Cures for Tightness in Throat Anxiety

During moments of highly stressful situations, and especially if you are prone to high levels of anxiety, there are numerous physical sensations that the human body can experience.

Tightness in the throat is one such symptom.

The feeling in the throat could be described as muscle tension, or sometimes it can feel like a solid lump inside the throat. People experiencing this feeling may react differently depending upon their own anxiety level. If the person is not usually the anxious type, then they’ll certainly notice the sensation, but they may be able to push it aside more naturally than a person who is prone to higher levels of anxiety including panic attacks. Hypochondriacs may jump to the immediate conclusion that they have a severe medical condition such as cancer. As you can see, it can be a very confusing experience for all personality types.

For any medical concerns, always seek professional medical advice.

Anxiety Can Become the Norm


There are many people with anxiety who aren’t even aware that they suffer from anxiety. This may seem very strange as surely you’d know – Right?

Not necessarily!

Our lives are busier today than ever before. Stress is very often permanently present for many people for most of the time, even at shallow levels. For other people, it can be current almost all of the time at higher levels. The problem at this stage is recognizing that you have stress at all as it starts to feel like the average, acceptable feeling. It may take a long holiday without any worries present to fully appreciate that before the holiday you were utterly stressed out.

Because many of us can be anxious without even being aware of it, it can be appreciated that many of us can develop symptoms of anxiety and wonder what these new, frightening sensations are.

How To Tell If You Are Suffering from Anxiety

Within this article I am using the words stress and anxiety interchangeably. A medically trained practitioner will define them differently because technically they are indeed different. Stress is defined as the normal reactions to threatening situations that are occurring in your life at present. Anxiety is defined as worrying about situations after the situation has passed, or worrying  about situations prior to them occurring (anticipatory anxiety). Very frequently a person suffering from anxiety will worry needlessly and that is something that doesn’t happen regarding stress.

This Chart Shows Stress Levels for Various Life Events – Some Events Could Very Easily Transform Into Anxiety Issues:


An excellent list appears on this page compiled by ISMA, detailing the many symptoms of stress. ISMA are International leaders in stress awareness and stress management. You’ll also recognize various items in the list that are also experienced by people suffering from anxiety. Using this list could help you to determine if you are suffering from stress or indeed anxiety.

So while the two words describe different definitions, the symptoms for both certainly have some overlap.

Cures for Tightness in Throat Anxiety

While there are no proven ‘cures’ for this sensation other than various throat and neck massage techniques, there are obvious steps that you can take to try to prevent the onset of the symptoms in the first place. These steps typically involve making your mind and body aware of the other feelings of anxiety that you may be experiencing. If you can pinpoint other symptoms, then you can start to recognize that you need to tackle your general feelings of anxiety overall. This procedure can bring to your awareness that you are suffering from anxiety rather than some physical ailment.

Exercise and Meditation


If you don’t get out into nature very often, then make a start if you are able to. Frequent walks in the countryside can be of great benefit. The locations themselves refresh your mind and give it time to offload some of the heavy matters that you may often dwell upon. The walk itself will promote physical exercise which in turn helps your muscles to relax.  The overall result is a much more relaxed you.

If you think that meditation is all about monks and robes, then think again. Many people meditate, and it’s a lot easier and more beneficial than you may give it credit. If you have never looked into meditating, then look at any of the books or Kindle books on Amazon aimed at beginners meditation. Read the reviews first, and then see which one suits you. It can help more than you think!


Tightness in the throat is one symptom of anxiety. Anxiety has many signs but try to recognize that tightness in your throat is undoubtedly one of the contenders. Do seek professional medical advice if you feel that your symptoms are not related to anxiety. If you are given the all-clear from the medical exam, then start to tackle the anxiety in your life and begin to control it, rather than it controlling you.