Making Up Or Moving On - Get Your Ex Back

Making Up Or Moving On

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Dear Friend,
Does anything hurt quite as much as a lost love?
When a relationship breaks up, it’s common for the people involved to look for any way possible to rekindle the flames and find a way to make up and get back together. And if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you or someone you care about is going through this “Love Pain” right now.

If you’ve split up with someone you have loved…and now lost… along with the pain and loneliness…you might be wondering how, and even if you should try to get your ex back.

I know …because not long ago that was me.

When I wasn’t “suicidally” depressed or watching infomercials while on one of my
regular all night benders…when I was exhibiting some traces of sanity… I was
searching desperately for anything that would help me get back with my ex.
For months I searched… devouring every bit of information on relationships and
reconciliation that I could get my hands on. I even sought counseling because
everything I read and everyone I talked to seemed to be pointing the finger for my
ex leaving squarely at ME!
Maybe they were right….

I felt as bad and as worthless as a person could. My self esteem was shot…I literally
couldn’t breathe without my ex.

And then finally in my darkest hour I stumbled upon “The Way” that finally
allowed me to:

Get my ex back without resorting to coercion and manipulation techniques designed to trick my ex into coming back
Release the pain of the past that was keeping me stuck in the pain of my broken relationship
Restore my self esteem and belief in myself so I could finally be my true self in my relationships
And best of all… not just for me but everyone who cared about me… I got my life back…..

Not only did I get back with my ex I did it without…

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Needing to pressure her or trick her into getting back together with me.
Playing the blame game making her (and me for that matter) feel bad about why our relationship failed and who was at fault
Spending thousands on “lie on the couch and tell me about your mother” therapy

In a moment I’m going to reveal how I found my way out of the pain of my
relationship breakup…but first you need to know

I know what it’s like to feel like your life is truly over and not knowing if you’re even going to be able to get out of bed in the morning…
I know what it feels like to pray for sleep just so your mind can let go of the agonizing thoughts you can’t stop yourself thinking…
I know what its like to wish for something bad to happen to you in the hope that your ex will realize how much they love and need you and come running back into your arms…
I know what it’s like to gorge yourself with food and alcohol just so you can feel something….ANYTHING…other than the pain of your broken heart…
I know how it feels to simply not care about anything or anyone and vowing to never care about anyone or anything ever again…
And most of all… I know what it feels like to be so utterly and hopelessly focused on finding the miracle solution that will magically make it all go away and bring your ex back to your side

But you know despite all of that and everything else I went through ….and you’re going
through now…I’m here to tell you that while your situation may be desperate it is not
hopeless and it’s not all doom and gloom

Believe It !

No matter how bad your relationship is now there is hope for you and your ex – it is
possible to fix your broken relationship with your significant other and to not only
get back with them but to have an even more passionate and loving relationship with
them than you ever had before.

It’s true sometimes relationships run there course and end. If you find your worst
fears come true and it is really over between the two of you…then you need to know
that there is a way to heal and move on. As unbelievable as that may sound to you
right now.

Now is the time to think about what you want to do and what you’re going to do to
fix this problem.

If you’re experiencing feelings of fear and anger… frustration… sadness & loneliness and are scared to death that you’ll never be able to get back with your ex and have the kind of loving relationship you used to have and you’re truly interested in rekindling the
fires of your relationship with your ex… or… knowing if you should cut your losses and
move on to an even better relationship then you really need to read on.


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There is an amazing new product called,

that covers everything you need to know about how to repair even the most damaged relationship with your ex and get back together with them….or….know with absolute certainty that it’s over and discover the strength within you to let them go and get on with your life.

Imagine being able to end the feelings of pain and loneliness you’re feeling now that you and your ex are apart. How good would that be?
What if you could know & understand the specific reasons why the two of you have
broken up and learn specific strategies that will allow the two of you to make up and
have an even more loving and passionate relationship… now and in the future.

How would that feel if you could start doing this …right now?

Imagine being able to know for sure if they are “The One” or if you should let them
go and then knowing exactly how to do that so both of you can move on quickly and
painlessly. It truly is possible, but you need to know how.
You need to know that there are effective ways to get your ex interested in you again
and to win him or her back. In the game of love, there are certain things that you
must do and must not do in order to reunite with your ex.

You might be surprised because some of them aren’t that obvious or might even seem
to be the complete opposite of what you think you should do! Don’t make mistakes
with love, and don’t try to get your ex back until you know what you’re doing and are
sure you’re doing all of the right things to make your ex love you and want to be with you again.

Above all don’t get discouraged, either. Rome wasn’t built in a day and making up
with your ex may take a little time…BUT….your situation is one that is full of hope!
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by learning the specific ways that are
proven to work and using all of them to bring your ex back to you!

