Want to play or teach Samba percussion? Here’s the answer!

Want to play or teach Samba percussion Here’s the answer!

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“Simply the best study course for percussion!”

Get this eBook that includes a unique practice facility


If you want to learn how to play the 6 most commonly used percussion instruments in Samba Batucada then this eBook is simply the best multimedia study resource you’ll find! It’ll help you to become a confident, knowledgeble player and give you plenty of resources should you wish to teach percussion skills to others. It’s full of information, explanations, examples and videos. Also incorporated into this eBook is a unique audio practice facility that you can play along to at your chosen speed!


Who will benefit most from this eBook?

  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to play percussion instruments
  • People completely new to percussion who just joined or wish to join a percussion group in the future
  • Players with some knowledge on one or two instruments who want to broaden their knowldege and understanding of the music
  • School and music teachers who wish to teach percussion skills to children, young people or adults
  • Community group leaders who wish to teach percussion


Only £24.95 as a download
£29.95 as a CD-Rom.


Who am I and why should you buy my eBook?

My name is Ravin ‘Raz’ Jayasuriya. I’m a professional percussionist with a special interest in Cuban and Brazilian percussion which I have been teaching very successfully from beginners to professional players for over 20 years. 

A few years ago I won a National Training Award which recognises my lifelong commitment to drumming. The NTA is the UK’s premier accolade for training and development and recognises my own personal learning journey in percussion and the impact this has had on my own life and on individuals and organisations through the tuition I offer.

As a teacher, I’m known for being able to reach different levels of ability, for recognising how individuals learn, for bringing out the very best in people and helping them move on to the next level.

All my experience and knowledge has gone in to this eBook!


What will you find inside this eBook?

Instructions on how to play 6 different percussion instruments
In this eBook I’ll teach you how to play 6 of the most commonly used instruments for playing Samba Batucada. These are Ganza / Chocalho, Agogo, Tamborim, Repinique, Caixa and Surdo. The exercises and patterns contained in the eBook are designed for complete beginners or players with a little knowledge. I’ll show you in detail how to hold and play each instrument through text, pop up images and video. At the end of the eBook you’ll be confident to join a percussion group or teach a piece to others yourself!

Over 40 Videos
Included are a number of videos with detailed explanation on how to hold each instrument and demonstrations on playing techniques, patterns and swing. Each of the instrument patterns contained in the eBook are demonstrated on a corresponding video. These videos will help you with your technique and give you the confidence to play your percussion instrument correctly.

A fantastic additional application called MangoDrum
There are blue icons throughout the eBook next to every exercise and pattern. When you click on this icon, MangoDrum will be launched in a separate window. MangoDrum displays the exercises and patterns in Grid Style notation. Using the Player Controls, you can listen to the notated examples. With MangoDrum, you can also; adjust the speed, practise along to a metronome, isloate instruments you wish to listen to, adjust the volume of each instrument and print out the notation. This is a unique feature of my eBook. I’m sure you’ll find the range of practice facilities offered by MangoDrum truly beneficial.

Standard and Grid style notation
Two styles of notation are contained in the eBook for all the exercises, patterns and a full composition. The standard notation is used within the eBook and the grid style notation is incorporated within MangoDrum. Both styles of notation are printable so you can take the exercises with you wherever you need them, in your own home or to a rehearsal.

A full composition is also included
The composition is written for the 6 most commonly used samba instruments as demonstrated in the eBook. It includes call & response, intro, breaks, solo lines and an ending. This compostion is also in MangoDrum so you can listen to the entire composition, to individual sections, to individual instruments or combinations of instruments and all at your chosen speed! If you wish to teach a samba to a group of people then this is the best resource you can get as it will give you confidence and certainty. For your own practise, playing along to the composition will allow you to; learn all the parts, discover the interplay between instruments and understand how the different patterns work together.

Detailed information on how to use the ebook.
To ensure you use the eBook to it’s full potential everything is explained in detail within the first few pages. The design itself makes it a joy to use with navigation around the eBook being very easy.

Background information about Samba
This will give you a better understanding of the culture, from it’s origins to the present day.

Unlimited Technical Support!
If you ever have problems with the course, either on your computer or understanding one of the exercises, just email us, and we’ll respond usually within 48 hours.

User Testimonials









“An impressively comprehensive overview of the basic of Brazilian rhythms. The explanations are easy to follow and it is a great tool for music teachers to start exploring these infectious beats with their students. Intended for use in educational environments and is particularly suited to classroom applications.”
Rhythm , the UK’s best-selling drum magazine

“This eBook is a useful tool for teachers considering offering practical samba as part of the curriculum, and is suitable for teachers with or without samba experience. This is a well- constructed and practically helpful resource.”
Conor Doherty, Music Teacher magazine

“Ravin Jayasuriya’s eBook, ‘Introduction to Samba Batucada’ is a high quality digital learning resource that is obviously the work of an expert. Importantly, he has designed the eBook with great care and attention to detail, so that it successfully shares his knowledge with fellow teachers and their students. I’m sure everyone who uses it will really enjoy it and find it a valuable resource in their teaching and learning. I hope to see more great titles from Ravin in the future.”
Mark Burke, Founder and Digital learning Partnerships Director, Charanga Ltd

“I found the eBook easy on the eye and interesting - not only to look at but informative as well. It had loads of information that will certainly be useful in practice.”
Lesley Chapman, Cambridgeshire Music Service

“A great resource that can be read and re-visited whenever required”
David Rose, Community group percussionist

“What a fantastic resource for beginners and experienced players, the eBook is very easy to follow and understand with excellent explanation on how to use and navigate through the contents. The book is great for all levels of players and the inclusion of the grid style notation means that you do not need to read music to get on with the book, and for those that can read music standard notation is also included.

The multimedia content means that you can not only hear how things should sound but you can also watch a video of each instrument being played to ensure that you get the technique right.

As a leader of a community samba band I will be recommending and ensuring that all band members get their own copy as it is such an invaluable resource and a very simple method of learning. Thank you for producing the eBook this is just what we have all been waiting for, and can’t wait for the next one.”
Athos Pittordou, community percussion group leader

Why Choose my multimedia eBook?

I’ve put over 20 years of experience into this eBook! You can be assured that you buy a top quality product that will really help you to develop your skills.

You simply won’t find another eBook that is as comprehensive.

It’s very easy to use, easy to navigate and a real joy to work with.

Professional, quality design and real care has gone in to its production.

You’ll have all the material within one eBook and even the practice software can be accessed via the book. This is not a PDF file, this is a proper multi-media resource.

You can choose either a download version or a CD-Rom. The download will give you access to the book within 24 hours (often much quicker) or if you prefer we’ll post the CD-Rom to you wherever you are.

Lifetime technical support and free upgrades.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


It’s easy to use…
It’s a fantastic resource…
And it’s incredible value for money…


Yes, I’d like to order this eBook - what happens next?

  • If you purchase the download version you’ll receive an email with a link to download the product together with a licence key and instructions within 24 hours. You can then immediately download your version and install it on your computer.
  • If you purchase the CD-Rom version then we’ll post it to you within 2 working days. The delivery time will depend on where you live. The CD-rom version will come with an instruction manual on how to install the eBook together with a licence key.
  • Once you’ve installed the eBook you can instantly enjoy using all its multi-media features. For ease of use a shortcut to the eBook is created on your desktop. Simply click on the ‘Rhythm Matters’ icon to open the eBook.

Order Rhythm Matters ‘Introduction to Samba Batucada’ as a download or as a CD-Rom now!

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