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Stop Essay Pain eBook


“Get Rid of the Pain of Essay Writing FOREVER and Learn How to Write 300 to 3,000 Word Papers That Your Professors Will LOVE and Get Higher and Higher Grades on Them , All of This Quickly and Easily - Guaranteed!” 

If YOU Want to Stop the Pain of Essay Writing And Learn How to Write 1,000 or Even 3,000 Word Papers While Having a Secret Unfair Advantage Over Your Peers, Then You’ve Come to the Right Place…

Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you. Please think carefully as you answer:

Do you often worry that you will not get a good or even a passing grade when you submit your essays?

Do you find yourself stuck in the middle of writing a paper, not knowing what else to write?

Do you run out of ideas and just feel like banging your head against the wall because you know that your paper is due today and you just can’t meet the word count requirement?

Do you feel that it is NOT FAIR that your professor is asking you to write a 3,000 word essay but doesn’t teach you EXACTLY how to do that?

Is it often an agony for you to even begin writing the first sentence?

Do you often avoid sitting down to write a paper, and instead do house work or browse the Internet, and later feel guilty about it?

Do you worry that your grade for the course may suffer a lot because you can’t quite figure out how to get excellent grades on your papers?

Do you feel EMBARRASSED sometimes because your peer, classmate, or a friend writes essays well, while you are struggling?

Does it feel like you’re the only one who is not clear on how to write essays, while everyone else gets it easy?

Are you often disappointed with your essay grades, but don’t know why your professor judged your writing so harshly?
If you answered “YES” to ANY of these questions, then I need to tell you something important.

You may not know this, but most college students experience at least some of these problems, so you’re not alone. In fact, I’ve been there myself. I’m Tutor Phil, and today, as I’m speaking to you, I am working towards completing my thesis in English Literature and have years of experience teaching college-level writing.

But this is an amazing change for me. If 12 years ago you had told me that I would be a college-level writing instructor, I would just laugh!

Frankly, I didn’t know how to put a few sentences together in order to pass a basic college writing test.

I struggled, and even failed a couple of courses during my second semester because I FEARED and HATED Writing!

So, what made all the difference? Which magic force was that which helped me replace my F’s with A’s the following semester, keep my high GPA throughout my studies, get a dual-major Bachelor’s Degree, and become a happy and successful graduate student?

It was a METHOD. It was a method of writing that only one professor at my college taught, and because of that I still think of it as MY SECRET WEAPON.

The course I took during my second semester at college changed my life completely. This professor deeply cared about writing, and I saw that and took his ideas to heart.

Well, you already know what happened as a result. And today, I’m bringing this SECRET WEAPON to you.

It’s Not Your Fault

Yes - it is not your fault that your writing skills are not producing the kind of essays and term papers that should get you the grades you deserve. And here’s why.

It happens to be an undeniable fact that almost all teachers teach their own methods of writing, very often ineffectively.

And even when one method works in one situation, it stops working once you get to the next level. For example:

You probably learned to write essays in high school or during your last four or so years of grade school education. You must have been something like 14 or 15 years old. And the essays you wrote then were very short - 300 words maximum, probably.

But college work demands that you write anywhere from 300 to 5,000 words in one paper, and sometimes even more! Writing a paper of that size is a bit of a different game, would you agree?

So, if nobody ever taught you how to write papers of such length, and how to keep your argument clear, and how to meet the word or page count requirement, and to get an excellent grade, ALL AT THE SAME TIME, then how are you supposed to know how to do that?!

And still, as a student, you probably have enough experience already to know that professors will demand all those WORDS and PAGES, very often without telling you how to actually write that much on a single topic!

And I know this because in my entire college career I’ve had many professors, but only ONE of them taught me the MAGIC FORMULA.

Common Mistakes

Here are some mistakes that students often make that they think will help them with their essays, but in fact gets them the opposite effect:

Browsing the Internet for ideas before writing the Thesis Statement.

Trying to puff up the content by using irrelevant content from the Internet that professors detect immediately.

Trying to impress the professor by using fancy language.

Using wrong and unproductive ways to add the necessary words to meet the word or page count requirement.

Keeping the material very general throughout the essay and failing to be specific enough.

Trying to sound cute in order to entertain the professor who is not easy to entertain.
If you’ve ever tried some of these tricks, you probably know that they may either rarely work or get you into trouble fast.

And the worst thing about these is that it’s still painfully boring and tedious to do them. They don’t help you get rid of the ESSAY PAIN!

So, What DOES Work?

If you understand the following simple truth, it will help your essay game faster than anything else. And here it is:

Professors are so tired of poorly written essays that they DREAD the moment they will be receiving all the papers to grade! They even joke that they teach the courses for free and are paid to grade the papers, because that’s where all the hard work is! Can you imagine?

That’s why the BEST thing to do when you write is to put forth your ideas in such a way that your professor or instructor would have an EASY time reading and understanding them.

Assuming that your professor will just “figure out” your arguments because he’s so smart will get you nowhere fast. Instead, you should HELP him understand your paper at the FIRST READING!

