Shyness and Social Anxiety System - Overcome Social Fears

Shyness and Social Anxiety System

“Why Every Pro Therapist, Website Article and
Published Book Is Just Dead WRONG About
How To Overcome Shyness…

…I’ll show you below how to use
scientific new strategies and methods to
stop wasting the best years of your life
being insecure, lonely and bored…

In Short, I Was A Complete Loser!

It wasn’t that I wanted to be lonely, but with people I didn’t feel comfortable talking around I would instantly become quiet and go into my shell.

I swear I’ve stood in a circle with some people I wanted to get to know better and not said a word, until people would barely notice that I was even there, like I was invisible or something.

I Didn’t Know How To Act or
Talk “Naturally” Around
People I Didn’t Know!

Doesn’t it drive you nuts? It wasn’t that I was afraid of talking, just that I didn’t know what to say. I wouldn’t say a word and I would just listen. But if someone said something funny, inside my head I would say: “Why didn’t I come up with that?” My mind seemed to go blank and the harder I tried to think up of something to say, the longer I didn’t actually say anything…

And it wasn’t for lack of trying, either – but all the advice I ever got from people who were supposed to be “friends” was: “You’ll break out of your shell someday” and “Don’t be shy. Justpretend to be confident“…

Yeah, Right. Easy For Them To Say…

I Had No Social Life and
Almost No Friends

Sometimes I started to feel as if I was just “different”. I didn’t know how to socialize like other people. I had a big problem becoming “close friends” with anyone.

To make matters worse, I didn’t really have a social life. Usually, I stayed at home by myself,keeping busy with solitary activities and pointless hobbies. Sometimes I thought I was passionate, but in the end, I was just lonely and bored. I spent a lot of time wondering what other “normal” people my age DID in their spare time.

And I always dreaded someone would ask me what my plans were for the weekend, or what I had done last night. Usually I had stayed home by myself and did nothing at all that was even worth mentioning.

…so usually I ended up becoming awkward, not saying anything at all. Sometimes I tried to frantically change the subject or find a distraction.

It Was So Frustrating!

But it seemed like all the loud people who never had anything intelligent to say always had crazy TRUE stories to tell and plenty of friends to hang out with and parties to go to. It was like a cycle that I just couldn’t break into, no matter how hard I wanted to.

So while I was thinking about how great my future would be, they were actually living it up in THE REAL WORLD. Not just daydream-land…

One night a few years ago, I got sick and tired of being shy and lonely and bored out of my mind. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I couldn’t stand the idea that I was going to spend the rest of my life being this socially phobic and die alone never having actually lived.

Fortunately, I’m The Kind Of Guy
Who’s Interested In Psychology

The one thing I had going for me was my brain. I was always interested in human psychology and “behavior research” — you know, the advanced research techniques that make U.S. advertising companies so filthy rich.

My question was: if modern scientific research can reveal what America wants to buy…why can’t these same techniques reveal…

How To Overcome Shyness?

I doubted I’d find anything important, but I was desperate, so I threw myself into the research anyway…

I went on a personal mission, and spent 7 long months (sacrificing whatever social life I had left) doing nothing but reading dozens of psychology books, listening to dusty old audio courses and studying seminars…

By the end, I had spent dozens of weeks locked up in my room, trying to find the solution to end my shyness problem forever. I think you could safely say that…

I Spent Months Trying
To Find The Answer!

But you know what? It was worth every second! What I discovered nearly blew my mind — and turned my social life around completely!

I went from being a lonely “invisible” guy, to making everyone turn their heads when as I walk into a room with several friends. I can finally relax and enjoy conversations, talk confidently in front of groups of people and even approach attractive strangers who I want to meet.

After striking up a long string of great friendships with fun, interesting people,
I now have a group of friends, a social life, and a girlfriend – something I thought would never happen!

When I saw what I had discovered – a proven way to overcome shyness and social anxiety – I just KNEW I had to get the word out somehow. And after I suddenly changed and became much more extroverted and popular, some of my old “shy friends” saw how much differently people treated me, and they kept telling me…

“You Have To Write a Book!”

So that’s what I’ve done. I decided to create a complete system for overcoming shyness. One that gives people exact step-by-step instructions for what to do and wheninstead of boring stories and vague generalities.

I’ve taken the time to write down everything that I’ve learned and discovered in my new book in plain, easy-to-understand language. A good friend of mine showed me how to publish the book online and make it available to you for instant download.

