Beck Anxiety Inventory (Full Download Included)

Whether you are an individual or a mental health counselor, the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) scoring method is a highly useful tool to measure anxiety levels.

Created by Aaron T. Beck and his colleagues, the Beck Anxiety Inventory is a 21-question scoring system designed to grade a users anxiety levels.

The Levels of Anxiety Are Graded as Follows:
  • Normal to Minimal Anxiety – which is determined from a BAI score between 0 and 9
  • Mild to Moderate Anxiety – which is recognized by having a BAI score between 10 and 18
  • Moderate to Severe Anxiety – which is calculated by a BAI score of between 19 and 29
  • Severe Anxiety – which shows up from a score between 30 and 63

Why Use The Beck Anxiety Inventory Scoring Tool?

Beck Anxiety Test

The BAI Scoring Method is a highly respected anxiety assessment tool which has passed many rigorous studies to prove its effectiveness.

While fully trained mental health therapists should only interpret the test results, any individual can acquire a basic understanding of their current anxiety level.

How To Use The Beck Anxiety Inventory Scoring Tool

Three Main Points To Note Regarding Taking The BAI Test:

  1. The person taking the BAI test should be aged 17 years old or older.
  2. The BAI test compares anxiety symptoms over the last seven days (including today.)
  3. The person taking the test should grade their symptoms from four levels of severity rated from 0 to 3.

The Beck Anxiety Inventory Scoring Test consists of 21 symptoms of anxiety. The person undergoing the test reads through each of the 21 symptoms, and a score is given to each one – see the image below to illustrate this:

Beck Anxiety Inventory Example

Example: If within the last 7 days (including today,) the user had been mildly affected by Numbness or Tingling feelings, then they would enter the number 1 in the column labeled as: Mildly – But It Didn’t Bother Me Much

Then, if the user had been severely affected by Feeling Hot, then they would enter the number 3 in the column labeled as: Severely – It Bothered Me a Lot

Is The Beck Anxiety Inventory Reliable?

Beck Anxiety Test Reliability

This question has been brought up because, in the past, a small number of studies have questioned if the BAI concentrates too much on Panic-based symptoms.

The question has also been raised that the BAI has an overlap between anxiety and depression.

The BAI has frequently been given high praise in its accuracy however by studies such as this one.

Most mental health practitioners agree that the Beck Anxiety Inventory is a highly consistent tool, and remains in use because it is a better measure of anxiety than many alternative tools.

Why Is The Beck Anxiety Inventory Scoring Test Used?

Why Beck Anxiety Test

While it is reasonably straightforward for a qualified therapist to say that a patient is suffering from anxiety, it is not so simple to say to what extent they are suffering.

It is also sometimes difficult to convince a patient of the fact that they may need treatment for their anxiety symptoms.

Both of the situations above can be aided by using the BAI test.

For the practitioner, the test results can be used to discover the severity of anxiety in their patient. That information can prove to be highly useful in determining the most effective treatment.

From the patient’s point of view, the results are seen as more trustworthy because they completed the test themselves. Such self-determined evidence can convince the patient that they do in fact require treatment. Before the test, the patient may have possibly been in a state of denial.

Can I Take The Beck Anxiety Inventory Test?

You certainly can!

I have painstakingly recreated an Excel version of the full test for my blog followers.

Watch My Instruction Video First, Then Find The Download Link Below for The Excel File:


Thanks for watching the video, here is your Beck Anxiety Inventory Download (Excel format)

Have You Taken The Test? How Did You Score? (my result was Mild to Moderate Anxiety)