The Cure for Chronic Pain: 229 page eBook

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The Cure for Chronic Pain: 229 page eBook

Pain Sapping Your Life?
Traditional Medicine Not Helping?
Good News!
There’s a Proven Cure for Most Forms of Chronic Pain!Chronic pain got you down? Now you can get back to the things you loved doing before it started. And FAST.

If you’re in pain, you need to read every word of a new e-book destined to change the lives of thousands…

The Cure for Chronic Pain
How a Simple Treatment Has Been
To Cure Most Forms of Pain

In this thorough and easy-to-read e-book, lifelong health practitioner turned Medical Reporter Nancy Moore explains everything you need to know about a little known CURE for chronic pain, and proves to you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this simple method is both safe and really works.

There is a Cure for Most Forms of Muscle and Joint Pain… and It’s Not Medicine, Surgery or More Relaxation Therapy!

Have you been living a limited life, tortured by pain? Have you had to give up the things you love to do… your favorite pastimes… your ability to earn an income?

You’ve got a lot of company, my friend! At least fifty million Americans live with some form of chronic pain, and some two-thirds of them have suffered for more than five years!

Pain Can Take You Right to
the Edge of Your Sanity

Long-term, it takes a toll on more than your body… it tears at the emotional fabric of your life, and affects the whole person and everyone around them. It can impact every area of your life.

It’s like a knife sticking in my left shoulder blade. When I turn my head from left to right, it feels like a rubber band that’s stretched so far it’s going to snap. Sharp, burning pains shoot down my arm. I toss and turn all night. I’m irritable. I can’t exercise. I haven’t been able to work since the accident. I have to do something, but I can’t do anything.
— Stacie LaFargue, Los Angeles, California

If you’re on this page because you suffer from chronic pain, then I’m sure you can identify with Stacie. Living with pain every day for years and years can bring you to the end of your rope.

It can take away everything you value in your life, and even threaten life itself. How many of the following psychological effects are YOU dealing with because of your chronic pain?


Loss of sleep

Loss of self-worth


Thoughts of suicide

Family problems

Loss of friends

Lost employment

And the terrifying…

…tumble down the slippery slope of using more and more narcotics to ease the pain.

Chronic Pain is Serious Stuff… and Not to Be Taken Lightly

Can’t Something Be Done?

Pain is the number one complaint in doctors’ offices AND the number one cause of lost hours at work. What if there were a treatment to stop the pain?

How many people could lead more productive lives?

How much less would be spent on medical costs in the U.S.?

What effect would that have on the economy as well as the lives of each individual?

It would simply be a different world!

Then why is it that so many people suffer with chronic pain, when we spend more for health care in the U.S., than any nation in the world? Why isn’t there a pain cure? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? With all the research and technology coming out of science, why can’t modern medicine do more about chronic pain?

There is an answer and a solution. I’m going to tell you all about why a simple treatment described in my exclusive new e-book, The Cure for Chronic Pain, is so much more successful at stopping the pain than surgery, drugs and all those pain management classes — and for a lot less money.

Tell Me More!

Hello, I’m Nancy Moore, and I’m thrilled to be able to share with you a little known, highly effective and safe treatment for chronic pain that acts as a cure for many.
I’m a nurse and author with a background in psychology. Early on in my life, I discovered I had a real passion for helping others, and since I didn’t faint every time I saw blood, I was drawn to a career in nursing.

But it wasn’t long before I realized that traditional medicine had some holes in it for me. I came to believe that people respond better to a holistic approach to healing that includes the whole person’s mind, body and spirit. I bring this perspective into every aspect of my life and work.

“The Cure for Chronic Pain”

I wrote this timely new e-book because… I know so many patients who suffer with chronic pain. Many of them came to me with horror stories of doctors who treated them with skepticism and disbelief when they didn’t respond to standardized treatments.
Sometimes they would even make accusations and label them “drug seekers” or “just plain crazy.”

Some would be at the end of their rope, after years going from one doctor to another, taking endless treatments that didn’t work, too many drugs, and often having numerous surgeries, and they were still hurting!

