Is Thumb Twitching A Sign of Something Serious?

Fortunately, thumb twitching usually is nothing to worry about. But like any concerns regarding your health, there are times when seeing a doctor would be advisable.

A visit to your doctor would be sensible if the thumb twitching is prolonged, such as lasting weeks rather than days. Even then, the diagnosis could still point to a simple cause.

What Causes Thumb Twitching?


There are numerous parts of the body that can develop a twitch completely out of the blue. Fingers and thumbs are very common along with lips and the eyelid.

Thumb twitches can be caused by a few common factors such as:

  • Too much caffeine
  • Heavy exercise in the gym or heavy lifting at work.
  • Not getting sufficient sleep.
  • Side effects of some medications (consider if you have been taking any new medicines recently.)
  • Dehydration – Drink plenty of water.

Have I Got Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)?

If you have a twitching thumb, it’s best not to start jumping to conclusions about worst case scenarios. Anxiety may cause your thumb twitching, and if so, your new concern about a serious illness could increase your stress and increase the twitching!

ALS shows its first signs typically by causing weakness in a leg or an arm. It then tends to spread to other local parts of the body in the general area where the first symptom was noticed. A twitching thumb on its own is not sufficient evidence to worry about having ALS.

Take a Look At This Video To See Thumb Twitching Caused By Excessive Caffeine Intake (Energy Drink)

Stress, Anxiety and Thumb Twitching

Since nerves cause every bodily movement, it’s hardly surprising that a twitch can very quickly be caused by bad nerves (referring to being in a nervous state.)

If you think about all the symptoms that anxiety can create, then a twitching thumb can merely be yet another symptom. Anxiety has a very long list of symptoms from chest pains, shortness of breath, insomnia, hot or cold flashes, digestive problems, dizziness and many more.

Equally, if you are going through a stressful period of your life, then this can also be a possible cause as this undoubtedly increases anxiety and any of the related symptoms.

What Happens If I Do Need To See A Doctor About My Thumb Twitching?

If you have ruled out every apparent possible cause and the twitching in your thumb has persisted, then certainly see your doctor. Even if it’s nothing serious, they can conduct tests to see what is causing the issue.

The medical tests can include:

  1. A nerve conduction test. (Video Below)
  2. Spinal tap and MRI to rule out a brain tumor.
  3. A specialized urine test.
  4. A fasting blood sugar test to determine your blood sugar levels.

Video Showing a Nerve Conduction Test (electric currents are used to stimulate the nerves)

Have You Had Thumb Twitching? Did You Need To See A Doctor? Comment Below.