Capture His Heart Again by Michael Fiore and Claire Casey

It’s called Capture His Heart Review and it’s a training Michael Fiore put together a while ago that teaches you the 7 secret “signs” that a guy is really into you (or not.)

One of my favorite parts of the video is when he explains the difference between what men mean by the word “Love” and what women mean by the word “Love” and why this difference of definition creates a Grand-Canyon-sized gap between us . . .

And a lot of broken hearts. And a lot of angry women and confused men.

Now, full disclosure, at the end of the video he tells you all about “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You” program . . .

It’s a good one that’s changed a lot of women’s lives.

And if you want to really understand men then you should make sure you listen to everything I say about it.

So we had a fantastic time at the wedding this weekend. My girls really enjoyed themselves and even got up to dance without me on the dance floor!! The reception was held at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa and it was beautiful. I forgot to take pictures of the girls and their fitness outfits, but here is hubby’s and mine.

But you’ll get a lot out of the video just by watching the first 20 minutes or so where I lay out the 7 questions and explain the truth about love.

The “holiday” dreads?

If you’ve got a great man in your life (a man who really loves you, adores you, will do *anything* for you) then this is really a great time of year.

But if not . . .Well, it’s awful.

It’s awful to watch other women laugh with their husbands and boyfriends while you sit on the sideline, pretend everything is “fine” and trying to drown your loneliness in fruit cake.

But you know what? It’s actually not too late.

It’s not too late (yet) to get your husband or boyfriend back so you can have Christmas and New Year’s together (even if he won’t even talk to you now. Just a few of the right texts is all it takes.)

All you have to do is go watch this video to learn how you can use simple little text messages (messages thousands of women have used before you) to get your ex to forgive you for everything. . . wrap you in his arms . . . beg you to be his (and only his again.)

Last night I was on the phone with a woman – a mother of two who was just raving and saying “Mike, your Text Your Ex Back is a miracle.”

But it’s not. It’s just powerful human psychology in the palm of your hand.

Go watch this video to hear what “Text Your Ex Back” is all about . . .