3 Amazing Benefits of Deepak Chopra Meditation

If you are new to meditation, then you may have the image in your mind of a person sitting cross-legged wearing a robe and chanting strange sounds. The TV and the movies would undoubtedly support this imagery.

In this post, I will make the promise to you that if you want to start meditating, then you won’t need to get a cramp in your legs from sitting in any weird positions, and you can put your credit card away as you won’t be requiring a robe.

Deepak Chopra 2013

Deepak Chopra has a celebrated history regarding his comprehensive studies of health, well-being and meditation. He studied and practiced medicine in India and during this time he started to research neuroendocrinology, to try to discover more evidence regarding biological processes that may affect thoughts and emotions.

After emigrating to the United States with his wife in 1970, Deepak Chopra returned to India in 1981 for a visit. This visit leads in turn to taking up Transcendental Meditation which he initially did to help him quit smoking and excessive coffee drinking.

Today, Deepak Chopra is one of the world’s most renowned authorities on meditation and numerous health-related disciplines.

While Deepak Chopra Meditation has numerous benefits, here are three significant benefits which can dramatically improve the well-being of the people who follow his guidance.

#1 Deepak Chopra Meditation Can Improve Your Immune System

This may seem far-fetched claim when you first read it. After all, surely the immune system is a biological aspect of the body and you either have a good immune system or you don’t?

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

In the 1980’s, there was a wonderful discovery regarding the immune system that turned all the previous theories and studies on their heads.

The immune system is not a fixed, mechanical process but is more like a ‘floating brain’ that collects information via immune cells and acts on the information gathered. This quite literally means that your feelings and emotions, whether good or bad, directly influence how the immune system functions.


If you practice Deepak Chopra Meditation, this calms the mind and body, reduces anxiety and in turn your immune system receives a powerful and positive boost.

#2 Deepak Chopra Meditation Can Help You To Look & Feel Younger

Regular meditation can increase the production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA. The DHEA hormone is produced by the adrenal glands and is present in both men and women. Its function is to produce the male and female sex hormones. Our DHEA levels typically peak by our mid-twenties and decline as we get older. By the time we reach old age, our DHEA levels are around 15% of what they were when we were younger.

The increase in DHEA that meditation provides, can contribute to slowing down the effects of aging.

#3 Deepak Chopra Meditation Can Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

Not everyone fully understands why lowering cholesterol levels is good for you. TV commercials frequently tell us that various products lower cholesterol, but they forget to inform us why this is a good thing.

The highly valuable benefit of reducing your cholesterol levels is to decrease the chance of plaque building up in your arteries. Arteries with a high level of plaque can cause strokes and heart attacks. Knowing this simple fact enables us to appreciate why lowering cholesterol is not just a good thing, it’s a lifesaver!

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Three Great Reasons to Try Deepak Chopra Meditation!

While there are many other benefits to mention such as better sleep, lower anxiety and being a lot happier and healthier, I think you might agree that boosting your immune system, looking and feeling younger and lowering your chances of having a heart attack are pretty solid reasons to take up meditation.


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