Woodworking Project: Build Your Own Bunk Beds

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Woodworking project

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If you love to work with wood and are thinking about your next project, look at the incredible bunk bed designs on this site. This is a project that can definitely turn into quite a few bonding moments with your children as the plans are discussed and then put into action. You may even find that you have quite a little builder on your hands during the process.

Children love to help their parents with various tasks and you’ll probably find that your kids will want to participate in making the bunk beds. While you will have to take on most of the project yourself, there are small things that they can do to make it a cooperative effort. You can have your children insert screws, take measurements, pass tools and a do a host of other small jobs that will make them feel like they are contributing to the overall effort.

How easy is it?

Bunk Beds

Woodworking Project has great selection of Bunk Beds plans with step-by-step instructions

Making twin over twin bunk beds is actually a lot easier than it looks. It doesn’t take much to put together the bed itself and then add on extra features you may want. You can really get quite creative with these beds. You can add on desks for older children that require a study space or you can turn it into a fort for your younger adventuresome children. If you have little girls that require bunk beds, you have the option of building it as girly as you want. Perhaps a bunk bed that is purple at the bottom and pink on top? Your options are limitless and the best thing is your children will be able to give their own feedback on the design they want you to build. Sometimes you’ll be able to accommodate them and other times you’ll have to show them other plans available.

You’ll need to follow plans that are very well designed when you take on the project of building bunk beds. You need to make sure that you have enough support for the top bunk and that everything is put into place just so. While you can get away with following inferior plans for something simple like a flower box, you really don’t want to fool around with your children’s safety. You’ll want to be certain that once you make these beds they are stable and will last for years. Also, you’ll need to know that they can withstand all the wear and tear that children can place upon them.

Using quality building plans to put together your homemade bunk beds is basically your only option. You’ll need plans that you can trust completely. Don’t rely on inferior bedding plans that skip over important parts, are unclear or are worded improperly for a project as important as this one. You owe it to your children to put safety first and to make them solidly constructed bunk beds that can last.

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