How to Become The Social Superstar - FACEBOOK SECRETS

How to Become The Social Superstar

How many times have you seen an attractive girl on Facebook that you’d love to meet up with? How many times have you deemed yourself not good enough for women in bars and nightclubs? In fact you have probably given up looking for the girl of your dreams in places like this. So the QUESTION is -



From The Desk Of Jason Parker:

Dear Future Social Superstar

I never enjoy being the barer of bad news but times have really changed and it is more important than ever to keep up with the changes. No longer is it possible to find suitable girls in nightclubs and bars, no longer is it possible to whisper a few sweet nothings and go home with the girl and no longer is it possible to bag yourself a beautiful intelligent woman without Facebook.

Of course it’s not all bad - Using our Facebook method you do not need too:

Be Super Confident When Meeting Girls

Compete With Other Men For Their Affection

Enter Into Any Awkward Conversations

Ever Fear The Fear Of Rejection Ever Again

Watch Your Best Friend Get The Nice Girls Whilst You Get Stuck With The Weird Ones


And the truth is you don’t even need to be a catch. You don’t need to earn masses of money, you don’t need to be the best looking guy in the world and you certainly don’t need to be anyone other than yourself…

Why? Because women are looking for THREE things and it is none of the above. We will teach you these hidden three factors which literally guarantees you success.


Lets All Think About It For A Minute…”

If you knew these three factors that she NEEDS and combined that with knowing what she looks like, what her favourite music is, what movies she enjoys, what she likes to do with her spare time ALL without even meeting her, how well do you think your first meeting would go?

I’m Guessing Pretty Darn Well”

With our methods you will never have to experience sweaty palms, you will never feel the fear of rejection again and you can kiss goodbye to that knot in your stomach after another FAILED approach.

We Are Going To Show You Exactly How To Walk On Easy Street”

If you are anything like me you probably do not have the time to waste spending hours upon hours in bars and searching the country high and wide for suitable love interests. You probably do not have the will to spend any more nights alone at the bar whilst your friends seem blissfully happy with their girlfriends and you certainly do not want that feeling of desperation wondering across your mind on a daily basis.



Trust me, I have been there and…


I Can Tell You Now, I Know Exactly How You Feel

A couple of years ago I did not have the time to devote myself to finding a girlfriend I could have a good time with, although I desperately desperately needed that in my life. I always believed there would be a simpler way to meet attractive girls who would just like me for who I am and that is when I had my first “Eureka!” moment.

After trying to meet people through friends, dating websites and all sorts of other ways I realized that the answer to my prayers had been there in front of me the whole damn time.

A portal where girls tell YOU everything you need to know about getting them to go out with you”

In fact once I started using this system I could literally hand pick gorgeous women that I knew I could get a long with. I could almost instantly start building the attraction. I could take away any risk of failure or rejection immediately and continue on my merry way to female heaven. I devised a system so simple and fool proof that I was the envy of my friends for a very long time…

If You Are Not Using Facebook To Meet Ridiculously Good Looking Girls Then You Are Missing Out…THAT IS A FACT!”

There are over 500 million Facebook users worldwide. Half of them are women. I have spent the last few months perfecting this wonderful system so you too can benefit and enjoy a literally endless supply of beautiful women every week.


If you can spare just 10-20 minutes a day and follow a few simple steps then I absolutely guarantee you will have the exact same success I had with this system and you will have girls literally begging for you too meet up with them…

Let me share some numbers with you. In my small town alone there are over 10000 single women aged 18-30 and I can tell you now that providing you live in any town or city with a reasonable amount of people the numbers will be the same if not better. I have contacted less than 0.5% of these people and have had a great time! Even better yet this works anywhere and it doesn’t even matter where you live, how old you are, your race or your financial status – This method works a treat every single time.

I Bet You Are Wondering How An Earth This Is Possible, Well, I’ll Tell You Exactly How It Is Possible”

Picking up women in the outside world is tough, there is no escaping that. You need to be good looking, confident, funny and come across as a very impressive human being in a small amount of time. Did you know that when we meet a woman in-person they have usually already made their minds up about us inside 7 seconds?

