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The Vegan Diet

Yes, believe it or not, there is an awesome foolproof method for you to change your body for the better that is wholly easy to stick to and what is more, you will love it!

You’re probably shaking your head in disbelief now because come on, how many people know of weight loss methods which actually show results and help you preserve your shape in the long run? Chances are, you’ve probably tried every diet under the Sun and failed…over and over again.

So now you’ve probably resigned yourself to a lifetime of being overweight, a lifetime of feeling inadequate and are consoling yourself with the fact that you are a “real woman” or a “real man” with a very real body! But we all know that secretly, your deepest, darkest desire is to get that super sexy body you dream about every night!

Because you’ve tried every diet, every weight loss program and it has never worked.

You probably think it is impossible to achieve. You think that beyond losing a few pounds, you can’t do anything, unless and until you are ready to starve yourself and are willing to exercise like a fiend on top of that.

But, do you really have to do that?

From the desk of

Susan Brown

Dear Friend,

Would you believe me if I told you that there exists an amazing way to lose weight which will help you achieve your weight loss goals and help you keep your body in great shape for the rest of your life? What is more, you don’t have to starve yourself, go hungry or skip meals!

Would you believe me if I told you, that in a couple of months’ time you could be like those slim, beautiful people you see on television and resent? You could have a flat belly or super smooth six pack abs too!

You’d probably think this was some kind of joke right? Well, brace yourself ladies and gentlemen, because I am about to reveal to you the secret of losing weight…in a healthy way. Take a long, good look at your body in the mirror now because it won’t be staying the way it is – overweight – for too much longer. It is time to say your goodbyes!

What I am about to share with you is an age old technique of staying slim and fit. People have practiced it since ancient times and the results have been phenomenal. Unfortunately, somewhere in the middle, this method got a bit lost. But, now it is back…like never before!

Thousands of people, for generations have noticed that people who are Vegan have lower body weights, lower levels of blood cholesterol and lower susceptibility to certain diseases like Cancer.

It can’t simply be any coincidence. It isn’t as though every Vegan suddenly has some special powers and abilities or a special blessing from God, right? So what is the secret of their good health? It is quite simple really, they stay away from meat and meat products.

“I cannot believe my eyes”

“When I look at the mirror these days, it is as if a whole new person is staring back at me. This person has a flat stomach, cellulite free thighs and arms and a healthy glow and shine to her skin. I just cannot believe that a year ago I used to weigh 160 pounds at 5 ft 4 inches. I have to keep looking back at my pictures to remind myself that I am indeed the same girl!”

Stella Norman, Diet for Good Health

You’ve never even imagined, how easy it is to switch to Vegan Diet and take ALL control of your health…

You’re probably shaking your head in cynical disbelief, but I have proof that this diet works and works so well that you wouldn’t be tempted to change it for anything in the world. Now we know that the wisest people to inhabit the Earth were the ancients, right?

Here’s a look at their Vegan habits:

Buddhism - one of the world’s oldest religions – advocated being vegetarian for life. This is because they believed in the concept of reincarnation. They believed that a man might be reborn as an animal in the next life and so one must not kill animals and eat them.

Jainism is another one of the world’s oldest religions and it preached the concept popularized by the great Gandhi himself – Ahimsa. It means non-violence, not only towards other human beings but towards animals and plants as well. Naturally, eating meat was forbidden, not only that, eating root tubers like potatoes, carrots and turnips were also not allowed.

Traces of vegetarianism have been found in the Ancient Greek civilization as well. The Pythagoreans stayed away from meat, as did the Orphics…and we all know what a wise man old Pythagoras was.

Great personalities like George Bernard Shaw, Susan B. Anthony and even Sylvester Graham started a movement in the favor of vegetarianism.

It’s easy to fool you and me, but it isn’t easy to fool smart people and as we all know, these people were way out of our league, when it comes to intellectual capacity. You probably think it sounds fishy. How can just staying away from meat make you slim and trim right?

