Quiltilated Window Shade by Gloria Ayala

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Quiltilated Window Shade


If you’re here you may have already heard about the Quiltilated Window Shade and how easily one can create something beautiful and practical at the same time. Friends and family will adore this unique shade as it will add beauty and charm to your home. Furthermore, its insulated design will help to fight off winter’s chill and summer’s heat.

In the early 1980s I made this shade as part of my work, but recently I realized with its artistic and pragmatic use anyone should be able to make this shade. Therefore, I wrote the “Basic Window Shade Instructions,” for the Quiltilated Window Shade. You are only moments away from crafting your very own Quiltilated Window Shade – just click the button on the right and purchase my detailed instructions for only $15.00.

My business partner and I developed the Quiltilated Window Shade in the early 1980s while sewing for Interior Designers. Eventually I closed my work room and headed in a different direction with my career. That was 30 years ago. Three years ago I retired from working in education and fell in love, once again, with quilting. Several months ago I decided to bring the Quiltilated Window Shade back to life. My shade is different from other window shades as I take it a step further by adding beautiful machine quilting to each and every shade.

I am now an avid piecing quilter who is also a long arm quilter. Through my quilting experience I have met so many wonderful people who like to sew and display their creations. The Quiltilated Window Shade gives seamstresses, quilters, and artisans that opportunity. Even someone new to sewing can make the Quiltilated Window Shade by following my basic shade instructions.

These instructions are easy to follow. I am available by email should you have any questions. I am developing supplemental material which will teach a variety of sewing techniques that can be used for your Quiltilated Window Shade. However, for right now, all you need to get started is the basic shade instructions.

When you’re finished making your shade, take a moment to send an email telling about your project.  I would love to hear about the shade you have created. Have fun, use your design imagination but most of all enjoy the experience!

Quiltilated Window Shade by Gloria Ayala

Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m new to sewing, will I be able to make this shade?”

Yes, the instructions are very easy to follow, just read them through at least once before you begin and be sure to read the glossary so you can familiarize yourself with the terminology.

“I live in a state that has warm weather, the batting may be too much. Can the shade be made without batting?”

Yes, the shade can be made without batting, but if you want the shade to be quilted simply quilt the two layers of fabric together without batting. You could use a light interfacing also.

“I have a window that gets a lot of sun, will my shade fade?”

If it were my shade I would use a batting with Mylar. The Mylar helps to protect against heat. I would also use a light colored lining and stay away from a colorful one. All window treatments can fade over  many years of exposure to the sun.

“My friends and I would like to take a class to learn to make these shades, is one available?”

Yes, right now I am teaching locally in Southern California, however, if you would like me to come to a store near you please make a request at your local quilt store to invite me to teach.

“What is the best fabric to use and where should I buy it?”

Quiltilated window shades can be made from most fabrics. However a tight weave is important.  You can certainly buy 100% cotton at your local quilt store or go to a fabric store that specializes in designer fabrics.  Designer fabrics with the wider width are very good but may be a little more costly,

“Where can I buy the hardware?”

Most large craft or hardware stores sell most of the items needed. You can buy your dust board at a local lumber yard which may also have some of the hardware and the weight bar. On my website you can find a link for buying a hardware kit, dust board and weight bar excluded.  The hardware kit I sell has enough supplies for a shade that measures up to 3ft  x 4ft. Anything larger and you will need more than one kit.

“I have a 6ft sliding glass door and I would like to make a shade for it, but I’m afraid it will be very heavy to pull up. Is there a solution for this?”

Yes, for windows over 5 feet long I recommend making two shades. For your window I would make 2 shades, 36”wide by the length, and install them about one half inch apart in the center. If you don’t like seeing the small gap between the shades you can add a piece of fabric to hang loosely over the gap from the dust board to the floor. The shade will pull up behind it.

“I want to make a shade that will tie in with the décor in my daughter’s room but I want to use a quilt block design. How can I go about this?”

Start with graph paper and draw the shade according to the finished measurements.  Then using a block design you like start filling in the graph paper drawing according to how you want the finished shade to look.  It’s much easier to make changes on paper than after you have started cutting or sewing with your cloth.  Remember to allow for the extra fabric you will need in your pre-quilted measurements.  It would be nice to use fabric that matches pillows or the bedspread in your daughter’s room. That would tie everything in nicely.

“I want to do a whole cloth shade but even with the quilting I think it might look a little plain. What could I do to spruce up the shade?”

Try adding a little trim to your shade. You can also add a coordinating color fabric to your shade by sewing strips down both sides before quilting (see front cover of pattern). You could also make a very cute valance to cover the top of your shade.  You’ll find lots of ideas in decorator magazines.

Please send any questions you might have to Gloria (at) quiltilatedwindowshade.com and I will do my best to answer you in a timely manner.

Gloria Ayala

Quiltilated Window Shade by Gloria Ayala

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