I did my best to help them. After trying a variety of therapies for chronic pain, I was still unsatisfied with the results.

I had a bag full of tricks and patients would get some relief, but I still could not get them to the point of no hurt at all…

…until a colleague introduced me to a simple therapy that stimulates your own natural healing.

There is a CURE for Most Forms of Chronic Pain

When I say CURE, I fully realize the impact of that word. I can imagine you cringing when you see it, and thinking to yourself – lady, this sounds way too good to be true! I have to admit that the first time I heard about this treatment, I had the same exact reaction.

But I have the nature of a bulldog and I don’t stop digging until I’m sure I’m at the bottom of it all… before ever recommending anything.

I take recommending a treatment very seriously. So I gave it my all and dug deep into the mountains of treatment research, because there’s no way I’m going to recommend something without being absolutely certain it’s going to work for the majority of those who receive it.

You’ll clearly see all my digging as you read through The Cure for Chronic Pain, where I uncover the good, the bad, the ugly… and some GREAT news for the vast majority of those who suffer.

As I reviewed SIXTY YEARS of research and conducted in person conversations with top practitioners and patients, my concerns and doubts began to disappear.

One person after another… one doctor after another… and study after study, gave me the undeniable proof of the success of this simple, relatively inexpensive and time-tested treatment. I believe absolutely this therapy is a real pain cure!

As a full time practitioner, having performed the procedure on over 10,000 patients and working in a practice with over fifty years experience using it, I can fervently reiterate Nancy Moore’s words that pain can be cured, and that cure is this treatment!
— Ross A. Hauser, MD, leading natural medicine expert

In The Cure for Chronic Pain’s 229 pages and in a lot more detail I tell you the whole story of…
What causes most chronic pain
What most doctors don’t know about how the body heals
How this therapy increases the natural healing process of the body, while many medical treatments actually get in the way of healing
How thousands of successful treatments go back as far as SIXTY years
Undeniable and comprehensive research that proves it is safe and works on a variety of kinds of musculoskeletal pain
The fine doctors who have stood up against the pressures of the medical community to bring this amazing cure for chronic pain to their patients, and to the world
Patients who tell you their own stories in their own words, of how it cured them
How you can find doctors who provide this treatment
Tips on how to choose your doctor (although the treatment is simple, doctors providing it need specialized knowledge and skill)
If you’re suffering, you don’t want to miss a word of The Cure for Chronic Pain.

You’ll discover everything you need to know about the many alternatives for treating chronic pain and the amazing successes of this particular treatment — a simple, safe, and low cost alternative that acts as a true cure for many.

I’m a multisport endurance athlete and spend a lot of time hiking, running and cross-country skiing in the Oregon wilderness. It was on one of these long runs that I started having terrible pain in my heel. It got worse the next few days until I had difficulty standing or walking. I missed many of the outdoor activities I love too, and time spent with friends who were off on hiking adventures without me.
I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis complicated by a bone spur. I tried some different therapies, but nothing was helping until my doctor recommended this therapy. After just two treatments I was back running! After three treatments, I’m 100% pain free. I’ve jokingly told my doctor he’s a miracle worker.

— Cynthia Engel, presentation professional and athlete

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– Take the first step in relieving your pain! Find out about this cure now.


I ask you to suspend your disbelief in the crazy idea that there is a pain cure, for as long as it takes you to read through the rest of the information on this page, as I share a few facts that convinced me to believe it myself.

Please allow yourself the opportunity to see if this method might be the answer to your prayers, and the road to permanent relief from your chronic pain. At last a cure.

It’s an Epidemic!!!

The American Pain Society finds that more than four out of ten people who suffer moderate to severe pain fail to find adequate pain relief. To quote Kathryn Weiner, Ph.D., Director of the American Academy of Pain Management, “Pain is an epidemic.”

To really understand why there’s been so little progress in curing chronic pain among traditional doctors, and how the treatment described in The Cure for Chronic Pain has been so successful, we need to look into the REAL cause of most chronic pain.

Way back in 1950, Dr. George Stuart Hackett, discovered something astonishing. He discovered that most musculoskeletal pain is due to ligament and/or tendon injury… that injuries over time lead to loose ligaments and unstable joints, and that unstable joints cause chronic pain.

