ClickBank Affiliate Program – New Products 03-22-2011

1000 to 1 million in 80 days
This a total Forex trading system designed to transform a trading account from $1000 to $1 million in 80 trading day. Heiki Ashi and compounding. This is a step by step no nonsense Forex Trading system. The mindset is the most important of this method
Commission: 45%, Business / Investing

Learn Forex Earn Forex
If you are new to Forex or if you have traded for awhile with little success, “learn Forex Earn Forex” Learning to trade is simpler when you have a Forex trading system that makes it easy to know when to enter and when to exit.
Commission: 60%, Business / Investing

Make $1000 Every Day from Google Adsense Treasure…
Make Money Online From Home With Adsense And Become Filthy Rich Like Me. Start Today!
Commission: 75%, E-business & E-marketing

Micro Pigs or Teacup Pigs Complete Owner’s Guide
A complete Micro Pigs Owner’s Guide. 174 pages full of vital information written by a micro pig expert. Real good value for money therefore low refunds. Hardly any other ebooks available online. High commission rate at 65%.
Commission: 65%, Home & Garden

Stage de salsa en video
Stage de salsa cubaine en video sur Internet. Niveau debutant intermediaire L objectif du stage est qu a la fin de ces trois semaines vous puissiez mettre du style dans votre danse, vous amuser et sortir sans avoir peur d inviter ou de vous faire inviter.
Commission: 32%, Arts & Entertainment

Learn the #1 Street Dance: Popping
Taught by YouTube Celebrity with 9.8 Million views, TheRussiantiger, as seen on NBC’s America’s Got Talent! Teaches the hip hop dance style of popping step by step, 1:80 Conversion With Male Teenagers!
Commission: 50%, Arts & Entertainment

Half Dollar for $600: Pick 4 Cash 4 Lottery System
Predicting Triples and Quads in the Pick 4 games just got easier. Tired of watching “triples” go by, time after time, without a clue as to when the next one might fall? Let Sbip$999 guide you with “trigger combinations” to watch for and play sets to win!
Commission: 50%, Betting

Real Estate Agents: Sell More Homes-Real Estate Tips With Hud Secrets
Real Estate agents are always looking for additional tools to help them sell more homes. Besides, most agents can afford this at this price. With over 1 million agents/brokers nationwide this will easily convert sales. Not offered anywhere in the Us.
Commission: 50%, Business / Investing

Binary Options Pro Signals
Binary Options Pro Signals is the best way to trade markets! Customers love the product because of its ease of use. Profits can be made in as little as one hour.
Commission: 50%, Business / Investing

Live Chat For Your Website - Simple Web Chat
Offer real-time live help to your website visitors. Uses your cell phone, completely mobile, unlimited operators, easy to use interface, works with any cell phone, simple website install, limited to US & Canadian cell phones. Awesome service!
Commission: 50%, Computers / Internet

La trousse Emploi Internet
Avec la trousse Emploi Internet, vous allez avoir une activité sérieuse en ligne sans avoir à vous occuper du travail technique.
Commission: 50%, E-business & E-marketing

Public Domain Treasures
Hot! New CB product “Public Domain Treasures” Launches soon! Earn %75 commission, Killer sales page. Converting like Crazy! Affiliates Earn %75 Commission Per Sale!
Commission: 75%, E-business & E-marketing

Teach Reading with the Bible
Use the messages and stories of the Bible, combined with sight words and phonics reviews to teach reading. Free Bonuses! First story available now is Creation.
Commission: 75%, Education

The Affordable Personal Training System
Find out how a unique system allows you to Get Thousands of Dollars Worth of Personal Training and Achieve Your Fitness Goals for a fraction of the cost.
Commission: 50%, Health & Fitness

2 Minute Headache Removal
50% Payout. Super amazing technique that gets rid of headaches in about 2 minutes. There is Nothing on the market like this. The product comes with a free unadvertised bonus too.
Commission: 50%, Health & Fitness

Learn how to lose weight now!
My ebook shows how you can lose weight and tone up your stomach for six pack abs.
Commission: 75%, Health & Fitness

The Easy Exhaustion Cure
Exteremely high converting product, 1x 300 page ebook, 8 mp3s, 4 bonus mp3s and 4 bonus ebooks, 1 free coaching session, plus top quality customer support so no refunds yet. Created by world recognised peer published health expert
Commission: 60%, Health & Fitness

Die 5 Tage Kur
Start abnehmen heute Mit der einfachste und leichteste Kur, den Sie je probiert haben! Und nehmen Sie leicht 10, 20 ja sogar 30 kilo ab Und bekommen Sie den flachen Bauch und die Figur von der Sie immer geträumt habe.
Commission: 75%, Health & Fitness

Source code - iPhone iPad ebook app
Great payouts! Fully functional ebook app worth thousands of dollars. Complete source code. Native support for both iPhone and iPad. Allows publishers to easily add content and customize the graphics. The hottest market today!
Commission: 40%, Mobile

Forget Mr Married - Original and Real Product.
Hot new product helping ‘The Other Woman’ to Forget mr married and move on with her life. Product is original and is one of a kind. Non-saturated niche of infidelity with low refund rate. 75% commission.
Commission: 75%, Self-Help

Ebook - Todo Sobre Refrigeracion Industrial y Comercial
Libro digital compuesto por textos y diapositivas comentadas en auido para la comprension y el aprendizage de sistemas frigorificos. Nueve capitulos, 380 paginas mas 280 diapositivas comentadas minuciosamente.
Commission: 30%, Software & Services

Antigua Brujeria - Como Ser Hechicero
Excelentes ventas, muy buena conversión. Devolución menor al 3%. La guía más completa de CB para ser aprendiz de hechicero. El mejor producto para afiliados serios. Producto gran penetración en mercado hispano.
Commission: 70%, Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs

Fortune Telling Secrets
Learn to tell fortunes, read palms, read tea leaves, number interpretation, make charms, interpret signs and omens, read playing cards, tell fortunes with dominos, read and use tarot cards and much, much more!
Commission: 50%, Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs

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