Bottlenose Takes Social Media Search and Analytics to a New Level

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In today’s digital age, individuals are longing for a single social media dashboard that allows them to monitor everyone and everything in the world. We want to receive immediate alerts on breaking news, with instant reaction from our family, friends and colleagues.

An exciting new website called Bottlenose is hoping to assist with our need to receive all of the social media content that pertains to our daily needs. This software is designed to gather all the news and instant messaging sent to you from several different social media outlets (Facebook, Google Reader, Linkedin and Twitter) that you’re currently subscribed to, and provide them in a series of streams. They will be listed on the left side of the dashboard.

Bottlenose offers the user an opportunity to have access to current information from a number of different sources. You begin this process by starting to customize your own home page that alerts you on a wide variety of topics, which includes news stories and instant messaging from individuals that you deemed important on your profile page. At any time, you can buffer or change your original search or profile page settings.

If you prefer a visual look to navigate through your social media content, then choose the Sonar feature on Bottlenose. It’s still gathers all of the content in the same format in order of importance. The only change is the way the search is shown on your device, as your screen will have a look of a submarine monitor. Some users feel this feature makes the receiving process very easy for you to track social media content on your various devices.

Also, Bottlenose offers a timeline feature that shows the amount of activity taken place on your account since the last time you logged into the program. This feature will help remind you of upcoming events that have been personally scheduled on your everyday calendar page. The buffer feature will also assist in providing daily reminders on your front page.

The newspaper view feature on Bottlenose offers the top stories from around the world, as the user can use the real-time search engine to link all of the pertinent content onto your home page. The feature offers a wide range of content; Bottlenose will sift through all of the top news websites and provide the stories that pertain to your interest. This feature aids you to refrain from reading meaningless news articles.

Some users of the Bottlenose software recommend connecting it with and turning it into a nice Goggle Reader client. It’s a great way to get your full consumption of news, sports and entertainment. Just like any other feature on Bottlenose, you can select your news stories in order of importance. The software is designed to allow you to share a news stories with others.

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Once you become comfortable with the format, Bottlenose can be a pretty addictive social media tool, as users will spend countless hours catching up on personal and national content instantly from several different outlets.

For all of the tech geeks, Bottlenose’s biggest innovation is the shortcut format that is specifically designed to provide the latest content offered on the internet for your searches. The software allows the user to further define their searches to gather all the information that’s currently trending or pertinent to the initial request.

The hope for Bottlenose is they become the staple in their industry for gathering social media content. Their goal is to make the internet a more effective tool for the user, whether it’s professional or personal.

Quietly, Bottlenose wants to overtake TweetDeck and Hootsuite as being the most dependable tool in the business of social media monitoring. Currently, they’re the best at quickly gathering all the information the user needs, when they need it. This is a very important marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Bottom line, Bottlenose is one of the best social media dashboards on the market today.

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