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The Rapid Backlink System


Attention : If you’re struggling to get a constant flow of backlinks to your sites then make sure you read EVERY WORD as you’re about to:
“Discover My No1 Secret On How I Get A Never-Ending Flood Of Quality Backlinks From Thousands Of High PR Sites With Only 60 Second’s Work!”

BEST PART: I Guarantee, Once You’ve Applied What I’m About To Show You, You’ll Be Able To DOMINATE Any Keyword In Any Market In Just 28 Days Flat!

…Don’t believe me? Here’s what happened after deploying the Rapid Backlink System to just one of my sites

Thursday, February 3
From:  James Scholes

Okay, this is what I’ve got…

I’m gonna reveal a system I’ve been secretly using to summon a near infinite amount of “Quality” backlinks to my websites …And all in less than 60 seconds too!

And yeah, you read right…

…I did say ‘near infinite’ places to drop your backlinks on. Infact I’ve yet to run out of “IP Unique” sites to drop my links on. This is all because my system you’re about get just keeps on giving and giving!

But that’s not all:

…EVERY backlink you get will ALSO be:

Do-Follow - Meaning you get link juice from EVERY link pointing back to your site.

Anchored - You’ll be able to Keyword stuff your backlinks to your heart’s content, therefore FORCING your sites further up the search engines.

High PR - Although not every site will have a high PR homepage, you’ll still have a infinite supply of high PR sites… just have to dig a lil deeper that’s all.

“This is How it Works… It’s as Easy as 123!
Here’s how it works…

There’re ONLY two steps to this incredibly powerful yet simple system you’re about to get.

The Rapid Backlink System - Traffic Automator System, SEO

First one being:

Research - Now don’t be scared by this, infact it’s not only SO brain-dead simple a trained monkey could do it in two minutes flat, but I’ve EVEN given you the option to skip this part completely!

If you want, you can use my research I supply in the member’s area and within seconds (yes, in seconds!) you’ll be ready to deploy phrase 2 of the Rapid Backlinking System.

Now for Step 2 (The fun bit )

The second part of this process is simply dropping your backlinks. Now this is TOO easy I’m tellin ya.

Just follow my simple system and you WILL be able to lay an anchored backlink every 10 seconds… All without breaking a sweat!

“This All Sounds WAAAAAY Too Good To Be True; Must Be Hard To Implement Right?”
Not at all. Infact, after seeing my system in motion, I reckon you’ll be BLOWN AWAY just how SHOCKINGLY EASY this system is to getting hundreds of do-follow backlinks to your sites.

And like I said before, even the research part is a doddle to do (like 2 minutes to do), you can skip this altogether, use my research instead, and start getting hundreds of backlinks literally minutes after watching my system in action.

Trust me; this is really fast, actionable stuff you can pick up and use today to get YOUR SITE on the front page of Google in just a matter of weeks!
And if you’re still struggling… No probs, just drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to help you out ;-)

Still not convinced how flat-out EASY my system is to getting hundreds of quality do-follow backlinks to your site is in just a matter of minutes?

Then don’t take my word on it…

“Check Out What Our Fellow Compadres Are Saying Over At The Warrior Forum”
Okay, you’re probably thinking…

“this sounds groovy and everything but he’s bowing to say how amazing his system is”.

…And to be blunt, I don’t blame you. After all, I created the damn thing, so yeah, I’m naturally biased right.

Well let me show you what some of the fellow marketers and SEOers from the worlds largest internet marketing forum… The Warrior Forum had to say after stumping up JUST for the “Ghetto” version of the Rapid backlink System from the Special Offer Section.

“James you’ve found out something that’s very important for SEO”

“Your strategy ROCKS and it was SUPER simple to learn and implement”

“Within minutes you can be posting away on a fresh list of ‘Do follow’ sites”

“This offer could have gone for much more, in fact, the bonus alone is worth much more!”

“I am now selectively backlinking my sites at a fine speed!”

“Okay, I Now Know This Is The Real Deal, But How Much Is It Gonna Cost?”

Let’s not beat around the bush here: We all know that there’re other ways to getting backlinks to our sites but let’s face it, they’re either time consuming, costly or just plain don’t work.

For starters there’s the popular profile packages’ doing the rounds at the moment. They work like a charm but there’re a few MAJOR problems from the get go.

