Stop Devastating Debilitative Emotions in Their Tracks

Having debilitative emotions can create enormous stress in your life, and can certainly make you feel more stressed and depressed. Your home life, work life, and your general well-being all suffer from having such thoughts.

In this post, I examine ways to combat having these negative thoughts and bring your life back into a more positive state. Although, the word: “combat,” is not entirely correct.  Most of the time you do the exact opposite of combatting to solve such states of mind as you’ll see in a few moments.


What Are Debilitative Emotions Anyway?

The term is widely used to describe any strong, negative emotions that get in the way of every day routine functioning. The list below illustrates the more common examples, but this list is not exhaustive.

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Depressive Thoughts
  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Poor Self-Image
  • Emotions Resulting From the Loss of a Loved One
  • Feeling Worthless
  • Feeling Exploited
  • Having no Hope

For many people, the most potent negative thoughts aren’t present 24/7. Instead, the feelings ebb and flow throughout the day. There will be parts of each day that the feelings are very intense, and then parts of the day when the feelings are still present, but they have less force.

For both intensities of the feelings and emotions, it’s vital to gain control. This control is not achieved by fighting the feelings, but by helping the mind deal with them better. Doing this returns the power to you. Negative emotions can often feel like they are another person inside of you, and this evil person is trying to take away your sanity.  This belief is not true, and you are the ultimate controller of your thoughts.

In the short, 2-minute video below, David Ji, describes an effortless technique to regain control. He calls it the: “16 Second Technique to Master Your Emotions”. I will clarify one part of the technique, and that is after he has completed the method it seems like he has only covered 12 seconds rather than 16. Keep in mind that the very last stage when he says: “and now hold that out,” is the last 4 seconds making up the 16.

The 16 Second Technique to Master Your Emotions


So How Can the Sixteen Second Technique Be Useful to You?

It can help by creating a ‘Pattern Interrupt.’ A pattern interrupt allows you to make the negative emotions take a detour. Instead of the negative feelings heading straight for you and hitting you full power, you can use this technique to cause them to deviate their course and become less powerful.

A breathing technique like this one changes the hormones in your body right at the very moment when they were going to be walloped by the negativity.

Will you be instantly cured?

You won’t exactly be instantly cured, but what you will have just accomplished is a shift in whose in charge. You have done something to take back control. I recommend repeating the technique about three times when you feel the need to, and after each cycle, really concentrate on how calmer you feel with each cycle. Focus on the new calmer feeling rather than worrying if the negativity is coming back at you with a vengeance. Focus on the calm.

For a more in-depth look into how to handle debilitative emotions, take the time to watch this video. It’s 35 minutes long but well worth watching.


With all negative emotions always remember one important thing: It’s you who is in charge.

Do you suffer from debilitative emotions? Let me know by commenting below…