The Study Hack System - A Systems Based Approach to Studying


The Study Hack System


A Systems Based

Approach To Studying

Allowing You To:

-Take Control Of Your Study Time And Stop Procrastination!

-Learn More Efficiently While Reducing The Amount Of Time Spent Studying!

-Start Getting Consistently High Grades!

“Even If You’re Not A “Straight A’s Student”,

You’ll Start Studying And Getting Results Like One!

Dear Friend & Fellow Student,

First off, let me warn you.

This Is NOT A “Magic Bullet” Solution To

Studying And Getting High Grades

This is NOT something you use one time and you “miraculously” start getting high marks.

This is NOT something that will give you “super-student powers” and turn you into a walking encyclopedia practically overnight.

This is also NOT some artificial approach to studying that promises to catapult you on top of the Dean’s List in no time.

NEITHER, does this entail taking any supplements or similar substances claiming to give you limitless mental prowess.

And this is CERTAINLY NOT something that will take away the hard work associated with getting good (and more than good) grades.

So if what you’re looking for is any of the aforementioned, you’re welcome to click that red square with an “x” on the upper right hand corner of this page.

However, if you’re looking for a way to:

Stop killing valuable time browsing through Facebook and YouTube instead of digging through your books

Motivate yourself to actually study or finish up that huge heap of schoolwork piled on top of your desk

Focus your attention on the things that matter when studying so you actually speed up your learning process instead of wasting time on trivial topics

Manage your time more efficiently between your studies, part time job (if you have one), and even your social life

Adapt more productive and stable study habits instead of just “breezing by” your lessons

Block out distractions that eat up most of your time – time better spent understanding your latest Trigonometry formula or brushing up on College Chemistry

Eliminate the stress and pressure usually associated with studying

Or anything similar…

Then by all means, read on.

I Was A College Student Like You

Like most students in my time (and most probably present ones as well), I was engaged in a colossal juggling act – one that involved my studies, part time job and (an almost non-existent) social life.

I don’t want to bore you with the details so I’ll just say I was not a “straight A’s student” – although I’m not at the bottom of the barrel as well.

As such, I was engaged in a continuous life and death dilemma of whether to join my friends shoot pool and down a couple beers or to stay at the dorm and review for a Math quiz, an oral exam in Physics or whatever other forms of “torture” my professors had in mind at the moment.

I couldn’t put a number at the times I opted to stay home and study, only to find myself blankly looking at the text in my books, or tried to write a report that’s due and ended up staring at a blank piece of paper for hours on end.

Those were the times I really felt checking out the girls at the local bar was a more productive use of my time.

I Constantly Struggled With Proper Time Management

I’d usually go straight to my part time job after school.

By the time I got home, I was too tired to study.

But since I didn’t have a choice, I tried to finish my assignments, read and review what I can…

…And I usually dozed off before I even finish.

As expected, my grades suffered and were usually as low as my energy level was. I was unmotivated, exhausted and felt I had too much on my plate.

I was always able to pull my grades above average but only after exerting a lot of effort and at the expense of a whole lot of miserable nights and weekends trying to catch up.

I was almost surprised (shocked even!) when I graduated.

I was lucky to immediately find employment where I’m able to apply my professional skills and after some time, I even took a job at the university as a tutor.

It’s there that this study system you’re about to discover was born.

My work at the university exposed me yet again to the difficulties college students have with juggling multiple responsibilities with their studies.

And looking at it now from an entirely different standpoint, I’ve gained a better understanding and appreciation of what students actually go through.

My own experiences as a student coupled with my present encounters as a university tutor places me in a unique position to create a solution to this problem.

Given The Chance And The Proper Tools, Most Students

Can Actually Do Good With Their School Work

I began to operate and approach the matter on an entirely different plane.

My engineer’s mind – deeply familiar with the use of systems – began thinking of ways to incorporate systemization with studying and time management.

I began thinking of a way by which, using systems, a student can:

Lay down an action plan on how to approach his responsibilities and draw focus on his most important tasks.

Create a workable timetable that specifies what needs to be done at a particular period with a definite goal or purpose set forth in advance.

Dissect his lessons in order to focus only on the most important elements of studying (ie: when studying Political Theory, instead of wasting time memorizing theories and principles, concentrate on how they are applied in the settings during which they were formulated and the present political environment)

Produce high quality school output by knowing exactly how to approach his school work.

Organize his study tasks in such a way that the most important elements get prioritized.

Begin to learn in an interactive manner which engages the brain more effectively thus, maintaining motivation and reducing the risk of burn-out.

Kill procrastination and idleness by breaking down school work into workable chunks thereby eliminating the feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done.

Wasting no time at all, I began to put this idea into motion and created a unique system – both in terms of content delivery and in its overall interface.

The Study Hack System

This is the only systems-based interactive study program designed, not only to maximize your study time for optimum results, but also help you keep track of your time and manage it more efficiently.

Nothing like this has ever been created before.

It’s truly one of a kind.

Membership Site – this is the only product of its kind delivered in a unique membership site format which allows for a dynamic feedback system both in terms of usage and site/feature improvements and enhancements.

Multiple Sourced Content – the study content, concepts and principles are gathered form multiple high-value sources designed to help students through all of their college subjects and in most cases even through career and life.

Logical and User-Friendly Format – it is designed with ease of usage in mind. There’s no overly complicated interface to get used to. Everything is intuitive and geared towards making study time fun and worthwhile.

Wide Range of Applicability – anyone studying anything will be able to use it and take advantage of all its features

Downloadable Worksheets – this is designed to be an interactive learning media so it incorporates downloadable worksheets for your convenience.

Integrated Time Management Tool – the system also incorporates a time management tool that allows you to plot your schedule and allocate time for each of your activities regardless whether its school related or personal.

Intuitive Modules – the content modules are designed to walk you through whatever content you’re studying and guide you to developing your own customized study habits.

24/7 Support – if you hit a blank wall with the system, you simply have to send us an email and we’ll be available to help you out in no time.

If I Had This System When I Was Studying, I Would Have

Breezed Through College And Finished With Flying Colors

Not that I really had bad grades, but I knew if I had this kind of tool then, I would have had better grades.

I don’t think I need to tell you how important good grades are.

Fact is, most students think:

You have to be naturally gifted in order to have good grades.

You have to totally devote your time to studying in order for you to pass your subjects.

You CANNOT have a social life if you’re dead serious about getting high marks.

If you’re a working student, the best you can hope for is a borderline passing grade.

There are really people who are ill-equipped, mentally and emotionally, for college.

If you’ve never had an A before, chances are, you’ll never have one.

Only geeks and nerds use study tools like this.

These are all myths.

Take a quick look at what some of our users have to say:

NOTE: These are not “straight A” students. They are regular ones who have achieved more than satisfactory results with the Study Hack System.

“Oh, so it’s a membership site.

So I’d have to pay monthly to access this.”

Yes, it is a membership site.

NO, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for continued access.

The main reason Study Hack System is a membership site is in order to be dynamic and interactive.

You are the one who’s going to use this and benefit from it and so your input and suggestions is an integral part in making this system better and more responsive to student needs.

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