The book is called…

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System™


I’ve learned that most socially anxious people do exactly the WRONG things in most social situations. In my book, I’ll teach you the RIGHT things to do.

If you don’t know anything about making friends, and would like to get this part of your life handled, this book will help you.

If you can’t talk to people of the opposite sex, or you struggle to say the right thing or run out of things to say in conversation, I’ll show you simple ways to solve these problems.

If you feel you already have a basically okay personality, but you can’t express it in front of most people, and feel like you’re hiding behind a mask…

The Truth Is, You Can Cure Shyness Permanently By Changing How Your Brain Works Through Proven Psychology

Most importantly, if you find yourself staying at home by yourself all the time, and fear you’re going to be this socially phobic the rest of your life, I’ll show you how to improve faster than you ever thought possible.

By the way, this isn’t some repackaged book from the 1970s that’s filled with ridiculous ideas and cheesy out-of-date motivational phrases like “be yourself”. This book is full of fresh, original ideas all backed by years of my own personal psychological research and my own real world experience learning from scratch.

I’m not kidding around with you – I learned all this stuff the hard way. You won’t find this kind of information in any other book – I guarantee it.

I’ve decided to publish this manual only as an ‘eBook’… which means that you can download it and start learning these secrets immediately— right from the privacy and comfort of your computer…

Alright – Let’s Talk About How
My System Actually Works…

There’s simply no escaping the conclusion:
Simply doing what you’ve always done isn’t good enough.

You must forget everything you think you know about overcoming shyness, making friends, and building a social life.

You have to think a different way.

You have to act a different way.

You have to believe a different way.

You must change, or else you risk making it even worse…


I Will Overhaul Your Entire Way of Thinking, Behaving, and Interacting With Other People

Up until now, most producers of shyness advice material have been trying to get rid of your problems without changing your core personality.

They’ve continued to perpetuate the bad habits that get socially anxious people NO WHERE.

Let’s be clear here — Being “yourself” is not the solution, it’s the problem. You need to change and that’s what I teach you to do.

How do I do this? By using the most cutting-edge, little-known psychological tricks uncovered in areas such as social psychology, behavior conditioning, cognitive-behavioral therapy and evolutionary psychology.

I’ve studied all these areas in detail, stolen all of their latest tactics, and put them together into a system that makes overcoming shyness simple and straightforward.You just have to follow the instructions I give you and apply the techniques in your own life.

First Let Me Tell You What You Won’t Find in the System:

All you have to do is stroll down the self-help section in your nearest bookstore to know most of the information out there sucks. So here’s what you won’t see anywhere in my system:

  • I won’t give you my “theories” about what works. Most of the advice out there has been written by people who have never actually overcome shyness.They just write their theories about what they think should help socially anxious people, which they’ve never even tried themselves. I’m only going to give you simple, reliable methods and techniques that have been tested on myself and dozens of my clients and been proven to work time and time again.
  • I won’t give you any useless one-liners or conversation starters. They’ve never helped anyone. If you want lines, there are thousands of them all over the internet. You probably won’t remember the lines when you’re busy trying to talk to someone anyway. Think about it: do people who are good at making conversation need to memorize lines? No, they come up with what to say spontaneously, which is what I’ll train you to do as well.
  • I won’t give you vague advice or motivational quotes. Dumb sayings like “just be yourself” and “there’s no reason to be shy” simply don’t work. They may give you an insight or a spark of motivation for a couple of hours, but that quickly wears off and you’re back to being your old self. By using the techniques I give you, you’ll see lasting changes, not just a temporary emotional high.