Firstly, you ONLY get a handful of backlinks to work with a month, then there time spent setting up these profile pages (this can take hours and that’s just for 30 backlinks). And although it isn’t much, you’re tied to paying a monthly subscription.

…And boy if that wasn’t enough doom and gloom, the chance of your backlinks actually sticking are getting slimmer by the month due to the fact that site owners are now clocking on to this crafty backlinking technique.

“Ah! But What About The Automated Software Approach…?”
This sounds like a dream come true. Software doing all the grunt work, spitting out your backlinks all over the joint, and all the while, you’re free to crack on with other things.

Sound good I know but here’s a friendly warning… Not only do most of these programs have incredibly high failure rate (try 50 to 75% …And it’s not just me saying that either) but they tend land flat on their ass and stop working altogether after 6 to 12 months.

Why? Because the developers abandon them to work on new projects. Think about it, it ain’t in their interest to maintain them… unless there’s a monthly subscription tied to them.

But again, who wants to be tied to an expensive subscription that not only slowly bleeds your wallet dry month after month but has a high failure rate at posting your backlinks?

However my Backlinking system has none of these issues; it’s a fast, rapid and reliable method to getting HUNDREDS of backlinks to your sites… In just minutes!
So the BIG question is… How Much?

$197 - $147 - $97?
Okay, before we talk price, I’ve just decided to do something REALLY CRAZY!

…And I mean this is totally of the cuff.

Here’s the skinny…

I REALLY want you to hit the ground running when you grab your copy of the Rapid Backlink System today. And to make sure you SEE results fast, as in TODAY , I’m gonna give you access to my never before released system…

“Completely FREE!”

Infact, I plan on launching this in the near future and I reckon it’ll retail around $147… Probably more…

So while your waiting for your Backlinks to get indexed by the Mighty Google, you can use my brand spanking new system and start getting traffic today!

Yes that’s right… Today, and lots of it too.

But here’s the best part: Not only will you get traffic today, but it’s completely automated too! All you do is fill in the blanks, hit “GO”, and BOOM! Laser-targeted traffic running on complete auto-pilot.

I guarantee you’ll start getting your first trickles of traffic within the first 15 minutes using this new system

And if you want to DOUBLE your traffic using this automatic system, simply rinse and repeat and you’ll literally double your traffic in 15 minutes!

Here’s some of the cool stuff this system will do for you.

“The Rapid Traffic Automator System”

Automatically launch a Tsunami style wave of hyper targeted prospects to your sites and offers
Start getting your first wave of visitors as quick as 15 minutes from now

100% automation. Just full in the blanks and it “Go” and start sending traffic to your site on complete auto pilot

Easy to use interface so anyone, no matter the experience, can start seeing instant results

“Okay James This Sounds Like The Bees-Knees But There MUST Be A
Catch Right?”
Okay, I’ll level with ya. I do want YOU to succeed, after all, the more success you get using my stuff, the more you like me and the more chance you’ll buy from me.

But yeah, I do have a “Evil” agenda why I’m giving you the Rapid Traffic Automator for FREE today.

The reason is simple, I need testimonials. So I figured the best place to start is to ask serious action takers, people who invest in their products and ACTUALLY implement what they learn.

…And this is where YOU come in.

All I want is a just simple testimonial telling me how much it helped you out… That’s all.

That way I’ll be armed to the teeth with “Solid” testimonials when I unleash this 800 pound Gorilla to the world in a few months time.

But a word of warning…
The Rapid Traffic Automator is powerful …very POWERFUL. And for that very reason I DO NOT want many people getting their hands on it …Well not until launch anyway.

So if you want to get access to this as well as the Rapid Backlink System and start driving laser-targeted traffic within 15 minutes from now then I’d recommend, no infact I URGE YOU to jump the queue RIGHT NOW and secure your place before someone else takes it right from under your nose.

“Yes James! I Want Instant Access To The Rapid Traffic Automator Right Now A Well As The Rapid Backlink System And Start Getting Torrents Of Traffic Today!”

“So How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me?”
Okay, let’s get back to price. So how much is it worth to get access to a system that allows you get a never-ending supply of “Quality” do-follow backlinks that’s guarantee to shoot you up the rankings in the quickest time possible.

If I was given a chance to access this kind of system when I first started out, I would of been more than happy to stump up $500 upwards.

