The Online Guru: All-In-One Online Marketing Software!

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The Online Guru: All-In-One Online Marketing Software!

The All-In One Online Marketing Solution
Powered by the same SEO mechanisms top companies use
Only $1 For 7 Days. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The thing here is this, we know you are looking for a solution to your traffic problems… Yet you do not wish to fork out a hefty sum to those “SEO consultants” who oftentimes cannot even guarantee results themselves.

That is why the “All-In-One Online Marketing Software” was conceived.

Embedded in this powerful marketing solution is the exact system SEO companies use to optimize your sites for those tasty Google rankings…

This is powered by the very same submission mechanism that submits your sites to highly ranking online properties. Yes, this is the top secret submission mechanism only the best in the business use. And we share it with you here.

Do you like videos? We sure do. That is why this software includes an all-in-one video marketing toolkit that allows you to submit your videos to the top 14 video websites on the Internet… Effortless domination of yet another page on Google.

We know social media marketing is the buzzword these days. With our patented social media marketing algorithms, our software will allow you to dominate the social marketing sphere within a matter of days.

Did we mention that this software gets you wads of traffic… free? Yes, the traffic generated from it is not going to be from expensive pay-per-click services. Not only do you get good search engine rankings, you also will be getting traffic from the high ranking online web properties the software submits your site too.

The biggest pitfall any marketing manager can face is a lack of market research. Our software solves this problem with our proprietary “market espionage” technologies that will show you the exact keywords you can rank for.

Don’t know a single thing about SEO or marketing online? No worries. The comprehensive video tutorials and guides we have for you will take you from novice to pro in no time!

We are not sure if we can readily agree with that statement above. From our perspective, if someone told you that marketing online is hard, it is likely they are trying to sell you something.

The fact is this: marketing online can be easy… if you know how.

This is where our “All-In-One Online Marketing Software” and membership comes into play.

Submit your site to top ranking online properties like Facebook™, Youtube™, EzineArticles™, DocStoc™, etc.

Perform powerful “market espionage” with our dynamic research module. Spy on the people in your market, find out what they are saying about you in the social networks and stay on top of your competition!

Dig for “golden keywords” and find out, in a matter of seconds, what they are and how you can rank for them faster than your competition can do a Google search!

Get all the online marketing training you need with our comprehensive training videos that will walk you through all the intricacies of internet marketing bringing you from amateur to pro in no time!

Along with the software and tutorial videos comes a $1 for 7 days trial.

If you like the software, keep it, and we will bill you $97 per month for it.

Not satisfied? 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Included.


Qn: Can I use this software even if I am completely new to the online business?

Ans: Yes of course! In the members area which you get as an owner of the “All-In-One Online Marketing Software,” we provide you with all the online marketing training you need to get you from amateur to pro in no time.

Qn: Does this software run on a Mac?

Ans: Yes it does! The software is run on Adobe Air (which is free) and runs on the Mac and Linux platforms.

Qn: Is the software a server based or a downloadable application?

Ans: The software is a downloadable desktop application. All you need to do is download its files, go through the installation and you are good to go.

Qn: Do we get lifetime updates for the software?

Ans: Yes, all active users of the “All-In-One Online Marketing Software” will get updates for the software when they are released.

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