Online Dollar Signs - Making Money With a Blog

Online Dollar Signs - Making Money With a Blog


Making Money With a Blog

Increase your blogging income! Our easy blogging system creates original monetized niche blogs based upon keyword choice.

You Know You Need a Website….

But where do you start?

You know that you want to earn a little extra on the internet, but you don’t know where to begin. Plus, with the “new normal” economy, any extra income you can produce for yourself can be a huge security blanket and the internet is teeming with potential new money making ideas. So what tools do you need to create some “new money” for yourself online? Your going to need the following things for a quality blog that makes you money.

* URL – aka domain name
* HOSTING – with email
* DESIGN – how it looks
* CONTENT – or products
* MONETIZATION – additional revenues
* MARKETING – advertising your site
* UPKEEP – keeping them coming back

All those things cost money. Sometimes a lot of money. Here is a run down of current costs for the most essential parts of a business website. A Domain Name can cost anywhere from $12-$20. Hosting will run you about $50.00 and site design can be as little as $100 to upwards of thousands of dollars. But your not interested in spending money, your into making it! You want to make sure you are getting maximum value for your dollar. That’s why we developed a package that will give you a custom designed monetized blog with the topic of your choice, hosting, email, logo design and FREE site design!
So What’s The Catch?
Yes, there is always a catch. You must provide the topic, domain name, and your affiliate ID’s. Once you checkout, you will be provided a form to input this information and within 36 hours we will notify you by email that we have finished and you will have a blog ready to promote and post. Imagine a way for anyone, no matter how limited their knowledge of blogs or computers, to earn extra cash with their own blog. If you only remember one thing from this remember you can earn money blogging online and we can help!

Online Dollar Signs - Making Money With a Blog

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