Do Peanuts Dehydrate You? (worth knowing)

On their own, peanuts cannot dehydrate you. Dehydration is the condition of not having sufficient fluid to maintain your normal bodily functions.

Salted peanuts certainly make you thirsty, but thirst is not necessarily a sign that you are already dehydrated.

When we eat something salty, such as salted peanuts, the brain immediately receives a signal from the body that thirst will soon follow. This feature is very useful for the body to maintain the optimum level of water, as it makes us drink more water before any other dehydration symptoms emerge.

In hot weather, it makes good sense to consume a few salted peanuts or any other salty snack. Having salty food increases your urge to drink more water, which of course is the right thing to be doing when the temperature rises.

What Are The Symptoms and Stages of Dehydration?

Thirsty and Dehydrated

Initially, dehydration will present itself in the most obvious way that you’d expect, that being a feeling of thirst.

After the initial feelings of thirst, the thirst would increase and the mouth would become dry. Eating a dry food at this stage, such as a dry biscuit, would cause the biscuit to stick to your tongue, cheeks of your mouth and the roof of your mouth.

Typically, the next stages of dehydration would introduce the symptoms of a headache, followed by dizziness.

As the dehydration progressed, various other symptoms would become evident such as feeling sleepy, decreased urine, and the urine becoming a deeper shade of yellow than normal.

If no water was consumed at this stage, dehydration would worsen the symptoms being experienced.

The more advanced stages of dehydration include fever, increased heart rate, confusion and possibly lapsing into a coma.

Does Peanut Allergy Have Anything To Do With Dehydration?

Peanut Allergy

Peanut allergy and dehydration are not associated with each other.

Dehydration is caused by a lack of fluid in the body, whereas peanut allergy is caused by the immune system mistakenly seeing peanut proteins as being something harmful.

What Foods and Drinks Cause Dehydration?

Soy Sauce


While popcorn on its own doesn’t cause hydration, popcorn containing sodium can certainly increase your need for a drink. Sodium-free popcorn doesn’t have this issue.


You may have noticed that some coffee bars serve a glass of water along with your coffee. The glass of water is a good idea as coffee can lead to dehydration. One or two cups per day shouldn’t do much harm, but going heavy on the coffee can certainly increase the chances of becoming dehydrated.


One of the features that you’ll notice when you have a hangover, is the incredible thirst that you have. Alcohol certainly dehydrates you and the hangover symptoms are made worse by this negative aspect.

Soft Drinks

Many soft drinks are carbonated and are full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. While they appear to quench your thirst initially, their sweet, carbonated properties can lead to even greater thirst.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce has a distinctive flavor and for many people cannot be replaced with an alternative. Soy sauce typically has a very high sodium content and this can lead to dehydration.

Low-sodium varieties are available in most good food stores and decrease the risk of dehydration.

What Can You Do If You Are Dehydrated?

If you are just thirsty, then clearly, all you need to do is drink some water. But if you have been through an experience that has dehydrated you, then the best thing to do is avoid anything that can dehydrate you even more and seek medical advice.

A doctor may recommend that you are drip-fed fluids intravenously to decrease the dehydration more rapidly than simply drinking water.

Severe dehydration typically results in a hospital visit to get you stabilized and to ensure that you haven’t suffered any severe complications.

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