The SECRET To Making Really Big Money On The INTERNET

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The SECRET To Making Really Big Money On The INTERNET


To Making Really Big Money



Having A Mentor
Teaching You…
Leading You…Step-By-Step


But rock solid knowledge, making you totally understand
everything you will need to know about making
big money on the internet…

Showing you the entire process,
with exacting Step-By-Step directions
all along the way.

READ ON…Thursday, January 13, 2011, 12:33 PM

Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you.

Think carefully as you answer…
Have you ever wished that a true Internet marketing pro would take you by the hand and personally mentor you… step- by-step… guide you, teaching you absolutely everything that you will need to know, and understand, to become a total internet success yourself?
Has it ever worried you, knowing that 95% of the people who try to develop a meaningful Internet marketing income… fail to achieve it because of lack of receiving real professional guidance?
Does it frustrate you knowing that most of the “how to” success information being sold on the Internet today… is pure, self-serving, hype… only written to separate you from your hard earned money… written by people who have never actually done it for themselves?
Do you fear that you don’t have enough actual hands on knowledge, and therefore are not really capable of starting a successful Internet business for yourself. Do you find that you are reluctant to try, because you feel that you really don’t know how?
Does it really bother you that you just can’t see through all the hype, and conflicting information being thrown at you online… and can’t figure out who to trust, who really knows what they are talking about, and who is giving you the real information that you will absolutely need to actually succeed in an Internet based business?




You Will Receive All Of This
Step-By-Step Millionaires Knowledge
In 5 Power Packed… Easy To Understand EBooks

These 5 books totally cover just about every topic
you will ever need to learn…
everything that you will ever need to know, and
understand, to PERSONALLY succeed on the internet

This world of ours is divided into two basic groups of people.


The first group of people simply don’t have enough money to make ends meet… to satisfy their financial needs… or even anything above their most basic desires.

They are typically struggling very hard just to pay their bills… they are Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque.… just barely keeping their head above water. After they pay their bills they hardly have anything left over until the next pay period arrives… they don’t have the ability to purchase anything special or for anything even close to the finer things in life.

Being trapped in this hand to mouth lifestyle even affects their self-esteem… they feel ashamed of their financial situation in life, and that they have also caused their family members and loved ones to live this hand to mouth lifestyle right along with them. Sometimes they find it hard to even look their loved ones directly in the eye, feeling so guilty about the financial situation they have caused them.

Many of the people in this group constantly try everything to break out of this rut, and get away from this form of economic bondage.

But the “deck” is stacked against them. As hard as they try… nothing seems to work for them… and they can’t understand why they just don’t seem to be able to just “break out” and join the ranks of the second group of people… it’s so frustrating.
Most people in this first group are
simply working way too hard…
sometimes even holding down two jobs to make ends meet…
to be able to get rich.

You must find a way to
break out of that trap right now


The second group of people are people who have found a way to have risen out of the first group.

They have found a way to stop living pay period to pay period… to rise above the financial hand to mouth lifestyle… THEY HAVE FINALLY MADE IT.

They have found a way to earn enough money to build a meaningful bank account… to live in a really fine home, a home with a swimming pool, in a nice neighbourhood… to have “his and hers” luxury cars in the driveway…

They are able to take lots of trips, and holidays, visit fun places, local and far… do fun things… and to start providing their families and loved ones with the finer things in life.

The fact is that this 2nd group of people actually now works much less than the people in the first group… they have so more totally stress free time for relaxation, entertainment, a social life, travel… and whatever else thy desire to do.

This group of people typically has more quality time to spend with their family, friends, and loved ones. Their stress, tension, and pressure are gone…

Therefore affording these people
a much happier lifestyle.

Moving from the first group of people …
into the second group of people…


Successful entrepreneurs and investment advisors will tell you that all you need is what they call…


What they mean by a “vehicle” is a proven business plan or a proven income generating program… that by following it will literally take you out of the first group of people and deliver you directly, into the high income lifestyle of the second group of people.


Some people search their entire lives to find this success generating “vehicle” that will cause them to break out of the 1st group of people and become wealthy… they try absolutely everything, most never find it.
Most wealthy people will tell you
that it was a “vehicle”
that originally got them wealthy.

When you ask an already rich person for advice on how to get where they are, they will tell you to…
“find a wealth producing “vehicle”.

You Can Finally Relax Now Because…


And its wealth generation
is totally proven
This wealth producing ”Vehicle”


In the past 10 years
than anything else
on the planet!

This wealth producing vehicle is called…


Like me, you probably grew up hearing about ‘getting your piece of the pie.’ That was my mission: get my own little piece of the pie.

Then I came to realize, through working this system, that there’s no need to fight for that little piece of the pie. Why? Because with a fraction of the energy I spent on all that fighting and getting, I learned that I could simply bake my own pie.

I also thought, ‘You know, I’ll bet that there are hundreds of people like me, who really want to get into internet marketing, who have the motivation, who want to get out of the rat race, and who want to be captains of their own financial destiny.

