11 Amazing Dog Health Tips To Keep That Tail Wagging

He’s your best friend, your confidant, your best buddy and a whole lot more.

Dog’s don’t complain and they don’t argue. Your dog is always eager to please and is happy in your company whether it’s a walk in the rain or a snuggle session on the sofa.

But we all need to look out for our dog’s when it comes to their health. Your dog can perhaps sit to order and come when he’s called, but he can’t tell you when he feels unwell.

Here’s 11 Great Tips to Keep Your Dog In Tip-Top Health

1.Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

dog dental healthSource dogvills.com

Dogs don’t show pain because in the wild, pain means weakness. In the dog-eat-dog world showing weakness leads to being attacked. Just because your dog may always eat his meals with no apparent pain, don’t assume that all is well regarding his teeth. Read more at dogvills.com

2. Senior Dogs Deserve The Best Treatment

senior dogs health

Over at officialgoldenretriever.com they have written a great article covering the health of senior dogs.

For a dog that has given you all the years of her life, she deserves the very best care in her years of old age. You’ve most likely forgotten many of the happy moments throughout the many years that you’ve been together, but she has been by your side the whole time. Head over to officialgoldenretriever.com to read a superb article.

3. Different Dog Breeds, Have Different Dog Needs

corgi on beach corgi health

Because people tend to have similar health issues the world over, it’s easy to think that dogs are the same. The truth is however, that with every different dog breed there are specific health problems that you should be aware of.

The same is true regarding dog behavior. Different dogs may display different behavior when they don’t feel 100%

Christina over at thelazypitbull.com has put together a superb article covering this subject.

4. Establish A Daily Routine For Your Dog’s Health And Wellness

daily health tips for dogs

One of the best ways to keep your dog healthy is to adopt a healthy daily routine. Many people wait until their dog is sick before they make a move to improve their dog’s health. Dara has made a great job of explaining this subject over at thesouthernthing.com

Dara gives some great tips regarding food, treats, exercise and more. Take a look at her article for more info.

5. Dog’s Are Not Immune To Illness and Anxiety

dog having a vet visit

Our dog’s are very skilled at hiding any health issues that they may be experiencing. But just like us humans, dogs also suffer from various illnesses, dietary problems and even anxiety.

We visit our doctors occasionally for a health check, but we don’t often give our dogs the same annual check-up. At inspiringday.com this subject has been covered along with some additional excellent advice.

6. Look At The World Through Your Dogs’ Eyes To Understand Them Better

Because many people treat their dogs like members of the family, it is very easy to forget that dogs have a very different view of the world.

Here is a brilliant video that shows how dogs’ eyesight differs from our own. Video length is 3:49

7. Understand The Needs of Your Dog (from your dogs’ perspective)

dogs playing in water

The RSPCA based in the UK, have put together a superb collection of information to illustrate the needs of a dog – from the dogs’ perspective.

Their article covers a dogs’ senses, the diversity of dogs, how dogs communicate and a great deal more. Source

8. Grooming Your Dog Doesn’t Just Keep Them Looking Good

dog being washed

Like most things in life, there is more to grooming your dog than merely having a good-looking dog. A grooming session allows you to get a real close look at your dog which helps spot any issues that may need more attention.

During the washing session, you can get to see your dog’s body close up. This gives you the opportunity to check the ears, eyes, paws and their skin condition.

Not only that, but a grooming session is also an excellent time for you to bond with your dog. It’s a moment of togetherness and your dog will love the attention and will associate this moment as a special time together.

9. Consider Your Dogs’ Mental Health

dog wearing glasses

Many dogs seem so chilled and cool, while other dogs appear to be the complete opposite.

If your dog can never settle or frequently appears to be overly anxious, then give some consideration to your dogs mental well-being.

Over at dogloversshow.com.au, Dr. Jacqui Ley gives us all some tips on taking care of your dogs’ mental health.

10. Gum Disease In Dogs Is Very Common And Can Be Dangerous

bad breath in dogs

If your dog has bad breath then think again if you consider this as being normal.

Bad breath is caused by a build-up of bacteria, and while we may merely consider this as being unpleasant, it’s also potentially deadly for your dog.

Bacteria has a nasty habit of not staying in one place. So while the source may be the mouth, it can quickly spread to the major organs of the body via the bloodstream. protect-mypet.com has written a detailed article covering this topic.

11. Dog Science Can Help Us Understand Our Dogs A Great Deal Better

My final dog health tip delves into the world of how dogs think, and how they relate to us humans.

This topic is best covered by this very interesting video – duration 3:05

We all love our dogs, but it’s very easy to forget that they are vulnerable just like we are. They may not display any signs of illness for many years but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t help them feel even better.

Caring for Your New Puppy

Over at mypetneedsthat.com, they have spent countless hours creating what can only be described as an awesome guide for new puppy owners.

The Infographic below takes you by the hand and gives you a pictorial guide for taking care of your new pup.

You can check out their page here: New Puppy Checklist

new puppy