I’ve always been a very active person. I like to run, dance, and spend time chasing around with my teenage daughters. About three years ago I started having pain in my back. It got so bad it was stopping me from doing everything. Even simple things like laying down in the grass soaking up a little sun were becoming impossible. I felt like I was losing my mobility… and my life.
When I got to my doctor, I was desperate. He started with massage and some other mobility treatments that gave some temporary relief, but nothing permanent, so he suggested a new therapy. I immediately felt better after the first treatment, and after six treatments, the back pain was completely gone!

— Julie Haugen, Active mother of two teenage daughters

How Does It Work?

This simple and safe treatment strengthens your body’s tissues. The treatment ignites your own healing process, and promotes growth of new healthy, strong tissue. After each treatment, your own body takes over and continues its natural healing process.

This treatment has even been shown to grow back knee cartilage. See the space that’s returned to the joint in the X-Ray on the right, from the growth of new cartilage?

Treatments take surprisingly little time to administer. Often just a minute or two!
It is much easier to tolerate than surgery. You can usually continue with work and daily activities while taking these treatments.

It’s important to find the right doctor with proper training and experience for the best results.

This therapy requires specialized knowledge to make the right diagnosis, then the experience to find the exact source of pain and properly administer the treatments.

You’ll find a selection process to follow on page 136 of The Cure for Chronic Pain, to help you locate a highly qualified doctor.

It Works!

This therapy has been proven time and time again to cure most types of musculoskeletal pain. It has eased the suffering of thousands of people over the last sixty years, including, as it turns out, the former Surgeon General of the United States C. Everett Koop, M.D., Sc.D., who publicly endorses it based on its use in curing his own “chronic, disabling pain.”

You can’t get much better than that as a recommendation.

When I was forty years old, I was diagnosed in two separate neurological clinics as having intractable (incurable) pain… It was by chance (later) I learned that Gustav A. Hemwall, M.D., a practitioner in the suburbs of Chicago. When I asked him if he could cure my pain, he asked me to describe it. When I had done the best I could, he replied, ‘There is no such pain. Do you mean a pain…?’ Then he continued to describe my pain much better than I could. When I said, ‘That’s it exactly,’ he said, ‘I can fix you.’ To make a long story short, my intractable pain was not intractable and I was remarkably improved to the point where my pain ceased to be a problem.
- C. Everett Koop, M.D., Sc.D. and former U.S. Surgeon General

In spite of a huge body of evidence, years of successful results, and endorsements from someone as recognized as Dr. C. Everett Koop, this pain cure is still largely ignored by mainstream medicine.

Yet with The Cure for Chronic Pain, you’ll discover that there are credible and successful doctors who use it themselves and who have a long history of successfully treating patients.

It is my hope that the Cure for Chronic Pain will provide the thorough and unbiased information necessary to put this amazing treatment in front of the public eye. I put my trust in the court of public opinion, to bring about the same acceptance of this therapy by the medical community that other treatments enjoy. This kind of inclusion would make this highly successful treatment for pain more widely available, and give everyone the chance to break out of the Chains Of Pain forever.

When I was in my twenties I broke my neck and had to have three vertebrae fused together. I went along for years with no problems, until about three years ago when I started getting sharp pains in my neck. I could hardly turn my head and had terrible headaches with shooting pains up my neck.
I’m an outdoorsman and love to fish and hunt, and I coach my daughter’s softball team. I couldn’t really do any of that with all the pain. I finally went to my chiropractor thinking he could crack my neck or something, but that didn’t really help. He suggested I try this therapy. I got great results with the first series, but like my doctor warned me about this kind of injury, it started hurting again in a few years. I went right back in for more therapy… had six treatments… and now have no pain at all. It works.

— Scott Collins, sportsman and soccer father

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– Take the first step in relieving your pain! Find out about this pain cure.

Athletes Have Discovered
This Amazing Regenerative Treatment

Nobody is more enthusiastic about a pain cure than professional athletes who are able to get back to their sport. And the word is out that there’s something that really works that doesn’t mean going under the knife or taking heavy narcotics to be able to play.

