Physical Anxiety Symptoms All Day: Cured!

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I used to suffer from physical anxiety symptoms all day. Having such a condition is very draining and nobody around you seems to understand what pain you are going through.

One major fear for many people suffering from anxiety is having to see a doctor. One example of this fear is that for some people, the visit to the doctor itself can be a cause for anxiety.

Additionally, there can be a negative feeling about having to open up about your problems to a complete stranger, and a negative emotion about admitting that you have a problem in the first place.

I have faced these very same fears in the past, so I am fully aware that physical anxiety symptoms all day must be a condition that I could cure myself at home.

What Doesn’t Cure Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

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On my journey to becoming anxiety and panic attack free, I have seen and tried many anxiety-at-home treatments. More than I’d like to admit in all honesty. But this post is all about me being honest which isn’t easy because I have to be open about my vulnerability. But if this post helps just one other person rid themselves of anxiety or panic attacks, then my work is done!

Because I have tried many different remedies (which failed to work,), I thought that I’d touch on this subject first. Perhaps you’ll recognize your own journey when you see my own roadmap.

All These Were Fails:

  • Self-Hypnosis Books. I tackled this subject with my usual full-on attitude. That means that I purchased books on the subject and I studied them diligently. From the information that I learned, I proceeded to try out the techniques on my anxiety. While I found that I felt very relaxed during these sessions I had a nagging doubt at the back of my mind. That nagging doubt was: am I actually in a hypnotic trance at all? I had no way of knowing! So my lack of belief made these attempts a failure.
  • Self-Hypnosis Recordings. Because of my failure above, I decided to purchase a self-hypnosis recording. My thinking here was that a professional recording would undoubtedly induce a feeling of hypnosis. It didn’t! Maybe I was merely one of those people who cannot be hypnotized.
  • Visiting a Real Hypnotist. Yep, maybe a good idea but I lost the nerve actually to go. So that failure was my own. I simply felt like having a panic attack about even going.
  • Books and Kindle Books from Amazon. I discovered one interesting thing about this particular failure. I found that each book might teach me one small and useful thing, but not enough to be considered a full ‘system.’ It seems that to find enough information you’d have to buy about twenty books and tear pages out of each to make one good book.
  • Herbal Remedies. I have tried a few of these! Out of everything, these were the best for short-term anxiety relief. Valerian became my Number 1 favorite. But there was also a problem here too. Valerian makes you feel verrry sleepy, and that was no good for work days. They also didn’t ‘cure’ my anxiety; they merely hid it for short periods of time.

What Type of Cure for Anxiety Was I Looking For?

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I wanted a full cure. I didn’t want a temporary fix. I wanted to have a natural calm and natural confidence and not something out of a pill bottle.

I wanted to be like my colleagues at work and not feel anxious about going to meetings. I wanted to feel calm while shopping and not be wondering where the exit was. I wanted to feel calm and relaxed driving my car because for years I had adored driving! Anxiety and panic attacks were eroding away my pleasures. They were eroding away my life.

So What Treatment At Home DOES Work For Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

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Thankfully, I found one!

First… I have to say that it took years to find this form of self-help. And at first, I doubted it because why would this one work when everything else had failed?

My next reservation was that the price which was higher than my usual kindle books, hypnosis recordings, and pills. But in the end, it’s been the only form of help that has actually worked. I can now drive my car with pleasure, visit the movie theater without feeling nauseous and do everything else that “normal” people do!

I am not sure if the price is still what I paid for it 2 years ago, but you can check the current price here. I do believe that the author of the program has improved the techniques even more since I used it, so you’ll most likely get an even better version than I had.

How Soon Will I See Results?

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While I can’t speak for you with 100% certainty, for me the results were immediate. By immediate, I mean around 7 days. By my standards, that’s classed as immediate after suffering badly with panic attacks for years.

Even on Day 1 though I knew that what I was experiencing was a dramatic change.

There is one slightly odd side effect of being panic-free that I’ll admit to you, however. That side effect is that you just cannot believe that you are not going to have a panic attack in places where you always had them before!

After experiencing high anxiety and panic attacks in SO many different places in the past, you can’t help but feel that you’ll continue having them. But you don’t have them. It’s a peculiar sensation at first.

That feeling for me lasted around 2 months. It takes a while for your mind to accept that you are free of panic in all these different situations. I guess that’s down to the years of conditioning.

Eventually, however, you just begin to realize that you are cured. It happens gradually as you experience each different situation and get through each one of them without anxiety. It’s like you have to check-off each experience from the list to know that you are finally over it.

Take a look at the site and see what you think. Maybe you aren’t ready yet, and you are still trying other possible remedies. But if you think it’s for you then give it a shot.

I wish you all the best for your recovery!