But, the fact remains that it is, indeed that easy. You can lose weight and stay that way for your entire life if you manage to be strong enough to overcome your cravings for some “good ol’ meat”.

I’ll tell you why:

Meat products, especially red meat products have a high amount of saturated fat which directly affects our hearts and gives rise to a whole host of heart diseases.

Meat products are rich in hormones and antibiotics and drugs which are used to treat animals. These go right into your system and you suffer all the more for it.

Meat products are full of toxins and bacteria which are not wholly eliminated during processing stages. This is probably why the number of food poisoning cases due to Salmonella is on the rise.

Meat products are harder to digest and it acts as a barrier between the digestive lining and other food products as a result of which it is hard for the body to derive all the benefits of the nutrients contained in the meat.

Probably not!

Consuming meat products on such a large scale is what got us Americans into trouble in the first place. We got so used to eating crispy, fried meat products that we failed to realize the dangers we exposed our bodies to, in our bid to satisfy our taste buds.

Our weakness is that we have been taught to think that meat is synonymous with “good food”. And we have been conditioned to believe that anything with a hint of meat in it tastes great. And so we keep going to MacDonald’s and KFC and Burger King and ordering burgers and fries with juicy beef fillings or pork fillings. And I’m not even going to go into the dessert bit of things. But at the end of it, it takes a toll on our body, and we get sick of staring at our bulging belly in the mirror.

At first we try and ignore it and say to ourselves that our expanding waistline is just our imagination and we’re getting paranoid. Then we admit, albeit unwillingly that we have put on “a few pounds” and have to do something about it.

But by then the trips of ice cream parlors and fast food joints have become a regular affair and we just can’t seem to break the habit so we decide to go in for some exercise. But, as we all know, exercising is easier said than done and before you know it, you’re fifteen pounds heavier and can’t fit into any of your clothes.

How do I know all this? Because I’ve been there and done all of it, my friend.

That you can’t stick to your weight loss regimen?

That try, as you might, you can’t resist sugary foods and fried stuff?

That you can’t buy all those sexy dresses occupying pride of place in shop windows because they just won’t suit your body type?

That you need to stop Yo Yo dieting and do something permanent – something that will allow you to wear skinny jeans with confidence and look great in them as well?

That you aren’t pretty?

“I have never felt better”

“Your diet has done wonders for my self- respect. Today, I can confidently say that I love myself. The main factor that had my self-respect in shreds was my body image. But now, after losing thirty pounds, I feel like I have achieved something great! Thank you!”

Mark Jacobs, Australia

If you’ve answered in the affirmative to any of these questions at all, then I can tell you one thing. I know where you’re coming from and I know it is not easy. But losing weight is something that is entirely possible, you just have to keep the faith and believe that one day, you will make it.

The secret to staying slim throughout your lifetime is a relatively simple one. All you have to do is eliminate meat products entirely from your diet and you’ll be able to achieve all your weight loss goals easily.

So what magic does a Vegan diet work on your body?

Well, for starters, vegetables come without all of the saturated fats which meat products are so full of. So you can eat as many veggies as you like, without fearing that you’ll get fat deposition in your arteries which will narrow them down and subsequently increase your blood pressure.

Vegans are also less likely to develop gall stones, or kidney stones and even develop osteoporosis than people who eat meat because eating meat leads to a loss of Calcium from bones and a whole host of undesirable aftereffects follow.

There is statistical data to show that the number of deaths which occur from cancer for people on Vegan diets is about half to three-quarters of the number of cancer related deaths in non vegetarians. This is because of the fact that fruits and vegetables are rich in anti oxidants and thus fight the free radicals which are the primary cause of cancer.

Plant based products are rich in Phytonutrients which are “super nutrients” which have all kinds of health benefits. Some examples of Phytochemicals are carotenes, anthocyanins, tannins, ascorbic acid etc.

