Pain In Elbow And Lower Arm Cured In 5 Days

I totally understand why people who have not suffered from this pain will think that it’s a minor issue. But for me, it lasted around four months, and it was far from being a ‘minor issue!’

I had an elbow pain when bending and straightening my arm and pain in forearm when lifting.

The great news is that because I suffered for so long with a pain in my elbow and lower arm, this extended period of suffering forced me to find a cure. At first, I thought that it would simply get better on its own, but when it didn’t, I turned to Google.

I watched loads of videos and read numerous websites all claiming to have the solution, but it was a random purchase that finally cured my pain. After you have tried every trick out there and still have no relief, you are desperate to try anything!

The best part?

In this post, I’ll show you what method finally cured my elbow and forearm pain, but I’ll also include some more traditional cures because perhaps my own remedy won’t work for everyone.

Do You Know How Your Elbow And Lower Arm Pain Started?

For some it’s a sporting activity, for others it can be caused by lifting something or twisting your arm into an unnatural position.

For me, it was caused by sitting at my desk and over-reaching to use my computer mouse. I had worked like this for months without any problems.

Because I hadn’t suffered any pain, I continued to work in this fashion.

Gradually, a minor pain was noticeable, but I ignored it thinking that it would pass.

But that’s not all…

What followed was four months of excruciating pain in both my elbow and my forearm.

The pain in my elbow was a deep, sore pain and I honestly wondered if I had chipped a bone in my elbow. But there was no noticeable swelling, and I hadn’t had any accidents that had involved my elbow. So a broken bone didn’t seem like a logical conclusion.

The pain in my forearm was more of a deep aching pain. That was weird as that pain seemed to move around so I could never tell exactly where it originated.

Deep Heat Creams Brought Some Temporary Relief

I don’t know about you, but when I have a pain, I first of all wait and see if it will go away on its own.

If waiting doesn’t help, I reach for what’s immediately available in the house. For me, that means painkillers and deep heat cream.

Ibuprofen was my painkiller of choice as it boasts the ability to reduce inflammation. I figured that if I had a pain, then perhaps something was swollen.

The painkillers offered only temporary relief.

I can’t recall the brand of deep heat cream that I used, but I needn’t have bothered because that proved utterly ineffective.

Next Came The Resource That We All Turn To, YouTube

For problems like this one, I usually skip Google and head straight over to YouTube. We all know that YouTube offers a vast range of videos where health is concerned. There are plenty of video offerings from medically trained people, so I know that I am not viewing information from amateurs.

This Is The First Video That I Came Across: One Minute Tennis Elbow Exercises: 11 mins 37 secs

I tried the exercises in the video above, and I have to say that they did bring immediate relief. Even though they didn’t end up being the final cure, they did bring me some moments of pain-free happiness and that alone was valuable. My own pain was so intense at times that any relief was a very welcome relief.

But I Had The Feeling That Maybe I Didn’t Have Tennis Elbow

My problem was that I wasn’t sure what problem I actually had. Many videos were showing remedies for tennis elbow, but my pain was my elbow, my forearm and even occasionally my wrist. Each one took turns to be the most painful at random times.

I started searching for cures for: “repetitive stress pain exercises.” I figured that perhaps this was the cause behind all the pain.

This Is The Best Video That I Came Across: How to Fix Forearm Pain and Tightness: 4 mins 24 secs

I actually found the exercise in that video really helpful.

The exercise shown did take away my pain for around 30 minutes every time I did the training.

But I wasn’t cured.

The stretching exercise that he showed, however, illustrated to me that perhaps there was a specific exercise that could get rid of my elbow, forearm and wrist pain for good. I simply hadn’t found the right activity yet.

Don’t Write-Off The Methods Shown In The Videos, They May Work For You

I cannot write a post like this and just cover one possible treatment for elbow and arm pain. Everyone is different, and some people may respond to one treatment and not another.

Equally, the ‘reason’ for your pain may very well be different to mine. I had pretty much decided with 90% certainty that mine was because of my posture at my computer. Your pain may originate from an entirely different source.

Finally, A Most Unexpected Cure!

My pain had been with me for four months. It was agonizing over that period.

Sometimes it felt like someone was drilling directly into my elbow bones, and sometimes it felt like the veins in my forearm were on fire. If those two areas of pain were giving me a moment’s break, then my wrist would be causing me agony. I was never pain-free.

One day we went to a sports store. We didn’t find what we were looking for, but my wife picked up a stress ball for me as she knows that I get stressed out at work sometimes.

I kind of shrugged it off, but we purchased it anyway.

The following Monday I took the ball to work with me, and at some point, I decided to give it a few squeezes.

Well, the pain in my arm was almost unbearable.

An idea occurred to me, however…

For some reason that I can’t explain to you, I wondered if the pain meant: “No Pain – No Gain.” So I continued to squeeze it.

I gave the ball fifty big squeezes and then put the ball away.

My arm muscles felt like they’d had an excellent workout, but more than that, my pain was easing!

I took the ball back home with me that night and did another fifty, firm, slow squeezes.

My elbow, forearm, and wrist felt the same as it had earlier (like a good workout, but pain easing.)

After just five days of continuing with this routine, I was totally pain-free!

I couldn’t believe it!

Four months of agony and a silly little ball had cured it.

Since using that ball, I purchased an excellent Therapy Ball Kit just in case my pain returned – and it did return. But I have to say that the pain returned merely because of my stupid posture at my PC. I really need to sort out my posture!

But these new balls are graded into soft, medium and hard, so they are brilliant when I do need them. I am not sure of the most recent price, but they are here on Amazon if you want to check them out Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Kit.

If you purchase the balls above, try the soft one first if your pain is as severe as mine was (pure agony.) Then after two days move onto the medium one. Perhaps try the firm one only when most of your pain has gone.

Additionally, I use mine even at times when I don’t have any pain. I do this to keep the pain away for good, and it works great that way too.

Have You Had This Same Type Of Pain?