Will Magnesium Help Restless Legs?

You get into bed expecting to have a restful sleep. A few minutes later the blissful feeling of relaxation washes over you, and you feel your body sink deeper into the mattress. Your head nestles deeply into your soft, fluffy pillow and sleep is moments away.

Then it starts.

Your legs decide that they want to have a walk.

Restless Legs Have Taken Over Once Again

Of course, restless legs don’t always wait for bedtime. The evening period of the day tends to be the worst period of the day in general, however.

If you have never suffered from restless legs then how do I describe it? Well, I guess it’s like a creeping feeling under the skin. Think of insects crawling. It’s that kind of a sensation. Sometimes it almost feels like a fizzy drink is beneath the surface, and it’s fizzing away and creating millions of tiny bubbles.

However it’s described, it’s a feeling that doesn’t want to be ignored. If you are sitting or laying when it occurs, then all you want to do is stand up and walk. Incredibly, the feeling eases away pretty rapidly as soon as you start walking.

Walking is an acceptable solution if it’s three in the afternoon, but not so great if it’s three in the morning!

I Have Also Suffered from Hypnic Jerks

legs jolt when falling asleep

Hypnic Jerks are moments when sleep is just seconds away, and your legs suddenly jolt you awake.

It’s such a weird feeling to be woken up by your own body. I mean, what’s the point? Don’t my legs want to relax as much as the rest of me does?

And here’s something interesting. And I wonder if it’s just me that has this particular problem, or if every sufferer also has this too. But for me, my legs are almost guaranteed to be restless the more tired that I get.

If I happen to go to bed earlier than usual, then I don’t appear to suffer as badly at all. Perhaps this is just me?

My body clock works against me in this respect, however, as I am most certainly a night owl. I find it quite difficult to go to bed early and get to sleep at all. For me, it’s best to get as tired as possible and then go to bed. Doing this seems to help me sleep better, but of course, this is also the opportunity that my restless legs have been waiting for.

Sometimes, but not very often, I can feel a tingling in my legs before I get the leg-jolt. The tingling feeling is identical to the restless-leg sensation. When it does happen, it’s like an early warning system, and I lay there wondering when it will happen. If it doesn’t happen too soon, then I relax and settle down to sleep. Then BANG! It happens. It can be very sneaky at times!

Oddly Enough, Restless Leg Syndrome and Hypnic Jerks Are Not Related Issues

When I first learned this, I didn’t believe it. Both conditions affect the legs, they both occur most commonly when you are tired, and they can both involve the creeping, tingling feeling.

Reading-up about each condition though, they are both entirely different issues.

Hypnic Jerks tend to occur for the following reasons:

  1. Consuming too much caffeine, or having it too late in the day.
  2. Exercising too late in the evening (or any heavy, strenuous work.)
  3. Stress/anxiety
  4. Not enough sleep.

Restless Leg Syndrome Has a Different Set of Causes:

  1. Certain diseases can cause restless leg syndrome (RLS.)
  2. Various medications can cause RLS.
  3. Pregnancy can also cause RLS (but typically goes away about a month after delivery.)

Will Magnesium Help Restless Legs?

magnesium pills

That is a question that I decided to research because magnesium has a vast array of benefits.

For many people suffering from mild to moderate restless leg syndrome, magnesium will indeed provide some relief. I say ‘some’ because it may not completely eradicate RLS. But the relief that it does bring can mean the difference between having RLS every night, to having it perhaps just three or four times per month. I’d call that a significant improvement!

For Hypnic Jerks, magnesium can also come to the rescue. Magnesium is the unsung hero for helping with virtually all anxiety symptoms.

So, whether you are suffering from RLS or Hypnic Jerks, then magnesium can turn your life around completely.

If you want to take away something highly valuable from this post, then here is my top advice for easing RLS, Hypnic Jerks, and also anxiety:

  1. Cut out caffeine from your life for one month (if you can’t survive without coffee, then buy decaf. coffee)
  2. Take one magnesium tablet daily for that entire month.
  3. At the end of the month, you’ll find that you suffer far less from anxiety, you’ll be sleeping a lot better, and your restless legs or hypnic jerk issues will be almost a thing of the past.
  4. And the final thing you’ll notice is that you’ll want to continue your life without caffeine, and continue taking the magnesium pills!

Let Me Know How You Make Progress!