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If you’re a business owner wanting more sales, or clients, in 2011 you must read this free report. Google has created a simple new tool that’s still well under the radar and it will do wonders for your business. Best of all it only takes about 20 minutes to set up, you don’t even need a website and it’s completely FREE!

09/01/2011. For Immediate Release.

From the desk of Henry Francis. London, England

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Hello fellow business owner and a happy new year to you.

We all know, 2010 was tough on the High Street, and this year looks like being no different.

But incredible as it sounds, and seemingly against all the odds, while many local businesses are going to the wall, other shops and service providers seem to be doing extraordinarily well.

What’s their secret? Let me tell you.

But first consider these 3 important facts:

The internet is now the most popular method of finding local services and products.Traditional Listing Directories like The Yellow Pages are dead in the water. Nobody’s using them anymore. Period!

Google is the dominant force online and up to 97% internet users now search on Google for local stores and service providers. The results they find have revolutionised shopping behaviour forever!

Putting your business in front of potential customers at precisely the moment they’re looking for your products or services can have a serious impact on your cashflow!

How Google Has Changed The Local Market Forever

By completely re-inventing the way we find the things we need online. Making it simple and attractive for us to get all the information we need from the comfort of our own desktops, without ever setting foot out the door.

And because people searching for local services or products online go on to become serious customers who spend real money!

Fact: Recent research from Google shows that up to 85% of people who find a local company or store online, go on to do business with them

Up to 85% – That’s an incredible figure. Is it one you can afford to ignore? >>Click to Continue>>———————————————————————————————-