McClelland’s Achievement Motivation Theory

In 1961, David McClelland published his book entitled ‘The Achieving Society.’ McClelland wrote his book to build upon the previous works of Abraham Maslow from the early 1950’s. McClelland studied the behaviors of over one thousand people to create his Three Needs Theory. The Three Needs Theory categorized people’s motivation-drives Continue Reading

4 Crucial Factors of BATNA Negotiation

In 1981, a book entitled ‘Getting to Yes’ was published and became a much-deserved bestseller. In their book, the authors, Roger Fisher and William Ury, introduced the world to the term, BATNA. The letters stand for ‘Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement.’ The Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement is Continue Reading

Highway Hypnosis Definition

Have you ever driven somewhere in your car and when you arrived at your destination you can’t recall anything about your journey? If this has happened to you, then you have most likely fallen into a state of highway hypnosis. This state is also sometimes referred to as White Line Continue Reading