Like you, I didn’t know any of this until a couple of years ago, and I regret that I hadn’t found out earlier.

And I ended up losing twenty pounds. What is more, it has been over two years since I managed this feat and I haven’t put any of it back on. Yup, that’s right, not a single pound.

Before that, as I said earlier, I had been through it all, I tried every kind of fad diet – I stayed away from carbs, stayed away from fats and embraced protein with all my heart, but beyond the initial spurt of weight loss which comes with a change in diet, it didn’t help.

I even went on an extremely low cal diet which consisted mainly of drinking fluids throughout the day. There were times when I would feel faint and dizzy, but I stuck to it, but after a couple of months I realized that no way could I live the rest of my life this way and as soon as I shifted my dietary patterns, I had put all of the weight back on again.

Yup, that’s me! Then I decided to give the Vegan diet a try. I was loath to do it because I have always been a hard core non vegetarian.

The thought of giving up meat was unimaginable

And boy was I surprised! I lost weight and lost weight fast and what is more, after a few initial pangs, I even stopped missing meat! Yes, that’s right, the healthy and tasty Vegan recipes I discovered kept my taste buds and stomach more than satisfied and I learnt to love them.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t hard! Before I knew it, I found myself craving for soy based smoothies and dairy free frozen yoghurt! That’s how deep into my system Veganism had gotten.


What is more, you won’t even find it hard with “Vegan Diet Starter Kit” at your side. It’s just going to take a bit of getting used to, but you know what? It’s going to be worth it. Now, I wake up every morning feeling fitter, stronger and…to put it in one word, healthier. I wake up and I’m full of energy and I go for a run in the morning.

I hardly ever skip out on my routine except when it’s raining. And you know what? I love every minute of it. I love looking at myself in the mirror and wearing the sexiest of clothes which I would never have dreamt doing earlier. When I walk down the road, I feel all eyes on my and I smile to myself, knowing that it has been worth it.

It isn’t too tough. You just have to learn to make your peace with meat and say goodbye to it.

What You Will Learn from Vegan Diet Starter Kit:

The reasons for the success of vegan diet - why so many people are falling in love with Vegan Diet every day.

The main reason why people are overweight and how you can stand apart from the crowd.

The main four Vegan Food groups which will help you achieve that killer body.

Simple weight loss tips which will help you stay fit.

Vegan recipes which will give a whole new meaning to the word “tasty”!

And much, much more!


You’re overweight and are sincerely trying to lose weight

You have tried and tried to lose weight but have not managed so far.

You are suffering from high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels.

You want to fit into a size six outfit again.

You want to give yourself a makeover.

You want to make a lifetime commitment to your body – a commitment to stay healthy.

“My doctor is surprised and has congratulated me”

At just sixteen, I weighed a whopping 80 kilos. An average guy of my age generally weighs anywhere between 15 to 20 kilos less. My parents were worried and my doctor recommended that my mother put me on a strict diet.

Well, turns out that there is nothing “strict” about this Vegan diet and I just have to follow the simple rule of staying away from meat and dairy products. I weight 62 kilos now and my girlfriend has never been happier! I have never felt more confident, I’m loving it!

Kathy Sierra, Canada

Losing weight and looking great just became a whole lot easier. If you really want to do something about the way others look at you, which is:

With pity

With disgust

With laughter in their eyes

Then here is your ONE OPPORTUNITY!

And, if this diet doesn’t work for you, then you’re going to get

And I kid you not! You’re going to get every penny back because, I my friend, am a firm believer of the saying, value for money. I know all too well the frustration and heart burn that people have to go through when their diets don’t live up to their expectations and promises and I will personally hand you back the money if you see no improvement in two months!

Will you trust me enough to let my diet take over your life? Or, let me put it this way, will you take the steps required to give your body some much needed relief? Or would you rather cry over some good old Pecan ice cream?

The choice is yours.

All it takes for you to get that killer body is for you to buy “Vegan Diet Starter Kit”.

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