals alike. Such donations allows them to help countless people overcome their mental health problems from all over the globe and not just the U.S

How To Make A Donation To The ADAA

As you can see from the short video above, it’s really easy to help out by giving donations to the ADAA. You can make a purchase from their online store, you can take direct action by raising awareness, create your own campaign and many other ways too. See their Donations page for further details.

Why Helping People Matters

Even if you personally don’t suffer from anxiety problems, then perhaps a member of your family does or maybe a colleague at work. Helping someone to conquer their anxiety or depression not only helps the person affected, but also helps the family, friends and co-workers of that person. Helping people creates a wider circle of benefits than just the person who receives the help.

Ready to help yourself or others? Head over to the ADAA homepage and see why I am delighted to be dedicating this page to them.