ClickBank Affiliate Program – New Products 03-20-2011

A Kiss is Just a Kiss
Great book by Kiwi Writer, Glenda Martin. An A-z Compendium of ‘The Kiss’ - who does it? when? where? why - secrets you didn’t even know you were curious about! Great gift for your lover or lover-in-waiting. And an excellent connversation starter.
Health & Fitness

Relationship Advice
Relationship advice for men

The 2011 Guide to Formula One Racing
A well researched, illustrated, 162 page guidebook that explains everything, the rules, circuits, drivers, constructors and the technology. Over 500 000 000 F1 Tv viewers last year. Good affiliate support at

Exploiting CB for Fast Profit
Explains how to make and maintain revenue with CB as an affiliate/vendor.
E-business & E-marketing

Work At Home Revealed
Discover The Work At Home Insider’s Proven Strategy For Generating A Full Time Income From Home, Quickly And Easily! Affiliates Earn 50%!
E-business & E-marketing

Success With Social Media Online
How To Build Your Business Using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, And Other Social Media Networks. Learn From Step By Step Video Tutorials On How To Create Profiles And Attract Targeted Visitors To Your Website.
E-business & E-marketing

Commando Fitness Camp Blueprint
A complete blueprint of how to assess and safely implement boot camp fitness training programs
Health & Fitness

Les Manuels de l’Homme - J’aborde
Un programme compose de plusieurs e-books et de videos pour apprendre aux hommes comment aborder une inconnue dans la rue.

Entrepreneur Home Study Program to Boost Profits
Weekly audios, videos and action plans on topics such as: How to create an information product to sell online, Step-by-step formula for increasing profits, How to claim your Google Local website for $0, How to get the most from your blog - and more!

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