Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs


Hi, its Tom Bell and I have something shocking to tell you!
If you’ve been thinking about making money online, if you’ve been TRYING to make money online, if you’ve been FAILING at making money online, then I believe what happened to me last week is going to change your life FOREVER like it did mine! 

Just 8 days ago I was in a hotel bar.

There was a seminar there and I was ducking further and further into my laptop to avoid being drawn into a bitching session 4 gurus were having about Google’s latest “Slap”…

Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

You know, where Google sends lots of sites plummeting in popularity because:

A) They can!

B) The sites rarely are adding true value to the marketplace.

To be clear, I’ve made lots and lots of money in this business and often… too often sometimes, I am asked my opinion.

I just didn’t want to be the guy to tell these guys, if they were doing it right in the first place, they would have nothing to complain about.

About the time I was close enough to my laptop screen to fog its surface, the complaining about Google was raging nearby and I saw an article on CNN money.

It was March 8th. a report on the same Google slap they were all complaining about.

In the report I read that nearly a BILLION dollars had moved from one side of the market to the other. From one group of businesses to another group of businesses.

I don’t care if your a 20 year veteran, or a rank beginner, once I point out the glaring distinction in what I just said, my guess is, if you “get it” there will be dancing in the streets!

Let me put it super simply.

Google’s Job is to make searchers lives better and easier; to ensure that what folks find when they search is good quality and valuable.

Same goes for every portal on earth, its their basic value proposition.

Quality searches fuel their income.


Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

Here’s what no body seems to grasp. I know I didn’t until the light-bulb finally went off in my head.

Google and their “slaps” have people all pissed off because they say that, in the blink of an eye these search engines just “take away” billions of dollars.

Get ready for the earth to shake, here it comes…

Do you really think anything is being “taken away”?

See its insights like this that change everything.

I know it did for me!

When I figured it out for myself I changed just about everything in my own business and started working around the clock to make this work for you as well.

What I am going to say very, very soon will have losers, half wits, whiners and stiffs closing this message and running for the hills…

Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

…but the ones who stick around to listen to what comes next will be rewarded VERY handsomely!

Ok, here it comes, I hope your sitting down…

It takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of hard work to build the kind of sites Google and others love.

Beyond that, over 90% of people who set out to create an online business by buying a book or a course… will fail miserably and never try it again.

There I said it.

It needed to be said.

I HAD to clear the air, and I think the industry will be a better place when more of those so-called gurus start saying it too.

Its OK to believe the statement, because its true.

But if you think its going to keep you from making good money online, well, you just don’t have all the facts…

BUT… it’s okay to have hope.

In fact, it’s GOOD to have hope.

Hope for a brighter future.

Hope for a better life for you and your family.Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

Hope for a new way of earning money that does not make you miserable day after day.

When you mix that Hope with good old-fashioned common sense, you can feel the magic stirring

I have made a MASSIVE discovery that will embrace the truth of the radical statement I just said, and help you earn BECAUSE of it.

But lets all take a moment to bid a fond farewell to all the get rich quick nuts, the lazy, the weak, and the whiners.

I know, someone said the words time, risk and work, and now your leaving.

I don’t mind, no one does. If you hurry, I think you can just catch the end of Jerry springer.

OK, now its just us.

I feel better, I would let my hair down, well if I had any that is…

Some secret software that will make you rich overnight with a few clicks of a mouse.

Bull! Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

And to my fellow gurus who may be listening, I’ll say it again just to make sure you heard me.


That’s not how business works, never did, never will.

By the way - they know this, because they work so hard trying to convince everyone else how easy it is.

I am going to treat you like an adult.

I’m going to tell you like it is, and I’m going to give you what you came for - a way to go from where you are to where you want to be as fast as possible - but with a few differences you may want to pay attention to. Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

I will tell you like it is. I will show you how to build a REAL business, and I will show you WHY you should be doing the things I’m going to say.

And when I do, it will make PERFECT sense to you because it will ring true, deep-down inside where your BEST decisions are made.

First, lets get to know each other a little better.

If I’m right about you:

This isn’t your first rodeo.
You’ve been dreaming about making a living online for a while now.
You’ve likely even bought a few courses, some software, some coaching of some kind maybe?
How do I know enough to make these guesses?

After being a featured speaker at industry conferences in front of many thousands of would be entrepreneurs, you get to know the real truth.

A few other things that may be true about you are:

the lonely, uncomfortable feeling you get when having to admit to a doubtful loved one that you’ve failed AGAIN
or the ever popular realization that the widget you just paid all your hard earned money just isn’t what the guy said it was, it didn’t do what it said
and the feeling of being no closer to earning money then you were before you bought the damn thing
Now I could be off base on all of this.

