Search Engine Empire - Your SEO Struggles are OVER

The Search Engine Empire

Dear Website Owner,

Like you may have, we started our first Websites with very little… ok NO prior knowledge of … well, ANYTHING related t0 SEO. We were just happy to actually tell our friends that we had a website… no matter how ugly it was.

As I’m sure you know, the time required to just learn the basics of getting your domain registered, getting the site hosted and figuring out how to edit the content etc. is huge in and of itself…

It takes time, but eventually we all realize… Search Engine Traffic is the BEST type of traffic you can get!

Just LOOK at the top websites in the World (below.) See all of the sites I circled? Those are Search Engines!

That’s right, out of the top 20 Websites in the World, NINE of them are Search Engines. That’s 45%!

It doesn’t take a genius to realize if you own a website you need to learn SEO!

But listen, there is also a bit of harsh reality… some bad news. Search Engine Traffic doesn’t just start flowing to your site because your site is good…

Top Search Engines Reserve Top 10 Rankings for Select Websites!

You aren’t alone if you own a website, or websites, that aren’t a part of that “select” group. As a matter of fact, there are MILLIONS of websites that the Search Engines just won’t give good rankings to.

And you know what? At one point, a while back, neither of us had a single website that the top Search Engines would give top rankings to… we know, it SUCKS!

That’s when we both got fed up! We were going to figure it out one way or another!

We went to the source… top SEO blogs, newsletters etc. and not only did we follow them, we actually established relationships with some of them… we picked their brains… we got the knowledge!

You know what though? It wasn’t enough. Our heads were FULL… even overloaded with all kinds of excellent SEO tips, techniques and advice, but we still didn’t achieve top rankings because although we had the knowledge, we didn’t even know where to start.

That’s when we got serious! That’s when we TOOK ACTION!


I don’t know if you’ve experienced a great deal of failure doing something, but it’s a horrible feeling. Working so hard on something… spending so much time… believing so much in something, only to fail, then fail again, then again, then again…

We both went through this very sad, painful… depressing stage.

But then, long after most people would have quit… just before WE were about to, we got to the point where we had found SO MANY WAYS to fail at SEO that we actually started to find SUCCESS!

Our page 10 rankings were actually page 1 rankings!

Our #9 rankings were closer to 1′s, 2′s and 3′s… we starting actually making money from this new traffic… we actually… FIGURED IT OUT!

You may have guessed what that triggered… confidence!

I don’t know about you, but when I find success I start thinking about how I can leverage it and that’s what we both started doing.

Instead of low competition, low paying niches, we moved to some of the most competitive phrases in the world!

Guess what happened?

Search Engine Empire - Your SEO Struggles are OVER

We Dominated Them… some of the Most Competitive Keywords in the World!

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Below you will find screenshots of a few of our many top rankings. As you can see, these are some of the most competitive keywords in the World:

Yep, those are actual, real screenshots showing a few of our top 10 rankings. Go ahead, open and do a search of your own.

You’re probably wondering how we did it, right? Well, we’re going to fulfill that curiosity in a big way.

But first, there are a few things you need to know about SEO that we learned through all of the previously mentioned failure we faced:

Out of the thousands of different pieces of SEO information floating around on forums and blogs, only a handful of them are both accurate and necessary!

Although it is extremely cliché to say it, there are no magic bullets or closely guarded secrets to making it to the top of the SE’s.

There are only a few very important things you need to know. Don’t be a victim of “information overload” because you don’t need to be!

Most SEO products on the market today fill your head full of CRAP that was created just because it sounds good… not because they want you to rank well.

You now know the four primer facts… you are now ready to learn what it really took for us to obtain top 10 rankings for some of the most competitive phrases in the World.

What we’ve done is compiled all of the knowledge we’ve personally used to obtain the rankings mentioned above into a few PDF documents for easy reference.

“The Search Engine Empire!”

We’ve created the main guide explaining the process and complimented it with Josh’s very own “Ultimate Link Building Report” which lays out every effective link building technique there is. We then create an “Action Plan” which you will use to actually put everything into place.

“The Search Engine Empire” is unlike any other SEO info-product on the market!

Instead of creating something full of “perceived value” we’ve created something with “ACTUAL” value! How’s that for a change?

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“Josh and Shaun;

I just put down Search Engine Empire — and I cannot wait to tell my readers about it.  This guide is perfect for all of the lost internet marketers out there that have been fumbling around looking for magic traffic tricks but are still struggling to figure out how to get their websites ranked.

I love this guide because there are no tricks.  You have created just what it needed — a clear description of what it takes to get a website site ranked in Google.  Guys, I know this will help a lot of people over that last hump to profitable websites.  The Action Plan bonus is my favorite part of this guide.  What people usually need to cut through the clutter is a good plan — and you have provided that

This guide and the action plan, together with the The Ultimate Link Building Report bonus (TULBR is awesome, by the way), might just be the only SEO resource a internet marketer would ever need.

Thanks for “keeping it real.”  Great job.”
- Mark Mason
“It is great to finally find an SEO product that delivers as promised. I’ve spent so much money on SEO products that I eventually realized were created ONLY to make money… off of me!

The techniques within The Search Engine Empire have earned me top 10 Google rankings, period! It is obvious that this product was created with the success of the reader in mind, rather than sugar-coating things that you might not want to hear.

Did my rankings happen overnight? no. Did it take a little work? yes. But Josh and Shaun actually practice what they preach and their advice is paying off in a big way.”

Thank Guys!
- Leslie Snider
“Wow, you really didn’t leave any stone unturned here. You definitely revealed a few of those “ahaa” moments.

Plus the action plan you included is REALLY easy to follow.

With these strategies it’s easy to see how it’s less work and better results than what most people are getting.”

- Victor Edson

(Results are not typical. Individual results will vary.)

A similar product full of “perceived value” would be jam-packed full of “techniques” that sound AWESOME, but in reality are ineffective. It would downplay the important factors because some people don’t want to hear that some things take time and some things take work.

We filled it full of everything you really, truly need to know in order to obtain rankings like those that we have obtained.

So if you like extremely valuable, laser-targeted traffic and LOTS of it don’t pass up this opportunity to download everything you will ever need to know in order to grab some of the most impressive rankings in the World, just like we have!

Listen, if you really think about it, one top 10 ranking can pay for this investment in one day!

We’ve made thousands of dollars from our top search engine rankings and we have no doubt that if you purchase this product, read every word and truly put it into action for yourself, you can have very similar results!

So act now and start Dominating some of the most Competitive Phrases in the World, just like we have!

Order Now to Start YOUR Search Engine Empire built on the most Competitive Phrases in the World!

To Your SEO Success!
Josh Spaulding & Shaun Connell

P.S. This could VERY WELL be your last SEO related investment, EVER! Within the documents of this product you will find everything you need to know in order to dominate the search engines and NONE of what you do not need to know!

Search Engine Empire - Your SEO Struggles are OVER

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