And that’s not even including the Rapid Traffic Automator System, after all. you’re gonna get that free after all.

Well the good news is I’m not going to charge you half that, or even quarter for that matter. For a very limited time, you can finally get your hands on the Rapid Backlink System for low one time only price of $97 $47!

Yeah that’s right, for just the small price of taking your family to Pizza hut, you can start implementing the Rapid Backlink System today and start DOMINATING the search engines!

I’m SO certain this is gonna work for you, I’m going to back it up with…

“The Most Craziest Guarantee You’ve EVER Seen”

(Seriously, Your Ass Is literally Covered On This One ;)
Okay, this is what I’m gonna do…

If you EVER run out of do-follow sites, each with their own unique IP addresses to post your anchored backlinks on, be it tomorrow, six months time or five years down the line, simply email me, and I’ll more than gladly refund you the difference… No questions asked.

My ”Lifetime” Guarantee To You

I’m never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied . So here’s my simple “No Small Print” guarantee. Try out my Backlinking Secret today and put it through the ringer. Use this strategy as many times as you’d like.

You be the judge. If this program doesn’t deliver everything I’ve promised, or if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, just return it and I’ll gladly refund the difference.

I have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because I’ve personally used many of these strategies and techniques so I know they work. Fair enough?

I know this is a big old claim I’m making but I know my Rapid Backlinking System can deliver, and deliver in spades too, all you have to do is put it into action and I guarantee you will see results.

Who knows, you may run out of unique sites to drop your backlinks, but if you do, then you know where to find me ;-)

“The Ball in Your Court…”
So now you know what I’ve got, what it’ll do for you, and what to do if it doesn’t work out.

So grab your copy right now, lock in your $100 off discount, start sending a hundreds of backlinks to your site within minutes from now and watch your site DOMINATE Google in only a matter of weeks!

I’ll see you on the inside ;-)

James Scholes

Yes James, count me in! I’ve gone through your offer with a fine tooth comb and I understand I’ll get instant access to your brand new Rapid Backlink System and be shown step by step on how to get:

INSTANT ACCESS access to a never-ending supply of “Quality” do-follow websites to drop my juicy backlinks on

INSTANT ACCESS to a infinite supply of websites that EACH have their unique IP addresses therefore increasing my serps even faster than ever before!

INSTANT ACCESS to the yet-to-be-released $147 Rapid Traffic Automator that guaranteed to start driving laser targeted traffic to my sites from 15 minutes from now

I can Anchor each and every backlink to my heart’s content therefore making every backlink I drop even more powerful in the eyes of Google

I understand although not every site will have a high PR, I still have instant access to a never-ending supply of high PR sites at my disposal

…And if I’m not happy, for whatever reason, now, tomorrow or 5 years down the line, I can get a full (no question asked) refund and we walk away as friends.

Regular Price $97 Today $47!

My ”Lifetime” Guarantee To You

I’m never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied . So here’s my simple “No Small Print” guarantee. Try out my Rapid Backlink System today and put it through the ringer. Use this strategy as many times.

You be the judge. If this program doesn’t deliver everything I’ve promised, or if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, just return it and I’ll gladly refund the difference.

I have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because I’ve personally used many of these strategies and techniques so I know they work. Fair enough?

P.S. It’s really up to you, but if you want to be shown (in minutes) how to get a unlimited ‘IP Unique’ do-follow sites where you can drop as many of your anchored backlinks to your heart’s content, without paying monthly subscriptions or using buggy software that have high failure rates, then without a shadow of a doubt, the Rapid Backlinking system is for you.

P.S.S. And if it doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, be it you run out of “IP unique” sites to drop your links on today, tomorrow or 5 years down the line, then drop me an email, and I’ll more than GLADLY give you a FULL (No questions asked) refund.

…Can’t say fairer than that ;-)

P.S.S.S. And remember, If you act fast, you’ll also get my yet-to-be released system… The Rapid Traffic Automator. This is brand new and it guarantee to send you traffic on complete auto pilot from 15 minutes from now.

I’ll be launching the Rapid Traffic Automator System around the $147 mark but you can jump the queue RIGHT NOW and start using this POWERFUL system to drive traffic with just a click of button!

So do not delay… With my life time money back guarantee, you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

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