Here is just some of what you will discover with “Making Up Or Moving On”

How to find the exact reasons why your relationship ended…if you don’t know why you split…it’s going to happen again…GUARANTEED!
The 3 steps you need to take in order to heal your relationship now… or move on
The little-known way to get over the pain or your partners cheating and learn to trust them again
5 proven steps to repairing any kind of relationship breakup
The first thing you MUST do before you go for a reconciliation
AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to Heal the “Love Pain” you’re feeling right now and start to re-build a bigger and better you that your ex wont be able to resist
4 proven strategies for getting your head together so you can do what you need to do to make up or move on

6 key personality traits that you must understand about your ex if you are to have any chance of getting back together again
6 key personality traits that you must understand about yourself if you are to have any chance of getting back with your ex
A simple strategy to ensure you have a smooth and stress free reunion
Discover how to make sure they “get the hint”… and know that you really want to get back together
How to stay cool, calm and collected and not scare your ex away
REVEALED! The hidden truth behind communicating effectively with your ex and 4 key communication road blocks that can stop your make up plans dead in their tracks
Your secret weapon for winning back your ex and keeping them…leave this out and your on your own!

The one question you must answer that will leave you in no doubt whether you should get back with your ex or move on

The Instant Emotional release technique that will eliminate painful emotions virtually as soon as you become aware of them

And this is just a small part of what you’ll discover in “Making Up Or Moving On -
How To Get Back With Your Ex Or Get On With Your Life” And this is why
you owe it to yourself… and your ex… to get yourself a copy of right now (in fact,
you can be reading in as little as 3 minutes from now!)
Because unlike other books and courses that teach you “How to get back with an ex”
“Making Up Or Moving On” addresses both the making up with your ex aspects of
reconciliation as well as the moving on aspects.

The very state of being unable to move on without your ex is the very state that will undermine any attempts at reconciliation
Just as the techniques you will learn in “Making Up or Moving On” are somewhat counter intuitive so too is the state of mind that you must be in, in order for any of what you will learn to work.
Put simply if you are in a state of needing a result so much that it’s a matter of life and death, that state of neediness will sabotage your efforts at getting back with your ex.
Fortunately the reverse is also true. If you want a particular result, but are not so attached to the outcome that you get in the way of it happening, then it’s much more likely to occur.
Put even more simply…

How exactly you do that is what the “moving on” part of the course is all about.

You see every section in this book is there for a reason. Along with the supplemental bonus modules you get with the course all the individual components are designed to fit together like the parts of a well oiled machine. A machine that is driving towards one outcome…..YOUR HAPPINSESS.

Whether that be back in the arms of your ex or not.
As far as how to get an ex back goes, while there may appear to be as many questions as there are broken relationships there are really only 2.
Firstly, we need to know how to repair even the most damaged relationship with our former partners and get back together with them ASAP..
Secondly, if our worst fear becomes our reality and the relationship really is over…we need to know how to recover and have the strength and specific know how to move on and start living our life again…excited about finding someone new and having even more passionate and loving relationships in the future.

Both of these questions are answered in great detail in “Making Up or Moving On” as well as virtually every question you can think of on the subject of restoring a broken relationship.

Personally, at my lowest point, I would have given anything to get my ex back. I would have paid any amount for someone to give me the answers that would get me out of the misery and heart ache I was experiencing.

And even though I was prepared to pay whatever it cost , I would still have to find someone that could give me those answers and teach me how to apply them. I invested a small fortune in finding those answers …so you don’t need to.

As someone who has been there I know what your feeling right now and I know that the specific information that you will learn in “Making Up or Moving On” will set you free from the pain of your broken relationship and separation from your ex… and place you in the strongest state to start taking action to get your ex back.

Everything you need is explained in detail. The course is written in plain English and is laid out in a logical and easy to follow format.
Which is why the “Making Up Or Moving On - A Guide To Getting Back With Your Ex Or Getting On With Your Life” is such amazing value at 37.00

That’s right 37.00, a small fraction of what it’s going to be worth to you…and what it has cost me to acquire.

“Making Up Or Moving On” and the bonus modules are digital products and are available for instant download when you place your order. This means you can be reading the secrets of “Making Up Or Moving On” literally within the next few minutes.

Please understand that this price will not be available for very long. My plan is to expand and update the material on a regular basis. As feedback and questions come in from users of the product I will answer those questions and add material as it is needed. As material is added the value will obviously increase as will the price.

As a purchaser of this product you are entitled to lifetime upgrades irrespective of when you purchase…BUT…the bargain price of $37.00 is available TODAY for a STRICTLY LIMITED TIME. SO YOU NEED TO ORDER NOW!

I’m sure you will agree that $37.00 is a small price to pay for being able to make up with your ex and get on with your life.

You also need to know that your investment in “Making Up Or Moving On” is 100% safe as the product comes with a Total Satisfaction Or Your Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason within 60 days of your purchase…or even if you don’t have a reason…you want a refund on your purchase…that’s what you get… a full no questions asked courteous refund. And you get to keep “Making Up Or Moving On” as our way of saying thank you for checking out the product.