After all we don’t know each other yet.

I haven’t seen what your capable of.

I don’t know what makes you special.

I want to, but I haven’t yet.

First off, yes, I was homeless for a time.

The whole experience, sleeping on the streets, eating from dumpsters, the works.

I escaped that life and eventually founded an Internet company.

Long story short, when New York Times bestselling authors, motivational gurus, or big business finance types need advice, they call old Tom.

I’ve been at this for 10 years. While this isn’t what the average person makes breaking into the world of making money from home, its what I do, and people seem to think I’m good at it.

Now, lets get on with showing you how to make money with this new program!

So if what I said before is true, that:

Making money online requires hard work (and it is)
Making money online requires specialized training
Making money online requires a fair amount of time
Most people attempting to do it all on their own fail
Oh it’s ALL true alright, but it may not apply to you after today, not all of it.

The secret will become crystal clear in a bit.

Take me and my company for example.

I can’t build a page to save my life, don’t have any clue what CSS, PHP, or a Scripting Language is, and yet my Internet company chugs along making more and more money.

How can this be?

Here is the secret sunshine: its called leverage, and specialized knowledge, plain and simple.

Both of these things are about to handed to you on a silver platter!

I want you to ask yourself some questions:

The last 10 things you bought online, did it seem to you that they people you bought from were beginners?
Did any of the sites YOU gave money to have spinning whirlygigs, or images out of place?
Or were they polished, quality sites with something of value that you actually wanted?
I think we both know the answer.

People buy from professional websites built by pros, and these sites offer information the user is searching for… it WAS that way for you right?

So, in your heart of hearts, why on earth have you been searching for some magic button that will trick the search engines, or people on facebook, or ANYONE into giving you money?

First thing your going to need is a good looking website, whether you’re competent at writing, programming, or graphic design. Leverage will help with that.

Next thing I want you to ask yourself is, in your travels, as you search the web…

You go to Google.

You look up information on the proper way to cook creme brulet.

You find it and voila, you come across an ad for a barbecue grill.

See this is real world stuff.

You know from personal experience that I’m right.

You want good content that gives you what you’re looking for.

So do your neighbors, it’s not that hard to put this all together.

So the second thing you need is high quality information that is on time and what the user is looking for. Leverage can help with that too.

One last thing.

You go to buy something, what is the number one thing that makes or breaks the sale?

I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve made over a million sales online, and the answer is that the product matches your need.

Now, you’ve bought a thing or two online right, am I telling the truth?

It’s a simple equation.

So the third thing you gotta have to make money is products that not only sell like hotcakes, you need enough of them to fill the needs of the different types of visitors who come visit.

With products Leverage is the ONLY way to get there. (Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars laying around to write a library of information to serve every specific need…)

So here is where we’re at so far:

Making money online is hard

Making money online is Time consuming and Risky for the average person to do on their own.

The 3 things you need are, a quality website with the kind of information the user is searching for and products to serve that customers needs.

If you were expecting a complicated secret formula, sorry.

Anything I add to this equation to make it sound more high falutin’, would just make it not work as good.

This really is the formula to big earnings in business.

I’ll say it again, just to make sure you heard it.

Provide something of genuine value to those who are looking for it.

OK, I get that I’ve been sounding a little extra frank, and even a touch dark, and I’m doing that for a very good reason.

Well 2 reasons actually: Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

When I said its time consuming to start a viable business, I didn’t say it couldn’t be someone Else’s time.

When I said its super expensive to get it all right, often over 20 thousand dollars, I didn’t say it had to be your money.

When I said it took specialized skill, I didn’t say it couldn’t be the skills of others..

When I said it was incredibly risky to start a new business on your own I meant it. So don’t do it on your own, why would you when you don’t have to??

I did it on my own because there were no teachers back then, no one to blaze the path.

I see the wreckage’s too often of home businesses with fools who thought they had invented a better way when they hadn’t even tried something proven to work.

Not If I can help it!

I am declaring this year the year of the small Internet business!

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building an experience base and core business team to help me create 1000 success stories.

I can afford it, and it’s what I want to do, and I want you to be one of them.

What did they tell me had to be done to make it happen?

Nothing short of building you an entire series of sites - 10 in all - Populating those sites with automated earnings links, and fresh content every week.

And not just content, but unique content that is yours and yours alone.

That is a MASSIVE difference to what anyone is doing out there!

It’s unheard of because no one can afford to do all this!

I don’t think anyone can even come close. The writing bill alone is 5 figures a month!

