The Secrets of the Optimal Salesperson

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The Secrets of The Optimal Salesperson

Turbo-charge Your Sales Performance and Your Income With The Secrets of The Optimal Salesperson


Learn the secrets traditional ‘sales training’ will never teach you — for less than the cost of a large coffee each day!
Introducing: The Secrets of the Optimal Salesperson
Complete Online Sales Performance Program
Do you suffer from any of these common selling problems?
Losing on price
Working too hard
Not making enough money
Too many cold calls
Constant put offs
Long sales cycles
Sales career stalled
Tired of being a bottom rung salesperson
Can’t qualify for higher paying sales jobs
Anemic pipeline
Always closing but never selling
Stalled deals
Wasting time with people who never buy
I’ll help you remedy these and many other uneccessary barriers to your success, and you can get started on all of them IMMEDIATELY.
To Fix These Selling Afflictions NOW

Techniques + Practice + Coaching = Optimal Salesperson
Each week in my work with Optimal Salespeople, I get the satisfaction of watching them blow past their limitations to achieve the dreams they have for themselves and their families.
Until the introduction of easy-to-use video and Internet technologies, the power of my program was limited to those I trained in person — in one-on-one and group coaching. This cost clients A LOT OF MONEY and limited the impact of this powerful program. Turning Optimal Salesperson lessons into more successful behavior takes practice, commitment and the encouragement and guidance I provide.
The GOOD NEWS is that these new digital tools enable me to reduce the cost of delivering my program, allowing me to help more soon-to-be Optimal Salespeople — like YOU.
This is IMPORTANT, because there is a secret to all successful improvement programs, whether you’re building a career or training for the Olympics. The secret is a combination of sustained effort, proper technique and effective coaching.
Reading even the very best book on golf or brain surgery won’t make you a PGA golfer or celebrity surgeon. So too, the secrets you learned in your 3 FREE videos are powerful, but you won’t tap all of that power without repetition and the input of coaches and mentors to keep you on course and help you overcome temporary discouragement..
To Tap Your Optimal Sales Potential

Highlights From Dozens of Huge Lessons
The Secrets of the Optimal Salesperson is a comprehensive program that challenges traditional sales orthodoxy. In it, you’ll learn:
Practical situation skills with ’How To” examples and role playing
A step-by-step system for effective prospect introductions
Making the ‘close’ a natural conclusion to an effective selling process
How to sell in any economy
Holding your prices in the face of reductions by competitors
A self-management system for achieving career and financial goals
Discover and overcome hidden self-limiting beliefs holding you back
Self-assessment tools to measure progress and keep you on course
Here’s What You Get
Instant on-line access to The Optimal Salesperson’s COMPLETE library of videos - more than ___ lessons covering every aspect of sales, salesmanship and sales management. This includes -
Uncovering buyer PAIN that will lead to sales
Getting past gatekeepers
Avoiding competitive bidding situations
Holding firm on pricing
Closing the sale BEFORE the presentation
Closing sales by pushing away the prospect
This is unlimited 24/7/365 access. You learn at your own pace and can return to watch any library video as many times as you wish.
Here’s How It Works
Sign up today and receive immediate access to the entire Optimal Salesperson library. When you enroll, you’ll receive an exclusive login and password via email. At the time of your enrollment, the credit card or PayPal account you elect to use will be charged $57.00. To keep your subscription active, we will conveniently charge the same credit card or PayPal account you use today $57.00 for each month you choose to remain a subscriber to The Secrets of the Optimal Salesperson. Enjoy your access but feel free to cancel - conveniently and immediately - at any time, for any reason.

These benefits alone will cost $75 per month when we launch the gold membership. As a reward for acting quickly, you can have these benefits included in your membership package at no additional cost.

PLUS: Get these additional bonuses!
Bonus #1: 3 NEW VIDEO lessons each month
Add continuously to your library of Optimal Salesperson strategies and tactics. My clients pay thousands of $$$ dollars each month, often flying me across the country, to deliver these lessons in person. But they’re yours as part of the Success Secrets of the Optimal Salesperson.
Bonus #2: Two live webinar workshops each month
Watch actual demonstrations of winning tactics, one-on-one role playing, and get your questions answered in real-time. Trade notes with and get support from other sales professionals. My group coaching clients pay $500 EACH to attend these sessions.
Bonus #3: The Optimal Salesperson Tool Kit
Keep yourself focused and on track to meet your goals with these essential on-line pipeline and productivity tools, developed over more than 20 years of helping people like YOU become Optimal Salespeople. Access to the Tool Kit is normally offered as an option to my training programs at $199 per year per trainee.
You can get IMMEDIATE access to all this. It’s Up TO You Now
If you want to STOP STRUGGLING against the barriers to Optimal Sales Performance . . . if you want to LEARN THE SECRETS of peak sales performance . . . if you want the INSIDE KNOW-HOW, SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT of one of the world’s leading and most successful sales coaches . . . if you want to REACH AND EXCEED THE FINANCIAL GOALS you’ve set for yourself and your family . . . then you need to act now.
Or you could continue to struggle in frustration and fail to reach your potential. The choice is yours — and so is the future!
Good Luck and Good Selling,
Dan Caramanico, Your Optimal Sales Coach
P.S. This week, I’ll be adding several exciting new video lessons dealing with common sales challenges you’re probably facing right now. Why not find out how to deal with them.

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Rating: 3.0/5 (1 vote cast)
The Secrets of the Optimal Salesperson, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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