Garlic Anxiety Panic Attack – Discover Why You Are Special

For many people, having a title: garlic anxiety panic attack might seem like an extraordinary thing. I mean, surely nobody can actually have a panic attack because of garlic?

The thing is, and if you really think about it, all reasons for having panic attacks can seem pretty strange.

Some familiar places and situations where people tend to get panic attacks include: waiting in a queue, shopping in a supermarket and having a haircut.

The list above is far from complete, so here are some more: being a passenger in a car, being the driver of a car, going to the movie theater, flying on a plane, traveling on a bus… I think you get the idea.

As you may have gathered by now, pretty much all reasons for having a panic attack are pretty strange.

So having a panic attack because of garlic, is no stranger than any other reason if you think about it.

Having A Garlic Anxiety Panic Attack Makes You Special

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If you do get panic attacks because of garlic, then carry on reading. In fact, if you get panic attacks for any unusual reason at all, then carry on reading.

Having a panic attack because of garlic is very slightly different to having a panic attack for other reasons. But saying that, certain people have all their panic attacks because of the very reason I’m about to tell you.

There are many people who have panic attacks because they fall into a special category. If garlic causes you to have panic attacks, then it’s highly likely that you are a Highly Sensitive Person, (HSP).

In the main section of this post, I’ll be saying a lot more about being a highly sensitive person. But if you don’t have the time right now to read the entire article, then a highly sensitive person is a person who experiences the world, in a much more intense way than most other people experience it.

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Garlic Anxiety Panic Attack & Highly Sensitive Person, (HSP)

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For many years, I never realized that I had an extraordinary power. As children, my brother and I always used to have conversations about the smells of things. For example, whenever we visited a new house, we would always talk about how it smelled. The same discussion would also take place whenever we got into a car.

My brother and I never gave this a thought, and we just carried on through life just thinking that this was something that everybody did.

As we grew up, my brother went his way, and I went mine. But the smells of things continued to fascinate me. I became a smoker for many years, but I continued to smell things that other people couldn’t detect. People often say that smoking dulls your sense of smell, but for me, it didn’t seem to make a difference. I have to say however that now I have stopped smoking, my sense of smell does seem to have become more intense.

Being A Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive People

I may have given the impression that being a highly sensitive person only applies to the sense of smell. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Given that people have five senses, it stands to reason that being a highly sensitive person can affect more than just your sense of smell. A highly sensitive person can be affected by the things they touch, hear, smell, see or taste. Very often, however, a highly sensitive person will have one particular sense that stands out above the rest.

Even in these cases however you’ll often find that if you are a highly sensitive person, that all of your sensitive senses do have a heightened sense of sensitivity compared to other people.

For example, you may find that you avoid watching violent movies because you see them as being too disturbing. Or you may find that when you’re eating particular foods that you can taste the individual ingredients.

Shyness And Highly Sensitive People

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Another feature very common to highly sensitive people is being shy when you were a child. This feature stands to reason, because when you were a child you were also highly sensitive, and you could see a lot more nuances of the situations you were experiencing. Many things that were totally invisible to other people were completely visible to you.

Being a highly sensitive person can also affect the way that you run your life. Many people take a busy work schedule in their stride. But for highly sensitive person, you may find that having a lot to do in a short space of time, is very unsettling.

Panic Attacks And Highly Sensitive People

For anyone to have a panic attack, that person must feel oversensitized to the situation that they’re experiencing. At first, the person will probably feel ok in the situation, but very soon after, the person will feel the very first tiny hint of a panic attack. The very second that first small hint appears that is the moment that the highly sensitive person will start to feel the panic coming on.

When the stage above is reached, it is challenging for the highly sensitive person to ignore the feelings. For the average person, the emotions being experienced at this very early stage are incredibly minor. For example, it may merely be a slight rumbling in the stomach, or a slightly dry throat, or the feeling of getting warmer.

These tiny fluctuations in feelings discussed above are absolutely nothing to everyone else, but to a panic attack sufferer and a highly sensitive person, they are significant incidents. Read More >>>

Garlic Anxiety Panic Attack – Lighting The Fuse

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If you’ve read this far, then you will have realized by now that you are unique. But if you are like me, then you probably wish that you weren’t :)

Being a highly sensitive person may be an extraordinary thing, but it’s also very annoying sometimes.

Being a panic attack sufferer, you’ll already know that your panic attacks are triggered by ‘something.’ In the case that we are discussing here, you know that the trigger is garlic.

So for you, garlic is lighting the fuse to your panic attacks.

But how?

The Two A’s Of Our Misery

Amygdala position

In our brains, there is something called the amygdala. The amygdala is a very tiny structure, and it has one job, and one role only. The task of the amygdala is to keep you alive!

Because the amygdala’s job is so vital to your survival, it doesn’t ask any questions, it doesn’t wait for your opinions, and it activates in a split second off sensing danger.

The trouble is, because the amygdala doesn’t ask you any questions, and it doesn’t ask for your opinions, it doesn’t bother asking you whether garlic is deadly or not. But ‘something,’ has told it that garlic is a threat. That ‘something,’ is your Highly Sensitive Person superpower.

So the amygdala is the first A.

The second A is adrenaline.

After the amygdala has recognized danger, it then signals to the rest of the body to take action to survive. Adrenaline is immediately pumped into the body to help with your fight or flight response.

But Garlic Isn’t Dangerous Is It?

Because the amygdala is a life or death safety system, it is always on the lookout for anything unusual.

To a highly sensitive person, many things stand out as being unusual compared to the average person. In your case, garlic is standing out as being something dangerous as far as your amygdala is concerned.

The unfortunate thing is that you can’t stop it. But the vital thing is that you recognize it. Recognising false dangers is the first step to self-help for panic attack sufferers.

To Conclude Our: Garlic Anxiety Panic Attack Investigation

The intention of this particular post wasn’t to offer a cure for panic attacks but was to explain why garlic is giving you panic attacks.

If you take away anything from this post, then take away the fact that you are an exceptional person. While your superpower certainly isn’t helping you with panic attacks and garlic, your superpowers do help you in many ways throughout your life.

You see the world through different eyes compared to most other people, and you sense things that most other people can never understand. You quite literally have a 6th Sense. But because having a sixth sense is unusual, you don’t really know how to control it and appreciate it.

The best approach is to feel special rather than unusual. Appreciate the fact that you see much more in this world than most of the people around you.

In short, being a highly sensitive person gives you far more advantages than disadvantages. Enjoy your superpower!

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