Anxiety In Stomach How To Get Rid Of It (Right Now)

I’ve been there, and I know how it feels. Anxiety in my stomach and how to get rid of it was a question I struggled with for years.

Luckily for you, you can get the quick and easy answer right here without the years of struggling.

In this post, I’ll be showing you the very best techniques that I found to combat my anxious stomach issues.

Quick Summary of Anxiety In Stomach How To Get Rid Of It:

  1. How Did I Suffer And Is It The Same for You?
  2. What Are The Symptoms of Stomach Anxiety?
  3. Have You Got An Anxious Stomach At All Or Is It Something Else?
  4. Is An Anxious Stomach A Separate Symptom From Other Forms of Anxiety?
  5. A Word About Sensitive Stomachs.
  6. Do You Have Other Symptoms of Anxiety?
  7. Why It’s Important To Know When Your Anxiety Started.
  8. Things That You Should Consider About Your Lifestyle Concerning Anxiety.
  9. How To Eradicate Anxiety In Your Stomach.
  10. Final Words On Abdominal Anxiety.

How Did I Suffer And Is It The Same for You?

I consider myself blessed to no longer have to ask myself the question: I have anxiety in my stomach and how to get rid of it?

For around six years my stomach anxiety was at its worst.

My workplace was my trigger, but I had a well-paid job, and it was a job that I loved doing. Looking for another line of work was not an option.

But at the same time, I also knew that my job back then was stressing me out completely. What was I to do?

I stuck at it.

Because I had made this choice, I paid the price regarding my health.

There were many occasions at work when I’d be bent-double with agonizing stomach pains. If the pains subsided, then I’d feel nauseous. There seemed to be no sustained periods of simply feeling normal!

Since I was suffering so badly, I went to see my doctor. He examined me and said that my intestines felt swollen. He gave me some anti-inflammatory tablets and advised me to “try not get so stressed.”

The pills from the doctor did appear to ease the pain in my gut for about two weeks. Then after that, it was back to a life of pain, discomfort, and nausea once again.

Feeling ill at work was my new Norm.

What Are The Symptoms of Stomach Anxiety?

Anxiety In Stomach How To Get Rid Of It

While my own symptoms were centered around tummy pains and nausea, I also suffered from the other common symptoms listed below:

  • Stomach Cramps (agonizing pains in spasms in my case)
  • Diarrhea
  • A Churning, Nervous Feeling In My Stomach
  • Butterflies In My Stomach (like being nervous all the time)
  • A High Pulse-Rate
  • Continually Feeling On Edge Even When There Was No Apparent Threat

Perhaps you also suffer from additional symptoms compared to the list above, but those are enough to be suffering from!

Have You Got An Anxious Stomach At All Or Is It Something Else?

This is an important question to ask!

You’ll recall earlier that I mentioned that I visited my doctor regarding my stomach anxiety and I’d advise you to see your own doctor also.

Almost everyone has stomach issues at some point in their life, but it’s worth seeing your doctor to make sure that your symptoms aren’t signaling something else.

The most common alternative issue is Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS.)

Another possible cause for similar stomach symptoms is an intolerance to lactose. Similarly, some people can have stomach problems by consuming caffeine.

A visit to your doctor should be able to pinpoint the underlying cause.

Is An Anxious Stomach A Separate Symptom From Other Forms of Anxiety?

Anxiety In My Stomach How To Get Rid Of It

People who are battling to get rid of anxiety in their stomach, do tend to have some level of generalized anxiety.

Speaking personally, my workplace was my main trigger. But since work dominates a large part of our lives, it is reasonable to assume that any symptoms that manifest at work, must surely be a part of our general personality.

It can be a valuable exercise to try and make notes of the situations that bring on your anxious stomach symptoms. I wasn’t suffering at work 100% of the time, for example. But I did notice a recurring theme that social interactions made my condition worse. Possibly my main issue was social anxiety, and this created the anxious stomach symptoms.

I can reach the above conclusion now with hindsight, but back then it didn’t seem so obvious. That is why keeping notes can prove useful.

A Word About Sensitive Stomachs.

We all have weak points.

For some people, it’s a back pain that always surfaces no matter how often they try to avoid heavy lifting.

