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Can You Imagine What it Would Be Like to PLAY “SILENT NIGHT” ON THE GUITAR…
for Your Friends and Loved Ones THIS Christmas Morning?

This year, why not wake up on Christmas morning and experience the delighted and amazed look of suprise on your friends and loved ones faces by giving them a special gift that only you can give: you serenading them with “Silent Night” on the guitar?

Even if you have never touched a guitar before, don’t read any music, don’t know the first thing about tuners, strings, or picks, and think learning to play the guitar is something you have always wanted to do but are worried it will be too hard or take too much time!! No worries - we’ve got you covered!

Hard to imagine? This isn’t fantasy!! With Guitar Guy, it’s FAST and EASY!

NOW AT LAST: with over 25 years experience playing the guitar professionally and teaching thousands of guitar students, The GUITAR GUY has actually written down and published his top- secret, EASY, FUN guitar method designed specifically to give you QUICK RESULTS that will keep you delighted, excited, and thrilled about playing the guitar!

YES, through all the years of practicing, performing, playing the guitar, AND teaching school for 15 years, the GUITAR GUY understands how to enable you, the player, to learn how to play as quickly as possible…without reading any music!


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