The life of athletes in most sports means injury and pain. And it’s usually from musculoskeletal injuries, which makes them excellent candidates for this therapy. Athletes are a highly motivated group that’s eager to get back in the game. When they hear of something that’s working for other athletes, they’re first in line for it, if it will get them back to their sport.

So when you see it working for athletes and getting them back into the demands most sports put on your body, you know it really works. Rio Ferdinand is one of those players who was very nearly down for the count, until he discovered this therapy.

It cured his crippling back injury and he is quoted as saying, “I am no longer in pain. It looks like the problem has been cured and I’m confident my back won’t go out again.”

Brett Miller, former NFL tackle with the Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers and New York Jets is another success story. Prior to using this therapy, Miller had multiple surgeries on his left knee, including knee reconstruction, a tendon graft and six arthroscopic procedures.

Now, after using this therapy, Miller no longer has pain.

“I had five… treatments… over a three-month period in my left knee,” notes Miller, “I am happy and surprised to say that I am now 100% pain free.”

Maybe you don’t aspire to kick goals for Mansfield United when you are free of pain, or tackle one of your neighbors. And you may not get a million dollar contract renewed either. But I bet you have a lot of ideas about what you’ll do when the pain is gone from your life.

Order Now

– Take the first step in relieving your pain! Find out about this pain cure.

Want More Proof?

Good for you! You can’t have too much proof when it’s about your health. So if you’re still uncertain that this treatment can really be a pain cure, take a look at the evidence for yourself.

I devoted an entire chapter in The Cure for Chronic Pain to some of the mountains of research culled from over SIXTY years’ worth of studies on this therapy. There’s research on specific types of pain, like shoulder, back and knee… documentation on the growth and strengthening of ligaments and tendons… success rate of treatments, even documentation of the growth of cartilage!

There is very substantial research behind the statement that “CURES Chronic Pain.”

This therapy got me walking at a time when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to have any quality of life again.
About 11 years ago, I took a bad fall that caused terrible pain from rib injuries. That burning pain soon spread to my whole body and I had sharp pains in my ribs and back. My rib was actually protruding from my body. The pain got so bad that my husband had to bath and dress me… I took medications just to get me through the day… and I had no quality of life. I became deeply depressed.

My traditional MD wanted to remove the rib! That wasn’t for me. I had a number of treatment sessions, and after just a few, I could sit up… then walk, and eventually got my life back. This is why I can wholeheartedly recommend it for both chronic pain and new injuries.

— Cathy Kush, Chicago, IL

The e-book… The Cure for Chronic Pain
An instant download in PDF format!

I put my heart and mind into creating a thorough, comprehensive e-book on this amazing treatment. My goal was to provide everything you need to know to assure you the treatment really does work, to decide if its is right for you, and help you be able to select a qualified doctor.

Then my belief in holistic healing got the best of me, and I decided it was important to include chapters on holistic treatments and therapies for the mind, body and spirit.

Practicing these methods that consider the whole person, could take care of your pain on their own. And if you do choose this therapy, this additional information will give you tools to facilitate treatment and keep you out of pain for many years to come.

Here’s a quick peek into what’s included in The Cure for Chronic Pain:

Preview - The Cure for Chronic Pain
Downloadable e-Book

How a natural, safe and minimally invasive therapy allows your body to heal itself
Why 50 years of research proves the effectiveness of this simple treatment for curing chronic pain in 80% of people… even those who have suffered for many years!
How this safe and relatively inexpensive treatment has been successfully administered over the past SIXTY years
An easy to understand explanation of this treatment and how it’s performed
Why it cures chronic pain
All the kinds of pain that may be cured by this therapy
Success stories of patients with different kinds of chronic pain. Mary, Jim and John tell you how this therapy gave them their lives back
How to determine if you’re a good candidate
What to look for and how to select a qualified doctor
Why the medical community would rather you didn’t hear about this therapy
How surgery and drugs fail to help chronic pain, and often prevent healing
Mind, body and spirit techniques to support you and keep you out of pain after treatment

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