Other people may find that they suffer from a migraine when they eat certain foods.

The stomach is undoubtedly an area of the body that can be a common weak point whether you are anxious or not. Being even mildly anxious for people with sensitive stomachs can be enough to trigger anxious stomach symptoms.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s worth making notes of occasions when your stomach began showing signs of any symptoms. You may need to work on specific skills to reduce the general anxiety you have in those situations.

Do You Have Other Symptoms of Anxiety?

Stomach Anxiety

As well as stomach symptoms, are you aware of any other anxiety-related issues?

Perhaps your stomach anxiety is part of a larger anxiety problem.

Below is a list of general symptoms experienced by people with various types of anxiety:

  • Problems With Sleeping
  • Finding It Hard To Relax
  • Always Feeling Anxious About Future Events
  • Tension In The Neck Or Shoulders
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness Or Tingling Feelings
  • Having A Short Temper
  • Being More Impatient Than You Used To Be

If you recognize that you suffer from two or more of the symptoms in the list above, then it could be that your anxiety is not just confined to your stomach.

You may undoubtedly experience the stomach anxiety more than any other symptom, but it could be that you have an underlying anxiety disorder.

Why It’s Important To Know When Your Anxiety Started.

For me, it was my job that highlighted my anxiety.

When did your anxiety become most apparent?

Life has a habit of going through cycles. We can have periods of stability in our lives lasting a few years. But those years of calm can rapidly turn into several years of discomfort and stress if circumstances change.

Here Are A Few Life-Changing Events That Can Trigger Anxiety:

  • Moving House
  • Changing Jobs
  • Relocating To Another Town or Country
  • Relationship Problems
  • Emotional Shock After A Major Event
  • Stress At Work
  • Losing Your Job
  • Financial Problems
  • Having Arguments With Friends, Family or Neighbors.

If you look back at when your stomach anxiety began, did it occur after some major event such as an event in the list above?

If you can answer yes to that last question, then your anxiety fits into the “life cycles” category of stress. Significant events in people’s lives can be positive, or negative. Being aware that such an event caused your current anxiety can give you some comfort that your anxiety should eventually subside. The situation is dictating your anxiety rather than an underlying anxiety disorder.

Things That You Should Consider About Your Lifestyle In Relation To Anxiety.

Get Rid of Anxiety Stomach

There’s a saying that goes like this: you can’t make a silk purse from a pig’s ear.

The reason that I have chosen that rather odd expression is because it can be related to people’s lifestyles.

I could re-write the expression as follows: you can’t make a healthy body from a packet of cigarettes (or a bottle of alcohol for example.)

Junk in – Junk Out.

Health fanatics can’t understand people who sit on the couch all day watching TV. And people who sit on the couch all day watching TV can’t understand health fanatics. But between those two extreme groups of people, there should be an acceptable middle-ground.

Whether you are Miss Healthy or Mr. Couch, I think that both of them do actually realize that being ‘generally’ healthy is better than not being healthy at all.

If your lifestyle is making you anxious, then taking up some moderate exercise can work miracles. Equally, losing some weight or kicking an unhealthy habit can also turn around your anxiety.

I wrote another article that can help you make these changes really easily! You can check out that article here.

How To Eradicate Anxiety In Your Stomach.

So what is the answer to the question in the title of this post: Anxiety In Stomach How To Get Rid Of It?

Luckily, there are some straightforward fixes!

  • Avoid Caffeine. If you love coffee, then switch to Decaf.
  • Try some ginger tea next time your stomach feels pain or nausea.
  • Try taking Magnesium pills daily.
  • Learn about Mindfulness Meditation
  • Examine your health and try to plan for a healthier lifestyle.
  • If a significant part of your life is causing you great distress, can you change that part of your life?

Final Words On Abdominal Anxiety.

Stomach anxiety is terrible. I know it is because I have fought in the stomach anxiety trenches. I also know that while it’s happening, stomach anxiety feels like something that can’t be cured.

For my own stomach anxiety cure, it took three things:

  1. Ditching caffeine and having chamomile tea instead.
  2. I started taking Magnesium pills every day.
  3. Eventually, I changed my job.

And guess what, I am now completely cured of all stomach anxiety symptoms.

Do You Suffer From Stomach Anxiety?