All they need is a clean,step-by-step system that walks them through all stages of internet marketing.

This A-Z SYSTEM allows you to bake your own golden pie. It gives you the recipe, the tools, and the ingredients. All you need to do is bake it.

Put down what you are doing now and read this letter to the end…

As this is your rare and limited opportunity to

change your financial position


Those who WATCH Things Happen…
and Those who SAY “What Happened?”




You Can Now Finally Pay off Your Bills
Get Out of Debt
Easily Run Your Own Successful Online Business

The Cold-Hard-Cash package is your one-stop, non-confusing, all-in package that’ll tell you ONLY what you need to know to start and succeed in your internet venture. Just learn the basics, apply them, and MASTER the online money making secrets. ALL the info in one neat little pack.
With “COLD HARD CASH” package you’ll learn-

How to quickly and easily understand the anatomy of successful online business ideas that you can implement from your bedroom computer. Your first income stream can start in as little as 7 days.
How to master the most effective internet marketing strategies to quickly and easily launch your first profitable online venture. You will learn not just to start ONE online venture but how to turn into a serial internet entrepreneur in no time.
How to gain the knowledge to grow and scale your online business by surfing and extracting the knowledge from the internet itself.
How to successfuly create a fixed monthly income from using just one of the several marketing techniques mentioned in the ebooks.With that technique you’ll gradually build a growing list of prospects you can gain from all your life. All on autopilot!!
How to write an appealing and magnetic sales copy so that you can sell anything from your online store. Writing is a skill few are blessed with, we’ll show you how to master the basics of the sales copy to grab your prospects attention.
How to exactly find out the best business areas to expand into.Once you know how to start one venture its easy to rinse and repeat. All you need is to find your target audience. We’ll show you how to find the market which is hungry for your product or service.
IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL this works ONLY and ONLY if you really have your eyes focussed on that dream lifestyle you want to earn.Passion & desire together with a couple of hours a day is ALL YOU NEED to start your first online venture. And ofcourse the Cold Hard Cash ebooks.
Here is what this life changing ebook-package has in store for you…
Internet Marketing

The SECRET  To Making Really Big Money  On The INTERNET

How to Learn And Master the ABSOLUTE Basics
of Starting Your First Money-Pulling Guaranteed-To-Succeed Online Venture.
You have to agree that the first and foremost thing for you would be to understand what is internet marketing and how can it help you earn that lifestyle. Everywhere on the internet people are talking about this. There is simply too much info but not much caters to those like you– Taking first baby steps.
Here is the solution. This ebook will teach you in simple language, how to use the internet to make money online. Yes, even if you have just started to use the net. You’ll discover-
* Absolute bare-bones basics of what exactly is Internet Marketing.
* An easy to follow guide on what kind of opportunities actually exist for people like you
* How to use the other ebooks in the package to actually launch your first venture in as little as 7 days.
The ebook is written by a team of succesful online entreprenurs. This is NOT Available for purchase ANYWHERE else.
I-Marketing Strategies
To Strike Gold

The Scientific, Mathematical, Purely Logical,
This-Is-How Richard-Branson
Would Do Approach to Making Money Online.

Okay, the earlier ebook tells you all about the ‘what’ of internet marketing.
This ebook expands upon the ‘how’ of earning cash from using the knowledge. You”ll learn…

How to Actually go behind the scenes of internet business models and see how the already succesful businesses make their money.
How to actually APPLY the knowledge to START that first venture.Just knowing the internet marketing basics will put you ahead of a lot of people ‘I-Marketing Strategies’ will put you in the pilot’s cockpit.
Why you always felt that making money online is complex and reserved for a few.Uncover the secrets they would never tell you.

Finding Your Niche

One of the first decisions you will be making in your online venture start-up is to decide a ‘niche’. Finding a niche is a major step where you can’t afford to go wrong. Learn in easy & simple steps how to tap into that hungry market.
Learn what to look into a ‘niche’ before committing your valuable time and effort. Pre-determine your success quotient.
Find out what can you you do to enter a hugely competitive but profitable market . How to easily sneak into ANY cash-loaded market with ALL your ammo.
Master the hidden strategies to successfully dominate your market so that you create HUGE barriers to entry for others.


Sure Fire Traffic

How to Build a Superhighway of Paying Customers Who will Come Knocking on the Doors of your Website 24/7 365 ON AUTOPILOT

How Do You Run a Shop Without Visitors? Similarly, You Need Visitors to Your Website to Run Your Internet business. Learn the basic secrets of traffic generation in this ebook.
Discover the MOST Essential and Simple Ways to Gain Thousands of Prospects Every day of the week for FREE.
Learn .E.X.A.C.T.L.Y How To Convert Prospects Into Paying Buyers. Never Loose a Sale Even at 2am in the Morning.
Experience S.I.M.P.L.E Steps to Create Multiple Streams of Traffic to your Online site On Autopilot And You Don’t Need to Know Rocket-Science.

