Cloak and Increase Your Commission & Click Through Ratio

Cloak and Increase Your Commission & Click Through Ratio


Are you tired doing promotion? Still..You didn’t catch the big money yet? The truth is you need to..

Protect Your Commissions With Pro Link Cloaker TODAY! 

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Dear Affiliate Marketer,
Friday, 11 March 2021

Hi..truely speaking, affiliate id or url is not that appealing to click or retyped by our prospect buyer. Why i say that?

Answer: They need to click a link like this where your affiliate id is shown there. Do you as a normal human being want to give this commission money for free to this man?

Yes if he will give some bonus if you bought form his link.. BUT NOT if they get nothing unless the product they’re buying.

SOOOOOO… they will delete his id and click to without “r=wanmus”..

And there is no commission for him as an affiliater, although he sends an email to 10K email list.

So how to solve it??

Answer: Cloak or mask your affiliate link with link cloaker.. and of course we suggest you a great Pro Link Cloaker!

How Pro Link Cloaker works 

Example of your affiliate link is:

Then using Pro Link Cloakes, your link will be securely masked as nice as:


Pro Link Cloaker is an easy link cloaking, link masking, link directing and link shortening system that works like a Pro. Most GURU use this tool to protect their commission.


Pro Link Cloaker features:
Link Cloaking or Link Masking - Hide your affiliate links and just show them the actual web.
As you wish - Just choose redirect or with masking/cloaking, all in you hand by 1 tick
Link Shortening - Shorten your long affiliate link with simple and nice-to-click link.
Track your link - Easy to track your performance. Each click is counted
Easy Share link - share on Facebook, Twiter and Digg just by 1 click 

( high impressions >> high clicks >> high sales >> high commissions )

Customize it yourself - easily choose your own catchy title and directory (example: goto, go, web, link etc)
Maximise your potential earning - Not losing affiliate commission anymore to link hijacker
Refresh button - easier to see on real time updates
Secure control panel - You can just easily add, edit or remove your affiliate links
Easy to use control panel - User friendly control panel makes it easy to be used even if you don’t have technical skills
Unlimited Links - No limit to add how many links you want
Unlimited Domains - Use it for unlimited domains. Maximise your earnings with no limit
Ready to use - Upload, Login and Use!
Tutorial Included - Manual on how to use this great Pro Link Cloaker.

Want to test this software first?

From now on, they just need to know what is written on the salespage and NOT what the link they click!!

Web Host Requirements 

Minimum requirement to run Pro Link Cloaker, your hosting just needs :

  • Apache 1.3 or greater
  • PHP 4 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

Almost linux hosting provides the above.

Get it now


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Link Cloaking, Link Masking, Link Directing, Link Shortening Like A Pro With Pro Link Cloaker

Cloak and Increase Your Commission & Click Through Ratio


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