Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets

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Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets


Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets

How Did You Use Video Marketing To Build Your Six Figure Business…??”
The good news: I recorded each of these interviews and made them immediately downloadable in mp3 format. Now they can be yours for an investment so small, it will make your jaw drop.
More on that in a moment. First, let me introduce you to the experts…
Interview #1: Gideon Shalwick
“Gideon Shalwick IS Online Video Marketing… The Guru, The Master, The Authority… Enough Said..!”

I’ll admit it… I was a little bit star-struck to speak with Gideon. Luckily the call was recorded because he revealed:-

The 8 letter concept that will EARN you multiple six figure incomes from your videos once you’ve addressed it
Why you shouldn’t even bother optimizing your videos UNLESS you find the inspiration to do this one thing
How you can get viewers to continuously RETURN to your “Video Domination Hub” by employing the same techniques as Glen A. Larson
One underground secret to help you gain the confidence to get in front of the camera and to connect with your viewers
Interview #2: Tom Breeze
Tom is the “Online Video Presentation Guru” with Over 7 Years Of Experience

I just had to find out how he’s helped his clients harness the power of online video for their own personal success and the rapid growth of their business. In this interview Tom reveals:-

How to SKYROCKET your conversions by over 304% JUST by using online video
The startling new three word formula that will BRING IN thousands of dollars with online video
Seven Ninja Presenting Tactics that will keep your viewers GLUED to your videos and force them to take action!
The complete “Game Changer” in online video that now means you can take on and BEAT big business
One simple video conversions formula that will produce NEVER-ENDING leads, prospects, clients and customers
Interview #3: Andrew Lock
Andrew Is The Creator & Star Of The #1 Most Popular Marketing WebTV Show On The Apple iTunes Store

I was over the moon to chat with this online video “Star” who gets a staggering 60,000+ views a month! In this interview Andrew kindly shared:-

One amazing system that unearths endless streams of high quality new visitors who are DESPERATE to watch your videos and buy your products
How to dominate your niche and reach CELEBRITY STATUS… even if you’ve never been in front of a camera before
Two underground video production industry secrets that will make your videos easily STAND OUT from the crowd
Why videos used by media networks DON’T WORK on the web… and what you really need to do to succeed
Interview #4: James Watson
“One High Converting Video Sales Letter Earned James Over $200,000+ In Two Weeks!”

I just had to call him to find out how he did th is! When we did this interview, here’s what James shared:-

Why it’s actually ok to make videos that SUCK
The one little-known strategy you can use to DOMINATE your market using video in 3 simple steps
If you use this simple YouTube SEO strategy you will notice an IMMEDIATE surge in visitors to your websites
How one accidental video technique completely REVOLUTIONISED James’ business productivity
How to utilize video so your products become rockstar BESTSELLERS

Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets

You’ll get the following when you buy today:
12 Exclusive Audio Interviews Instantly Downloadable In .mp3 Format
BONUS #3 “The Absolute Beginners Fast Start Guide To Online Video” (Worth $17)
Plus… All The Additional Bonuses Listed Below!

Interview No #5: Tyrone Shum
“Tyrone Is The Outsourcing King Who Started As An Entrepreneur With His Own Six Figure e-Commerce Business

Tyrone is an elite level athlete in his sport and he is also one very “switched on” businessman who knows how to leverage the power of online video. In our chat, he shared some amazing content like:-

How to use video to INSTANTLY become a “Guru” in your niche and have droves of people flocking to your blog
One sneaky tip that will get you loads of “Google Love” and tonnes of FREE views for your videos
The secret to OVERCOMING the biggest problem with online video so you can build an impressive online presence
How to make your videos “Kill Three Birds With One Stone” so that Google and your viewers absolutely LOVE you
Interview No #6: Sarah Staar
“Sarah Overcame Dyslexia To Found A Successful Video Blog, Video Production Company & Her Own Internet TV Station!”

There was no way I was going to miss out on calling this online video pioneer! In this interview Sarah reveals:-

How to prove the Gurus WRONG and gain instant respect, trust, authority and sales
How you can use the massive advantage video marketers have over email marketers to effortlessly RAKE in cash every single day
If you use this “Golden Nugget” video strategy you can to literally MAKE a couple of grand in a weekend
How to get thousands of VIEWS to your offers every month using “The YouTube Loophole”
The one recent development in technology that will EXPLODE the potential of online video
Interview #7: Phill Turner
Phill Is The Internet’s Very Own “Minister Of Traffic!”