Killer Sales Script

Ever Wondered How Noah Persuaded All the Species Of Men and Beasts To Walk Into his Hand-Built Ark? Learn the E.X.A.C.T skills of Persuasive Communication to Make Clients and Your Bank Balance.
Having Come This Far In This Sales Letter Proves You DO Understand the Language of Persuasuve Communication. You can Learn and Reproduce This. The Ebook is All You Need.
Learn The Unknown Tricks Used by the Gurus to Convince More Window Shoppers to Buy.
See How To Weave Words Into Sentences and Sentences into Convincing Paragraphs Full of Simple Text That’ll Sell Your Products Untill You Run Out Of Stock.

Now when you know what’s in the package, let’s rephrase what Cold-Hard-Cash Includes-

Step-by-step study material to enlighten you with secrets of online riches

All-in-one resource to propel you to your success orbit

Five ebooks that’ll teach you ALL you need to now to start your FIRST venture or make an existing one successful.

Email support for you to clear any doubts you might have Email:

Peace of mind 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee if you do not find the content up to the mark

Remember, the package of ebooks will be DISCONTINUED very shortly. And its NOT available anywhere else online.So You ONLY have ONE chance to get your hands on it.

By now you must be wondering what’s the investment…
Glad you asked. Its so low, it’ll probably shock you. You’ll agree that this is going to be the BEST investment you’ll make this year. And guess what, we have decided to offer this at an introductory price of only $47 for the entire package, which is a saving of $100 off the regular price.


YES !! $ 147, We can easily sell it for $147 but we have priced it so most people can access the route to riches.
BUT…You have to ACT FAST…
The special introductory price of $ 47 is only going to be available to the first 100 buyers. After that its going to be the regular $147 a peice.
I’ll sweeten the deal even more for you…
If you ORDER TODAY..I’ll send you a Surprise Bonus that’ll actually pay back the entire $ 47. Yes that’s right, the surprise bonus is a very exclusive gift ONLY available to first few buyers of Cold Hard Cash.
So, basically if you order today by spending a tiny sum of $ 47 to make that first step towards that dream lifestyle, risk-free with 60-day full-refund no questions asked money back promise; You get a surprise bonus that in itself pays you $ 47 in value getting you the maximum bang for your buck!!
And yes..the risk is ZERO… Here is the iron-clad guarantee…

We’ve put all our marketing experience and acumen into creating this fantastic package.This WILL without any speck of doubt equip you with the knowledge required to launch your first online venture.
If Cold Hard Cash fails to help you move in the right direction to start your online venture and you’re NOT completely satisfied with it we’ll refund you every penny back. No questions asked.
Give it 5 weeks of reading. Thats all we ask. And if after reading all the ebooks you think the entire package is not even worth $47 you paid us. We’ll be more than happy to return your money because it would prove this is not for you at all.

Its more than a Guarantee. Its a Promise!!
So NO-RISKS involved. Buy it, read it and make that first move towards that red Ferrari.
You Simply CAN’T Loose With Our Guilt-Free Absolutely-No-Risk Guarantee And Access to The Entire Package of 5 Ebooks for a Measly $47.
So go ahead and BUY COLD-HARD-CASH without any doubt or fear. Money is to be made here fellas not to be lost!
Magic Marketing Team
It simply can’t get better than this. If you are still jittery and $47 is too much of an investment towards that essential first step, then I am afraid entrepreneurship is NOT FOR YOU!
If you believe this can’t get any easier to help you succeed in your vision of online entrepreneurship. Please yell along–


for ONLY $47
I understand that I’ll be able to download the product immediately even if its 2 a.m. in the morning after a one-time single payment of only $47
Just to summarise again what am I getting for $47:

Internet Marketing introduction Ebook- Basics of internet marketing
Internet Marketing Strategies Ebook – All the sharpest strategies to help you succeed
Sure Fire Traffic Ebook – Will teach you how to get truck loads of traffic to your site
Finding Your Niche Ebook – Will help you tap into the gold mines with immense potential
Killer Sales Script Ebook- Will help you write crazy-converting sales letters to sell whatever you choose to sell.

Only one thing though:::

You have to ACT NOW Immediately because-
Package cost WILL Increase soon. So RUSH into grab your share of COLD-HARD-CASH
We are selling ONLY a very LIMITED NO. of COPIES. So don’t miss out and download now!


60 Days Money Back Guarantee
You keep the package if not happy
You Keep THE MASTER BLUEPRINT and you STILL get that ‘Surprise Bonus’

P.S. Remember, the $47 offer that included ALL the five ebooks, The Master Blueprint, 60-Day money-back full-refund guarantee, and the surprise bonus of gold value is ONLY available for the first few buyers. The suprise bonus will only be given if available and there is no guarantee that will be available. We will pull the plug on the freebies SOON.

P.P.S.Always keep in mind that Cold Hard Cash provides you with the very easy to understand basic to advance knowledge to help you launch that first online venture.This is not a make-money millionaire course(if that what you’re looking for thiS is not for you I’m afraid). All this for a cost of $ 47 ONLY.

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