Japanese Cast Iron Teapots UK (buyers guide)

Japanese Cast Iron Teapots UK

If you love your tea, (and I am guessing that you do if you are reading this post,) then I’m sure you’ll love what I am about to share with you: Japanese cast iron teapots UK…

Japanese cast iron teapots UK have some big advantages over our usual ceramic counterparts.

  • They Will Last A Lifetime
  • Distribute Heat Better Than Pot or Glass Versions
  • Allow Better Brewing (and more flavour) Due To Their Enhanced Heat Distribution
  • They Look SO Good! You’ll Be The Envy Of Everyone When They See Your Teapot!
  • Cast Iron Teapots Keep Your Tea Hotter, For Longer (a lot longer!)
  • They Come In A Large Variety of Styles To Suit All Tastes

The Japanese Take Their Tea-Making Very Seriously!

Tea in Japan is not simply a matter of grabbing a teabag and then 3 minutes later you have a standard cup of tea. The Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu) brings spirituality into tea making.

In Japan, Sencha is the most popular tea. Sencha is a green tea, and it’s not too easy to buy good quality Sencha everywhere. Amazon does however have a surprisingly good range as shown here.

High quality Sencha tea’s are the blends that use the highest quality green leaves picked from the first, youngest growths of the season.

If you purchase a Japanese cast iron teapot however, you can use any leaf tea, so you are not restricted to drinking Sencha tea.

Looking After Your Japanese Cast Iron Teapots UK

If you purchase an uncoated Japanese teapot, make sure that you thoroughly dry the pot after use. Leaving your pot wet can encourage rust spots.

It is advisable to use a trivet under your cast iron teapot. The cast iron teapot becomes very hot – and stays very hot!

Purchasing Guide For A Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

The first rule is don’t buy cheap!

If you are going to buy a Japanese cast iron teapot then go for quality. The cheap ones are thinner cast iron, and using thinner materials diminishes all the qualities that you are buying the teapot for in the first place. The lightweight, low-cost versions won’t be able to give you years of service and their heat distribution qualities are greatly reduced.

The Ideal Price Range For Quality

Anything less than £50 would be ‘suspect’ in my view. My only exception to this would be if the teapot was very small, such as a one-person teapot.

Quality Japanese cast iron teapots can be in the high-hundreds, such as these models.

For more down to earth prices (£200 and less,) these models are more within that budget. Any of these styles would make perfect purchases.

If your budget really can’t stretch to those teapots, then you could take a look at these, but in all honesty, I’d be looking at the ones above if you really want a good Japanese cast iron teapot.


You no doubt arrived on this page because you were considering purchasing a Japanese cast iron teapot. You no doubt had your own reasons behind why you wanted one in the first place.

If you are going to take the leap and purchase one, then make it a once in a lifetime purchase and go for quality. The very lost-cost models are going to leave you disappointed, and you’ll wonder why everyone else gives them such high praise.

Be one of the people giving them high praise.

Have You Tried Tea Made In A Japanese Cast Iron Teapots UK?