And you don’t even want to know what it costs altogether, you’d get more grey hair then me…

It isn’t some automated content farm.

I’ve engaged a company with over 150 American based professional writers for this project, their entire purpose is to belt out unique content.

Plus I had my coders build the mother of all spinning scripts to make 1 great article into several good ones, to get you in as many places as possible… all on auto pilot.

We’re talking real content here, valuable to the reader. That’s Job 1.

It isn’t some social media trick.

It’s getting you in the search engines with content that is of actual value to the reader.

So Google’s recent slaps, or slaps that may come in the future won’t be a concern because the ONLY thing Google wants is unique, valuable content, the kind YOU are about to start supplying!

Will the sites do even better when you add in some of your own personality and articles?

Of course!

This was built to get you in the game, anything you do beyond that only makes it better for you!

I’ve also had my team put together the mother of all training packages, to help you understand and profit from your new cash machine websites.

Everything we’ve learned in 10 years of making money online is represented in there, and waiting to provide solid value for you.

Hey if I preach it, I better do it right?

How will you be paid?

Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

Well, let’s be clear, these are YOUR sites, so the possibilities are just about limitless, but we have default earnings programs form 3 of the largest and most lucrative earnings partners out there:

Just pop in your free code and you will be paid like clockwork by some of the most solid, and profitable companies on the entire Internet!

And my team was given STRICT INSTRUCTIONS to make this whole earnings platform to be easier and less confusing then ANYTHING out there on the market!

You won’t need to create any products, deal with merchant accounts of do any customer service whatsoever.

Your web business will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if you are off doing something else!

Many even do this as a fun way to pass some spare time…

I’ll bet you’re wondering right about now what this is going to cost, and maybe even getting a little worried… I mean what is a real web business going for these days right? $100,000?

How about the $33,400 this first round of sites actually cost to put together.

OK, how about the $10,913 just for the writing bill alone?

You KNOW websites are expensive.

You know quality takes time and money. God only knows how many 10′s or hundreds of thousands it would take for someone WITHOUT my team and Is experience with going out and building real websites like this.

When I took on this MASSIVE challenge to create 1000 Internet success stories, I knew I was going to have to spend a lot of money, and I’m coming good with that commitment right now.

I want you to be 100% POSITIVE that this is the way for you to move beyond the treadmill of pie in the sky products and get to something REAL I want you to make this your own.

Why not just give it to you free as a trial?

A few reasons:

No one would take it seriously.

Have you ever taken a free sample seriously?

Also, these sites are super expensive to set up and create, not counting support and customer service costs.

When you have questions, my team has answers. These top notch people don’t work for free. They’re not even cheap, but it’s worth paying for the best.

So, even at $10, I am taking a bath on this in order to make them available to you.

Also, I could charge 100 a site on a monthly basis, but after your super discounted 7 day trial is over, I’ll let you have the whole 10 sites - all of them plus the ongoing training, the weekly unique content updates on all 10 sites, not for $97 a piece, but just $97 for all 10!

That’s Right! When You Act Today You WON’T Get 1 Site For $100 A Month…

You’ll Get:

Tom Bell’s Auto Power Blogs

10 Money Making Sites
Updated Weekly
With LOADS Of Training
Just $10 Today To Try it all out for a full 7 day trial! If you like it, do nothing and you will be able to continue to earn with all 10 of these Auto Power Blogs, including the weekly updates and training for just $97 a month!

The sites that generated the earnings I just mentioned are “house accounts”, sites that are IDENTICAL to the ones I am offering today, that we set up to monitor their effectiveness.

Just imagine what would happen if you added your own articles once in a while!

And you can go on earning, and building your experience and confidence with these sites for as long as you like, for as long as it makes sense (which should be a very long time).

I’ll lock in your price, even after it goes up for everyone else.

The time when you turn your back on the old way and you let someone help you down a proven path with real sites that provide real value.

It’s not what people are used to, but it’s what works.

The RIGHT choice is now yours to make. I know you’ll make it well and let me be the one that builds you your first actual income producer.

It won’t make you a million overnight, but you’ll be in the game, and NOTHING happens until you’re in the game.

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David M Rahming April 21, 2020 at 9:52 pm If you have experience with this product, or know something people might find important please feel free to share in a comment below. Let us know if you think this this product is a SCAM or The Real Deal.

I signed up for your auto blogs alls I've recieved was more opportunities to spend more money. I got a username and password to a members area that contained a few videos and again more opportunities to spend more money. And through all this I have not seen one of the blogs I purchased out of a 150 blogs I have seen nada an effen one. And support ha


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