Clear Writers Blocks and Unleash the Writer Within You

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Dear Writer,


The secret to beating writer’s block is literally at your fingertips.

If you’re serious about your fiction writing, then you owe it to yourself to read through this letter and see if this opportunity is right for you. (You might even like to print this letter out for ease of reading.) I appreciate that it’s a long letter, but I need to give you all the information about this amazing block-busting secret.

I’d like to ask you this: Do you find that although you really badly want to write – indeed, you almost need to write, the desire is that strong – but still, you’ll do anything rather than write?

Does your heart sink at the prospect of sitting down at the keyboard? Do you immediately think of the laundry you need to do? Or the e-mail you were going to send to a friend? Or the walk you promised your dog?

Are you prone to sitting blankly at your computer, absolutely willing the ideas to come, but feeling like your brain is made of mush and there’s this solid block between you and the ideas you just know are in there somewhere?

If this is your experience of writing, then you need to know that it isn’t your fault. It isn’t some character defect or lack of willpower. I will explain below exactly what is causing it, but for now, just know this:

Writing doesn’t have to be a struggle!

* I know what it’s like to write happily and joyfully, to be always in the flow of writing.

* I consistently experience actively looking forward to sitting down to write, secure in the knowledge that the writing will flow easily and clearly.

* I love that delicious sense of anticipation as I wonder what my imagination will create today.

* I know the absolute euphoria which comes when you get your first publishing contract.

* I’ve felt the profound joy of holding my printed novel for the first time – like seeing your baby after it’s born.

* I know the profound sense of achievement you feel at accomplishing your dream.

* I know too the sense of quiet pride that comes from getting your novel published.

* I’ve experienced how people admire you and look up to you when you’re a published author.

And I would love to help you to know all this success too.

That’s why I’m sharing this information with you today.

This magical block-busting tool is called EFT.

Allow me to tell you how it came to be:

In 1980 something amazing happened. On the face of it, it had nothing to do with writing novels, but as you read on you shall see how this amazing incident had massive and exciting implications for authors like you and me.

This is what happened:

A psychiatrist named Dr. Roger Callahan had been trying to cure a client’s water phobia for over two years, with no success. One day she complained of feeling nauseous at the thought of water. He knew a little bit about acupuncture and he suggested that she tap just under her eye (the acupuncture point for the stomach) to see if it would ease the nausea.

She did this and said, amazed, ‘It’s gone!’.

Dr. Callahan said, pleased, ‘The nausea’s gone?’

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘but so is the water phobia!’

As simply as that her life-time water phobia was gone!!

This was a woman who couldn’t take a bath, who couldn’t go out if it was raining, and here she was, now feeling totally okay about water. She was able to prove it by running out of the office and down to the edge of Dr. Callahan’s swimming pool where she trailed her hands in the water.

Naturally, Dr. Callahan immediately knew that he was onto something exciting here, and he explored further and developed TFT (Thought Field Therapy). This involved tapping different acupuncture points in a specific order depending on what the issue was. It worked extremely well, he was getting great results with all sorts of problems. However it was very complicated to use.

A few years later a Stanford-trained engineer and personal-performance expert named Gary Craig trained in TFT. From this he evolved the simpler, but equally effective, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It involves tapping on every single one of twelve acupuncture points whilst speaking about your issue or problem in a specific way.

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