Sat Math Guide - The Video Course

Sat Math Guide - The Video Course

“Here’s Your Chance To Skip The Struggle & Master The SAT Math In 3 Days Or Less
…100% Guaranteed!”

Get The Edge, Learn EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Math To Ace Your SAT, With The Ultimate Video Tutor Course - Guaranteed To Give You The Results You Need, Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

From: Soren Jordansen
Date: Saturday, March 05, 2021

If you are sweating over preparations for your SAT, this may well be the most important letter you will ever read.

Don’t worry you’re not alone… All across America (and indeed the world) millions of young people are getting ready to take their SAT, ACT or similar tests (they are all really the same).

Most students are at the very least nervous about taking the test… and for good reason.

You can argue the sanity of judging young people’s abilities by a single test - but like it or not… fact is, that’s how it’s mostly done.

A good SAT score can open a lot of doors… Sadly the opposite is true as well!

In my many years of helping people just like you, prepare for (and succeed on) their SAT - I’ve come across another fact…

Every year over 2 million students take the SAT test. Guess which subject gets voted as the most difficult to prepare for? You guessed it, math!

The math portion of the SAT is what throws most people off, and it scares the living daylight out of others - to the point where they forget everything else they know.

But no matter if you are in that category or if you are just looking for a little extra oomph while preparing for your test - I’m here to tell you:

Don’t Panic!

That’s right, there’s absolutely nothing to fear.

Acing the math and getting a great SAT score is within everyone’s reach - and I’m here to show you how.

Fact 1: SAT is a standardized test and that makes it all the easier. With the right preparation you will know exactly what to expect and never be in doubt about what to do or how to answer the questions.

Fact 2: Most SAT Math questions are designed to be solved in less than a minute! Yes it’s that easy - if you know how! But don’t worry - I’m going to show you…

Fact 3: You don’t need to be a Math genius to score well on the SAT. The videos below clearly explains every SAT Math topic while showing you practical, time saving strategies for answering even the most difficult SAT Math questions.

Your Easy Solution…
For Sending Your SAT Math Score Through The Roof!

Working with another mathematician, who also owns a math tutoring company, I have put together 84 videos to help you understand the various subjects covered in the math section of the SAT…


The Ultimate SAT Math Guide 

84 High Quality Step By Step Videos Covering All Possible Topics In The Math Section Of The SAT

Delivered In A Professional, Yet Relaxed, Easy To Follow, Step By Step Manner - To Make Absolutely Sure You Are Ready To Ace Your Test!

If it’s in the SAT Math part - These videos cover it…period! And they will prepare you to correctly answer all the questions about…


Algebra Factoring Geometry
Cartesian Plane Proportions Word Problems
Pythagorean Theorem Problem Solving Percentages
Function Notation Volume & Surface Area

And each main topic is divided into bite sized videos, making it easier for you to digest the information (and more importantly remember it for the big day).

And there is no fluff or fillers!

Each topic is explained with the SAT in mind, focusing on the things you need to know, without adding to the confusion.

Here’s an example for you - the introduction video in the Cartesian Plane section - press play below to watch.

Note that video and sound quality has been reduced for
this demo player - full HD quality available inside.

All 84 videos can be streamed from inside your members area, using our player - works on any computer and operating system.

Or if you prefer you can download the videos to your own computer, watch them from your desktop or stick them on for example your iPad or iPhone.

Click Here To Grab Your SAT Math Guide Video Course Now!

The videos are great and I’m really proud of them…

…but I want to make absolutely sure you get the most out of them, and I want to help you nail that SAT!

So if you order today, we’re also going to toss in…


That’s right… You get real examples of SAT Math tests complete with answer sheets, so you can apply, test and check what you learn from the videos, and…

Show up for your SAT truly prepared, confident and ready to rock!

This Is Better Than Hiring A Tutor…
And Of Course Much Cheaper!

Don’t get me wrong - hiring a personal math tutor can be great. But unfortunately most parents and students just don’t have the spare cash to hire a tutor.

And I would argue that this video course is a better solution anyway, because…

You can follow your own schedule, watch and learn as fast or slow as you need… When and how you want to - on the couch, riding the bus, sitting in the sun - doesn’t matter.


