Food To Eat After Appendix Surgery Appendectomy

The agonizing pain associated with appendicitis, followed by the discomfort after the operation, may mean that eating anything is not your first priority.

Sooner or later though, you’ll be needing food, and it’s important to eat the right foods to promote the healing process.

If you are still feeling sensitive after the appendectomy, then starting your road to recovery with light, liquid meals can be beneficial and also be more comfortable.

First Foods for Appendicitis Recovery

Appendix Surgery Soup

When your doctor gives you the all-clear to eat your first food after your appendix operation, try to choose foods that are very easy to digest. Liquid foods fit the bill nicely during this early stage of recovery.

Foods such as cream soups and yoghurt will be easy to digest. Nourishment in these forms are possibly the best type of foods to be consuming soon after your operation.

Clear broth is another safe form of food during this early stage.

It’s a good tip to sip small amounts of liquid foods before consuming them in larger quantities. Doing this will allow you to assess if your stomach can keep down the liquid. If your small sips prove successful, then you can gradually increase the quantity.

The Next Level of Foods

After you have been safely consuming liquid foods, you can ease yourself back into your regular diet.

The problem comes as to what you describe as your ‘regular’ diet, however. If your normal diet is comprised of  fatty foods, then steering away from these can be sensible at first.

The best guide during this stage is to search online for low fat foods. Foods that are low in fat are going to be the most easily digestible.

Plain boiled rice and simple broiled chicken are low fat foods that can help at this stage.

Fruit and vegetables will also be advisable at this stage as not only are they easy to digest, but they will give you vitamins and minerals that you need to speed up your recovery.

Proteins, Carbs and Fat

A healthy diet is comprised of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Having a balanced diet means having a good balance of all three as part of your daily eating routine.

What Is A Well-Balanced Healthy Diet?

As your appendix and appendectomy symptoms ease away, you’ll want to ideally maintain a healthy and well balanced diet. The foods that you eat at this latter stage of recovery will help your body heal most effectively.

The Quick, Healthy Eating Guide: (Only After You Have Fully Recovered From Your Appendectomy)

  • Fruit and vegetables should make up just over one third of your daily intake of food.
  • Starch-based foods should make up another third of your daily food routine. Brown rice, potatoes, wholewheat pasta and wholemeal breads are all excellent foods for this category. Starchy foods are our main source of Carbs, so try to incorporate such foods into your daily menu.
  • Milk and dairy foods such as cheese are also part of a well balanced and healthy diet and supply protein and calcium. To get the most benefit from this category, try buy the low-fat versions where possible.
  • Fish, lean meat, skinless chicken, beans, pulses and eggs are all good sources of protein.
  • Try to reduce your sugar intake and reduce saturated fat.

Are There Certain Foods I Should Avoid After Having My Appendix Out?

There are indeed!

Straight after your appendix surgery, you should avoid high-Carb foods (so don’t try get into the healthy, balanced diet food too soon!)

Eating foods such as pasta, corn or potatoes too soon after your operation could cause problems, as these foods create gas in the large intestine as they break down. This condition is the last thing you’d want soon after having your appendix removed!

You should also avoid alcohol straight after your operation. Also keep in mind that certain stews may contain alcohol such as red wine. To be on the safe side, simply avoid all alcohol until you are fully recovered.