So, as you can see by now, the key is really to be CLEAR in your writing. Nothing else will make your professor happier.

And in order to write large college essays in clear language and with clear structure, you simply need to know how to do it!

That’s The Secret

Yes - Clarity is Key! And my Magic Formula was designed to help you achieve the level of clarity you need to CONSISTENTLY get good and excellent grades and to even potentially become your professors’ favorite student!

Professors love students who care about the subjects they teach. And the best way to show them that you care is to write CRYSTAL CLEAR papers on the topics they assign.

This will differentiate you from the rest of the students in class very quickly – almost immediately. Sometimes all it takes is one really good essay!

But my Magic Formula that I give you in my ebook gives you more than that. It teaches you to write a paper of pretty much ANY length.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could learn how to write the kind of essays that will make you look like a natural star student to every professor you take without worrying even for a moment about how many words or pages you need to come up with?

I wrote this book to help you do just that – accomplish all the things you want while working on your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

What would it mean to you if you no longer worried about essay writing?

Would it give you the peace of mind that your college career will be a success?

Would you dare to accomplish more in your studies?

Would you undertake tasks that most students don’t because now you have the confidence to accomplish ANY academic task because you know the Magic Formula?

Would you land that DREAM JOB because you would know how to express yourself clearly and convincingly on paper and even in other situations?

Yes – knowing how to WRITE QUALITY ESSAYS Quickly and Easily is a skill that will mean the difference between just SURVIVING in your educational environment or DOMINATING it!

Both Sides of the Fence

What gives me the authority to teach this material? I’ve been an undergraduate student; then went to the graduate school; and taught college-level writing at the City University of New York.

So, I’ve been on both sides of the fence, so to speak. I have been a student, and that’s how I know what your challenges are – I went through them all myself.

And I’ve taught enough years to understand what makes professors frustrated and also what brings them relief and satisfaction in their work.

Trust me, nothing gives a professor that warm, fuzzy feeling inside like a well-written paper on his favorite subject, even if it’s only a Freshman Composition course.

Luckily, My Magic Formula Can Now Be Yours

You don’t have to struggle with essay writing anymore. I’ve been working on my MAGIC FORMULA for almost a year, and it is finally ready and available to you.

You are about to get all the secrets to writing 300 to 3,000 word essays Quickly and Easily, and these are the secrets most students will never find out!

So, this is insider information, and let me give you a breakdown of what my Magic Formula will teach you.

Here’s What You Will Learn

A proven, Step-by-Step strategy to get you OUT of being overwhelmed and INTO a college career of your dreams in which you always have the confidence to write a paper of any length without all the stress

How to turn a 10-Word essay topic into a 1,000 or even a 3,000 word essay without pulling your hair out

How to choose a Topic on which you’ll be able to write hundreds and even thousands of words almost on autopilot

What to do when you’re out of ideas in the middle of writing your essay and you don’t know where to turn

How to write a thesis statement that will show the professor that you’re a very smart student just by reading the first paragraph

How to impress your professor without really trying

What to do to eliminate all dangers of plagiarism from your papers

A simple way to make sure your professors love your writing in a way that makes them be forgiving about the minor mistakes

How to eliminate paragraphs of needless work by taking this one simple step

How to write in a way that will get you praise from your professors or instructors on a regular basis

How to eliminate the endless wandering on the Internet in search for ideas and make your research quick, simple, and so effective that it takes a fraction of the time and produces quality pages that professors love to read

How to create an essay after essay without EVER running out of ideas again

A simple but powerful way to handle argumentative essays without coming across as biased or narrow-minded

How to quickly change your approach for any professor to make sure that you get good and excellent grades throughout your college years

A simple way to present a strong opinion without coming across as opinionated or intolerant that not only gets you a high grade but also earns you respect from your professor

How to provide a balanced opinion without coming across as timid or unsure of yourself

What to do when you have a limited choice of topics and you don’t like any of them

How to write on a topic you know nothing about or don’t even like, but you have to write on it, and how to come up with all the material to fill up a page after page

A lesson from simple arithmetic that takes away all your worries about the thousands of words you need to write and gives you the power to fill up the pages of your essay with quality content professors rarely receive from their students

How to write a thesis statement so that ANY professor at ANY college in the world will understand it and judge it to be well-written and worthy of an excellent grade

Two kinds of a Thesis and how to use them to cut the effort in half

How to use the Force of Focus to make writing a 3,000 word essay seem as easy as writing one that is only 300 words long

How to write Powerful Examples that captivate your reader and make you look like an experienced writer of essays and a brilliant student

A good, legitimate, free, and powerful way to use the Internet to get ideas when you need new information that will NOT get you in trouble with your professor

How to FOREVER avoid the three BAD ways to add material to your term papers that will lower your grade which most students use and wonder why they can’t get a high GPA

How to quickly add the necessary number of words when you realize that you need a lot more, without being overwhelmed or writing in any filler and fluff

How to write Introductions and Conclusions Quickly and Easily

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Essay Grade

How to come up with ideas that will be easy for you to write about

How to ALWAYS submit your term papers ON TIME

Exercises, Tips, Suggestions, and much More!

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