Here’s An Overview of
What You’ll Learn…

  • Why your past attempts at overcoming shyness have failed… and the strategies and techniques that REALLY work and produce results fast! (99% of psychiatrists don’t know about these simply because they haven’t actually ever experienced what it’s like to be shy.) - pg. 8
  • The “secret cause” of your shyness. Discover the real “genetic” reasons you are afraid to speak up and make new friends. (When you know what they are, it is almost too easy to dispel these fears FOR GOOD.) - pg. 12
  • How to become as relaxed and easygoing around strangers as you are around your closest friend. Learn to use cutting-edge behavioural psychology to “trick” your brain into being able to talk to complete strangers as if you’ve known them for years. - pg. 14
  • How to use new breakthrough discoveries in science and psychology to help you eliminate the anxiety, nervousness, self-doubt, fear and insecurities that are destroying your chances at making friends, getting a girlfriend/boyfriend and building a social life. - pg. 15
  • The seemingly harmless action your parents or relatives did that reinforced your anxiety at a young age. (This also explains why, even to this day, you feel super-anxious around them when you talking to someone your own age or someone you’re attracted to.)- pg. 17
  • How to literally “rewire” your brain so that you never have to feel anxiety again.This simple strategy removes anxiety permanently because it pulls your anxiety out of your brain by the very roots. The best part is, it works BETTER (and is much safer) than any prescription drug. - pg. 20
  • “What’s the worst that can happen?”and “It’s all in your head.” — Learn why bad advice like this offered by your family NEVER works for reducing anxiety. (And what you should say to yourself instead that reduces anxiety instantly on the spot… - pg. 21
  • How to make confident, steady eye contact without feeling nervous. I’ll show you EXACTLY where you should look and for how long. (Mess this up and people will either think you are creepy or you have no self-confidence.) - pg. 25
  • Have you ever seen someone you know walking towards you and “planned out a route” to walk around them and avoid them? When you see someone walking towards you down the street, do you get the sudden urge to cross the street or turn back? This could mean something really WEIRD. - pg. 26
  • ALCOHOL AND DRUGS. “Traditional” psychiatrists tell you to avoid them at all costs. I’ll show you the little-known strategy that lets you use them to give yourself strong, natural confidence that lasts even after you sober up! - pg. 28
  • How to avoid the 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES shy and socially anxious people make. These accidentally make you more uncomfortable, nervous, and afraid of talking to people each time you do them… and you probably do them a lot! - pg. 29
  • A world-famous plastic surgeon’s secret mental tactic to gain social skills and experience in the comfort of your own home by yourself. (Once you make this simple shift in your thinking, your social fears will disappear without you having to talk to a single person!) - pg. 32
  • Why “facing your fears” can sometimes hurt you more than help you. (In fact, the LESS you face these types of situations the more confident you’ll become.) - pg. 33
  • How to use the secrets of “psychological conditioning” to quickly overcome your anxiety and nervousness in the shortest time possible… even if you’ve always had problems motivating yourself to do anything outside the house. - pg. 37
  • Find out the REAL reason why most people who try to overcome shyness fail at it.And the 2 things you need to do to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap. - pg. 38
  • How to use a simple, easy “adjustment” in the way you breathe to instantly decrease your level of social anxiety. (Imagine being able to go from tense and anxious to feeling totally relaxed and at ease within a few moments anytime you want.) - pg. 40
  • COLD HANDS – Why do shy people get them even in summer? (And how to make your hand “normal” in 30 seconds or less…) - pg. 41
  • Do you hate how your voice sounds? Learn the little-known technique developed by the founder of National Hospital of Speech Disorders to get rid of tension and unnaturalness instantly and give yourself a confident, flowing voice that people will love to hear. - pg. 45
  • My proven 6-step sequence for completely erasing all of your tension when around people. You’ll have GUARANTEED total relaxation even when talking to someone attractive or popular, which means you’ll never come off as “weird,” “creepy” or “awkward” again! - pg. 47
  • 4 DANGEROUS WAYS socially anxious people try to lower their anxiety that actually set up a “vicious cycle” in your mind forcing you to sweat, shake and blush in front of other people uncontrollably. And there’s only one way out… - pg. 48
  • A simple psychological secret that makes even the most popular people see you as their social equal (even if you are an unattractive loner) … people won’t be able to help paying attention to you and you’ll never get ignored or brushed off again. - pg. 56
  • The “big secret” no psychology book will ever tell you about having friends and making people want to be around you. (This is what makes other people want to be “real” friends with you, instead of just work buddies or classmates.) - pg. 60
  • A proven exercise developed by a plastic surgeon to “trick” yourself into thinking you’re good-looking, so that you don’t get nervous talking to other people and everything you do shows effortless confidence.(Ever seen an ugly person be able to make tons of friends easily? This is how they do it.) - pg. 63
  • How the “Power Of Expectations” keeps you shy or socially anxious, and the only effective method discovered to “break the cycle” and REALLY feel free to live the life you want. - pg. 66
  • The thing most shy and socially anxious people do that exposes their lack of friends and social life to others. This instantly makes people look down on you and decide you aren’t worth their time. - pg. 67
  • An enlightened guru’s forgotten mind-trick that gives you the stone-cold, unshakeable confidence of self-made millionaires and natural-born leaders…even if you’ve never accomplished a thing in your life and consider yourself below average. - pg. 72
  • Do affirmations work? This SHOCKING study done by a Harvard psychologist that reveals the truth… - pg. 74
  • Do you constantly look in mirrors? If you are always trying to see your reflection, especially when you go out, then there’s something important you should know on… - pg. 82
  • A simple, 6-part mini-course that takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to develop unbreakable self esteem… even if you’ve always been haunted by feelings of insecurity and inferiority. (Once you learn my proven method, you’ll never feel intimidated by people who are more educated, intelligent, confident, popular or better looking than you.) - pg. 84
  • How to patch up the holes in your self-esteem FOR GOOD and build a rock-solidfoundation of confidence that all people “feel” when they’re around you. - pg. 86
  • A 2-step exercise to identify exactly how you are letting people control your actions so you can eliminate their influence and be YOUR OWN person (Which in turn will cause you to become totally at ease and self assured in almost every situation.) - pg. 89
  • 4 subtle antisocial habits that make you look insecure. Master just a few of these and you will finally like he way you look and act in photos and home video. - pg. 92
  • How to “release your brakes” to lose all of your social awkwardness and inhibition. (You’ll finally be able to enjoy talking to people instead of feeling insecure and watched.) - pg. 93
  • 6 ways to instantly ELIMINATE all of your self-consciousness, so you’ll never have to wonder if the way you walk or make eye contact is “correct.” (I learned this from studying top airplane pilots. believe it or not.) - pg. 96
  • Do you daydream or “zone out” a lot? Then you need to read this… - pg. 103
  • A powerful exercise to break free of any “inner demons” that have haunted you since childhood – fast and forever. (Unfortunately most people will go their entire lives without REALLY eliminating the things that prevent them from true success) - pg. 106
  • An ancient Buddhist technique for becoming absolutely calm and in control that you can use immediately whenever you start to feel anxious, overwhelmed, worried or afraid. - pg. 108
  • How you should act to make people value and respect you over other, more popular people. This will make them put in an effort to get to know you and want to become your friend. - pg. 110
  • The 2-step system to change your personality and become more outgoingwithout your friends and family noticing and putting you on the spot for it. (Most psychiatrists don’t even know this is a MAJOR problem) - pg. 111
  • The right way to respond when someone says “You’re shy” or “You’re quiet” or “You never talk”. (Handle this awkward situation wrong and you’re dust. Here’s how to get the attention off of you and make everyone believe it was a joke at the same time! I love this one…) - pg. 112
  • Why shy people are afraid to wear cool or stylish clothes – what this means and how to overcome it. - pg. 112