I jumped at the opportunity to interview his views on online video marketing. When we did this interview, here’s what he shared…

The one recent development that OBLITERATES all of your traditional beliefs about online video… and it’s not what you think!
The fastest way to OVERCOME your fears about looking like a blabbering idiot on your very first video
How you can make your own video product for as little as $10… and GENERATE a continuous income from it!
How to use online video as your own personal “Traffic Weapon” for maximum PROFITS
Interview #8: Zed Shah Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets
“Zed Is The Former Social Worker Who Created A ClickBank Number 1 In Less Than A Year!”

I was excited to talk about online video marketing with the man who has been behind some of the biggest product launches in recent history. Zed exposes everything, including:-

The EXACT video optimization model you should use to get INSANE amounts of free traffic to your videos
One traffic supercharger formula that INSTANTLY sends leads, prospects, customers and clients to your videos the moment they are uploaded
How to remove your fears to UNCOVER the “hidden presenter” in you. (You’re actually a natural presenter… you just don’t know it yet…!)
How to use your new found “Natural Presenting” ability to CREATE a six figure income
Interview #9: William Debauchez
William Is The Airline Pilot Better Known As “The Digital Coach”

William is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the technical side of online video and I was thrilled to be able to “pick his brains.” In this interview, William exposes:-

Just how SIMPLE it is produce online videos with a “professional studio feel” – you won’t believe how easy it really is…!
One ingenious way to create amazing videos that will build you a GIANT list in a few short months
The SHOCKING truth about online video syndication - you’ll never look at it the same way again
The best place to get UNLIMITED traffic from your videos – the answer may surprise you

Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets
You’ll get the following when you buy today:
12 Exclusive Audio Interviews Instantly Downloadable In .mp3 Format
BONUS #1 “How To Become An Instant YouTube Authority” Exclusive Online Video SEO Webinar with Carl Vanderpal (Worth $97)
Plus… All The Additional Bonuses Listed Below!

Interview #10: Daniel Wagner
Daniel Is A Real “Rags-To-Riches” Story… This Former Pizza-Delivery-Boy Recently Used Online Video To Make $15,000 (Ten Thousand Pounds) In Just ONE HOUR!

You always know you’re going to get great content when you talk to Daniel! This interview was jam-packed with stuff, including:-

The exact 3 step call-to-action that you can use on your videos to generate 30+ opt-ins EVERY DAY
One sneaky YouTube trick that will FUNNEL viewers away from all your competitors and directly to your offers
How to exploit one virtually unknown feature of YouTube to DRIVE tonnes of viewers from your niche to your videos
The one thing you must do if you want to turn your YouTube channel into your ticket to FREEDOM
Interview #11: Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets Ben Lowrey
“Ben Is The Internet Rock-Star Who’s Used Online Video To Make Multiple 6 Figure Incomes In 4 Different Niches And Counting”

Ben openly shared his own amazing online video strategies that he uses every day to get millions of views on YouTube:-

The four simple questions that will help your videos BUILD a list of 200,000+ in less than a year
The “Free Fuel” concept that gives you UNLIMTED energy to film 20+ videos every single day and create a formidable YouTube Channel
How you can use “God’s SatNav” to create profitable videos that will RAKE in a six figure income
The two ways to create videos that will CONVERT all your views into sales… and you don’t even need to be on camera
Interview #12: Paul O’Mahony
Paul (The “Twitter King”) And His Business Partner Mili Ponce (The “Twitter Queen”) Generated $1,100,000 In 8 Months Using Social Media

You won’t believe the secrets that Paul uncovers in this interview…Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets

The mistake that over 90% of people make that wastes their videos and COSTS them thousands – have you committed this grave error?
Three advanced strategies that divert loads of TARGETTED traffic from other people’s featured videos straight to yours
Why most viewers stop watching online videos within the first 10 seconds… and the one thing you must do to KEEP them
How to instantly INCREASE your squeeze page conversion rates from 10% to up 46% by adding a simple amateur video
And Then There’s The Bonuses…
BONUS #1:”How To Become An Instant YouTube Authority” Online Video SEO Webinar with Carl Vanderpal (Worth $97)
“Discover How To Go From YouTube Newbie To An Authority in 5 Easy Steps”
Carl is one of the “Original Internet Marketers” having been online since the very start of the internet. He has an astounding fifteen years of experience and is probably the most famous guy that no one’s ever seen… HOWEVER, if you’ve heard of his CLIENTS you will definitely know who he is!
I was seriously looking forward to chatting to Carl and he didn’t disappoint. He knows online video SEO inside out and this webinar is absolutely LOADED with 1.5+ hours worth of content like:-Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets
How one video can get you NINE listings on the front page of Google and completely dominate the next five pages
The easiest way to “SUCK” the authority from the Gurus in your niche so that your videos rank higher, faster and better
How you can rank your videos on the first page of Google in 6 MINUTES (and earn a six figure income in no time)
A 5 step process to become an INSTANT youtube authority – the most underground and sneakiest way to build your authority FAST!
Bonus 2
Exclusive Unlimited Lifetime Membership Access (Priceless)
I am constantly adding new interviews and bonus material to this product and you will receive lifetime access to all the updates I add to this product. These updates are STRICTLY for Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets Customers Only! Here’s some stuff that will be coming soon:

Stuart Ross
my recent interview with Stuart Ross
Gideon Shalwick’s 92 page Rapid Video Blogging eBook (Worth $97)
the Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets eBook (Worth $17)
… and many more!
Bonus 3
“The Absolute Beginners Fast Start Guide To Online Video” valued at $17
“Ten Top Tips To Overcome Any Fear Or Mental-Blocks That Prevent You From Getting In Front Of The Camera”
From my interviews with the experts and feedback I’ve received from lots of people it is obvious that there are many perceived barriers for people starting with online video. Most people know that Online Video Marketing is the easiest way to get a presence online, drive traffic, increase conversions and create products… but they just don’t know how to get started! Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets
So I’ve decided to put together an Online Video Fast Start Guide to so you can actually use all of this information, take action and immediately reap massive profits for your business. First of all, this guide will debunk the 4 biggest MYTHS that prevent most people from even starting with online video. Then, I have sorted through ALL of the interviews and webinars (10+ hours worth of content) and found the ten best tips to help get you started. Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets
You Get Instant Digital Access When You Sign Up Today!

The value of this product is at least $149 but if you buy today it wont even be $97, not even $57 once you click the add to cart button below, and make the small $17 investment to get your hands on these 12 interviews (that’s over 8 hours of valuable content!)… you’ll immediately be taken to the download area…
So you can start listening in as little as 2 minutes from now.
This is a great offer and I plan on interviewing more experts and adding them to this package. When I do, the price will be much higher than $17.
However when you sign up RIGHT NOW, you’ll get free life time updates to this interview series. Better still…
Comes With A 60 Day
NO-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Sign up immediately.
Download just ONE of the interviews and listen to just the first 10 minutes of it.
If after ONLY 10 minutes you don’t already feel like you’ve got many, many times your money’s worth them please ask for your money back and I will return every penny of your purchase.
Better still: take a full 60 days to benefit from this wonderful training. If for any reason or no reason at all within those 60 days you still want you money back, I will give you 100% of your investment back.
You only stand to gain today. So click the add to cart button below then you’ll be immediately taken to your instant download area.
Yes Justin, I’m in!
I understand I will get all 12 interviews for just $149 $17 when I act today.
And I’m protected by a no-questions asked 60 day money back guarantee so I risk absolutely nothing.
I can’t wait to get my hands on the following interviews below, which will be available for me to immediately download!

Sneaky Video Marketing Secrets

You’ll get the following when you buy today:
12 Exclusive Audio Interviews Instantly Downloadable .mp3 Format (Worth $149)
“How To Become An Instant YouTube Authority” Exclusive Online Video SEO Webinar with Carl Vanderpal (Worth $97)
Exclusive Unlimited Lifetime Membership Access (Priceless)
“The Absolute Beginners Fast Start Guide To Online Video” (Worth $17)

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If you have experience with this product, or know something people might find important please feel free to share in a comment below. Let us know if you think this this product is a SCAM or The Real Deal.

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