Weight Loss is All About Honesty With Yourself

This is going to sound really strange, but I think these workouts and change in mentality because of the Fat Diminisher System (and a few other things) are making me think like a guy.

I am like, right I need to do this item of stuff when I get back to England. And I need to do this many push-ups. And I missed some calories here, I can fit in here, or I went over budget here so I will scale back tomorrow. Crazy stuff.

Thigh-ShapingToday I hit the 40 pounds total lost from the first time I used MFP, and most of that is from the Fat Diminisher program for sure!

I have been feeling a bit like a fraud this week. I try to stay at deficit and most days I do. But the Cheetos have been calling me with their siren song, and I have been fudging the portion sizes a bit this week.

Seems like every time I turn around at work someone is bringing in cookies, or a potluck, or a “working lunch” at Los Azteca’s restaurant. It has all been rather hard on my willpower. Tomorrow I have a potluck for “Boss’s Day”.

I made a cheesecake with fat-free cream cheese, Splenda, and fat-free cool whip. And I Used my canned cherry sauce made with Splenda, and a can of lite cherry pie filling to top it with. One of the other supervisors warned me “None of that healthy crap Carmen”. So I just won’t tell her it doesn’t have a ton of calories.

Hopefully, there will be something I can eat at the potluck. I need to get back o basics here and get back to exercising so I can reach my goals. We can do this ladies. Go Venus!

When I find myself drawn to food that won’t help me reach my goals I ask myself do I need this? Am I hungry or bored? Then I read the ingredients which usually turns me off. Next I empty the bag or box into the trash. There’s something therapeutic about dumping the contents out of the bag or box into the trash can. Then I toss the bag/box into the recycle.

I have a very hard time wasting any food so for me actually to toss it in the trash is a huge statement. I’m sending my subconscious the message that I value myself too much to feed my body unhealthy food.

As for potlucks, I only bring what my body deserves. This way I know that I will have a healthy meal no matter what happens to be there.

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