Let’s Make This a No-Brainer For You

Bonus #1: How To Always Know What To Say Next ($9.95 Value)


Many of my clients have told me that this ONE report was worth the price of the entire program.

It’s easy to see why: Inside the report is the one technique I used to become great at talking to people, making small talk and carrying on long conversations.

How does it work? I discovered that most social people know one simple “trick” they use that allows them to always know what to say next.

Think about it: most of the best talkers out there aren’t that smart, they may not even have anything valuable to say most of the time. All they do is follow one simple technique that you may not have learned while growing up…but I’ve revealed the secret in this short report.

This report can change your life. I’m not kidding – what if you never had to face another awkward pause where you didn’t know what to say ever again?

Here’s some of what else is inside:

  • How to stop your mind from going blank in tough social situations(This includes group conversations.)
  • The amazing psychological technique you can use to make conversations last for hours…and enjoy it!
  • Awkward pauses — Why they happen and a foolproof technique to prevent them.
  • I’ll show you a technique that will GUARANTEE you never run out of things to say.(Have you ever seen someone that you wanted to talk to, but first had to make sure you had several topics of conversation you could talk about before you even walked up and said “Hello”? This technique will replace that behavior for GOOD.)
  • The simple technique normal people use without thinking that lets them talk endlessly about almost any subject! – pg. 4
  • What 3 things you must do if you want people to be interested in what you are saying…and not just brush you off! – pg. 6
  • A simple, “3-Step Threading System” that you can go through to get that perfect reply as you are talking to people, not hours later when’s it’s way too late! – pg. 7
  • The ONE thing that separates social people from shy people (This is the secret to how they’re able to have conversations with almost anyone…without having anything intelligent to say!) – pg. 9
  • The 4-letter word I use guarantee my mind never goes blank when talking! – pg. 10

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