You can pause, stop and rewind the videos as you desire - trying doing that to a tutor :) And you can play them as many times as you like. Unlike with a tutor you will always have access to the members area and you can stream or dowload the videos as many times as you like.


I can guarantee you that the Pythagorean Theorem is going to be the same in 10 years from now… These videos will stay relevant, and you can always dust them off whenever you need a refresher, or maybe pass them on to a younger sibling.

Now I realize that you might be left with some questions, so allow me to answer the three most frequently asked…

Q: Will this only work for SAT?

A: No certainly not. While this video course was put together with SAT preparation in mind, the videos will also work of you are taking the ACT (or any other test with math for that matter) - or of you just need a quick and easy math refresher.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: Nope, the SAT Math Guide video course is yours for a low one time fee only. There isabsolutely no extra cost, hidden rebilling or any of that nasty stuff.

Q: How is this different from other SAT preparation courses online?

A: First of all we focus on the math. Math is a language of logic and it doesn’t change - perfect for a video course like this. Quite frankly anyone who claims that you can learn to write essays by watching a video are full of **** - but these videos can and will teach you what you need to know to ace the SAT Math, no more - no less!

Without bragging too much I’m pretty sure I can say that this is the best SAT Math preparation course online - and it’s certainly the cheapest I have seen.

And I have deliberately made it so, because I want to help as many students as possible!

But before we get to the price, let us just recap what you are getting today…

You get all 84 SAT Math training videos covering all possible SAT questions. These videos are brief, to the point - they literally take you baby step by baby step and there’s no fluff or filler so you learn what you need to learn fast and ace your test. $497 Value
You get the SAT Math preparation test with full answer sheets So you can test, check and practice what you learn from the videos and be fully prepared for your SAT. $197 Value
Unlimited access & downloads Access your member’s are, stream or download the videos, take tests etc. as often as you like. Today, tomorrow or 3 years from now, you get unlimited access for a low one time fee. Invaluable
The best possible SAT score. With the option to determine your own future, apply to any college and maybe even get a free scholarship! Invaluable

But that’s not even the best part…

The best thing is… I’m covering you with an amazing guarantee:

60 Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

I’m so confident that once you get your hands on the SAT Math Guide video course, you’ll never want to let it our of your hands again!

But… if for ANY reason at all (within 60 days) you decide this course is not for you. Then simply send me a support ticket for a full refund

… no questions, no hassles no arguments! We’ll walk away friends. And that’s my promise to you!

Soren Jordansen

Guarantees like that don’t come along every day…

Neither does powerful video courses like this…

So we need to talk about price.

And you’re probably wondering…

What’s The Price Tag On The SAT Math Guide - Right?

Well the truth is, I could charge what I intended to charge, which was the original $497 for the videos alone (and yes they are worth that). But that kind of leaves almost everyone out in the cold and it really isn’t fair…

…and as I said I want to help as many students as possible.

In fact, I’m not even going to charge half that…

If you act right now…

I’m going to practically give you the whole thing for $197$97 Just $47…

And that includes all the videos, tests, answer sheets and unlimited access

Fair Warning Though!

This is a limited time offer…

This is not a gimmick - I fully intend to increase the price soon as the course is worth far more than the $47 I’m charging today!

If you leave this page now and come back later, I can not guarantee that you can still get this “early bird discount”!

Take action today and secure your discount - you owe it to yourself, to go after the best possible SAT score, at the lowest possible cost!

Click the button below to lock in your unlimited access for just $47, before the price goes up for good…

Regular Price $197 Today $47 

Order online safely and securely
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used
You’ll receive your order instantly even if it’s 2 am!

You will only be billed $47 today - There are no hidden fees!


See you inside,

Soren Jordansen

P.S. If you’re serious about learning the math necessary to get a great SAT score, then I’ll be really serious with you - you owe it to yourself to get in immediately…

P.P.S. Remember… you have my 100% Risk Free 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee - if the product is not exactly as it is stated here and you are unsatisfied - I’ll refund your money… and we can still be friends. Yes, I Want To Place My Order Now!

P.P.P.S. If you order the course before March 8, 2021, it’s yours risk-free for an incredibly low fee of just $197 $47. Act now and lock in your one time low introductory price before I increase the price - Give Me Access To The Members Area Now!

Sat Math Guide - The Video Course

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