When you put it like that your chances of getting her number, let alone getting her into bed are virtually zero. When you strike up a conversation with her on Facebook you take all the negatives out of the equation and increase your chances so dramatically that you cannot fail.

By getting your hands on this guide you will be able to learn the exact tactics that I and several others use to secure a hot date every night of the week. The ladies you never deemed yourself good enough for before will be putty in your hands and you can spend your time the way it is meant to be spent – having fun!




Well I Can See This Works For You But Has Anyone Had Any Real Success With It Yet?”


Well I Can See It Has Worked For Others But I’m Still Not Sure It Is For Me”


Jason, This Sounds Amazing But Will It Work For Me?


I have spent a very long time creating this guide so that any one can take it away today and use it too full effect. In fact, I am so confident that this will work for you I am offering a 60 day money back guarantee!

That’s right, if my methods do not increase the amount of sex you have, the amount of hot dates you go and ultimately the amount of fun you have then I will refund your money no questions asked and we’ll still be friends…

Now I don’t know about you but I’d love to see a “relationship expert” offer you this ironclad guarantee on any of their products.

Okay Jason, I am in. What Exactly Does This 30 Page Guide Teach Me?”

How To Create Private Messages That Will Force Your Target To Take An Interest In You

How To Create An Unbeatable Profile Page So When She Looks You Up She Will Be On The Edge Of Her Seat Waiting For Your Next Message

How To Use Facebook Chat To Have Her Begging You Too Meet Up With You

Learn Exactly What To Say and How To Use These Words To Maximum Effect

How To Calmly Initiate The First Meeting Without Appearing Desperate

How To Gain Inside Information From Her Profile To Make The Conversations Free Flowing and Interesting For You and Her

How To Ensure You Get Her Number With Ease

The Secret To Getting Past Any Resistance – She’s Not Interested? Well She Will Be After This!

How To Find The Best Girls That Will Love Every Minute Of Your Interaction (This method alone is worth double the price I am charging)

How To Move Your Interaction Offline and How To End Up In The Exact Scenario You Have Wanted From The Start

A Few Deadly Secrets That Will Leave You Wondering How You Ever Pulled Before!

And Much Much More…

I Know This Product Is Going To Change My Life, But What Is It Going To Cost Me?

For a while I have been debating back and fourth with myself what to charge for this product. Let me put it to you this way – How much is it worth to you to have endless amounts of dates and sex with some of the best looking women where you live? How much is it worth to end the pain of searching all over for women that like you for you? How much is it worth to stop having to spend $100+ for a night out in the hope that you’ll get lucky?

$2000?…..$1000?….. $500?….. $200?…… $100?

I know for a fact it is worth that. But I want this to be affordable for everyone and therefore I am not going to charge anywhere near that. In fact for a limited time only this course is -



Unbelievable hey? In fact I am slightly annoyed with myself for letting this product go for the price of a few drinks in your local bar or a couple of pizzas at home.


I should quickly note that there are limited copies available. It would be a very sad day if the women of the world found out about these strategies and therefore sadly there are only a few copies available.


I don’t really want to use the old “Hey, get in quick or you’ll miss out” trick but I’m serious when I say I’m not leaving this website up forever.


(Just $37…It’s Limited!)


See You On The Inside,


Jason Parker (The Original Social Superstar)




P.P.S – Remember that you are at no risk here. You have my 60 day money back guarantee if it’s “not for you”.


(I promise you after reading 4 pages you will know it is for you)


P.P.P.S – Ordering is 100% Safe and Secure and your order will be sent directly to your email address as soon as payment has been received, even at 2am.


The item will be made available for immediate download so you can start using these methods straight away and in a matter of days you will of secured your first date!


Copyright © 2010 Become The Social Superstar All Rights Reserved.

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How to Become The Social Superstar - FACEBOOK SECRETS

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