For just $37.00 your getting everything you need to get your ex back and a 60 day 100% money back guarantee

Let me tell you what else you get so this will be an even easier decision for you to make.
In addition to the main “Making Up Or Moving On” manual you will also receive the following bonus modules. Each one of these bonus modules is a stand alone product in their own right that supplements the main material perfectly. You get these products as a bonus for ordering “Making Up Or Moving On“ today

This powerful bonus is the perfect supplement to “Making Up Or Moving On” and outlines a strategy that is all about YOU! Building a bigger and better you. A you that will not only be irresistible to your ex but will also be someone who feels very comfortable in their own skin. This report starts you on the journey of personal discovery and empowerment.
Why is this so important?

Well this may be a really bitter pill to swallow but unfortunately…right now… you aren’t enough for your ex.
If they dumped you …it’s obvious.
But even if you dumped them what’s also obvious is they had let the relationship deteriorate to a point where you didn’t want to stay…otherwise you wouldn’t have left.
And why would someone let a relationship deteriorate to that degree?
The simple but unfortunate truth is YOU WEREN’T WORTH HOLDING ONTO!

But you soon will be….

In “Build A Better You” you’ll discover:

A simple 5 stage strategy to give yourself a complete mental, emotional & physical makeover
Why, if you’re really serious about getting your ex back, the road to relationship recovery MUST start with YOU!
The powerful “Influencing From A Distance” strategy that will create irresistible curiosity in your ex about YOU!
How to have fun again with or without your ex
The critical lifestyle changes you need to make to recover from your broken relationship and get back with your ex
This is just some of what you will learn in “Building A Better You” and is yours FREE when you order “Making Up Or Moving On: How To Get Back With Your Ex Or Get On With Your Life” right now!

Before you start trying to get your ex back have you considered whether it’s in your best interest to do so. We don’t always pick what’s best for us and never more so than when we are in an emotionally vulnerable state like we are when we lose someone we love. When we are hurting we are in survival mode and will do whatever we can to get out of pain. Great short term move…terrible long term move.
In this module you get to examine the deeper aspects of your relationship by answering just 8 simple questions. How you answer these questions…about your ex and your relationship… will make crystal clear whether you should get back with your ex or if you should move on.
Are you beginning to see the value of this package to you in your current situation?

Here’s what is revealed:

Why accepting your ex as they are is the key
The most important question you need to answer yes to, to know for sure if you should get back together
Why you MUST focus on the future and not the past with your ex
The main requirement you must meet in order to rekindle your relationship
Why knowing why the relationship broke up is vital to a successful and happy reconciliation
If you want to save yourself from suffering a world of hurt in the future by getting back with someone you really shouldn’t have “Should I or Shouldn’t I” will set you straight.
Think you know your ex pretty well?
The fact that your ex is now your ”Ex” means that perhaps you don’t know them as well as you think you do.

If you knew them that well you would have seen the breakup coming and been able to do something about it before everything feel apart. The fact that you are separated means that there are some communication and understanding issues that you either didn’t address or simply weren’t aware of.

With “How To Get Your Ex Back For Good With The 4 Quadrant Personality Profiling System” you will get know and understand your ex and yourself better than you ever have before. Here are just some of the profiling “secrets” you will discover:
The 4 primary personality types need to identify to understand anyone within seconds.
The easy way to identify your ex’s personality type and what to do about it.
The deep unconscious communication strategies of your ex and how they know they are loved and understood
Discover the behaviour patterns of your ex and why they do what they do.
Specific “dating” strategies & tips you must use to help you reconcile with your ex
Why behavioural flexibility is so important when trying to get your ex back
How to quickly and easily get your ex to trust you again
Relationships often end for no other reason than one or both partners viewing and judging their partners actions through their own beliefs and values and lacking the awareness and flexibility to change.
Understanding how both of you tick as individuals, and how you tick in relation to each other, not only enhances your ability to communicate effectively with you partner it also leads to deeper levels of understanding and intimacy. Very good things if you’re attempting to reconcile with your ex.
As you’re thinking about it now how much could information like this increase your chances of renewing your relationship with your ex?

I’m sure you can see how valuable this material will be to you as you try to come to terms with the turmoil you are going through right now and go for a reconciliation with your ex.
Let’s recap exactly what you will get when you purchase today’s special offer “Making Up Or Moving On: How To Get Back With Your Ex Or Get On With Your Life”

Making Up Or Moving On: How To Get Back With Your Ex Or Get On With Your Life
Build A Better You
Should I Or Shouldn’t I: 8 Questions You Need To Answer To Know For SURE If You Should Get Back Get Back With Your Ex
How To Get Your Ex Back For Good With The 4 Quadrant Personality Profiling System

Today for just 37.00 you’re getting everything you need to:
Recover from the emotional pain of your breakup
Know exactly what to do to start winning your ex back
Develop yourself so that no matter what happens you will be ok & will be able to get on with your life
Discover how to make love the second time around with your ex so much better than the first

Everything you need is here…you just need to decide now if getting back with your ex is really that important to you… and order now.

Wishing you all the best on the road to rekindling your relationship with your ex

PS: By all means you can think about it. Think about another lonely night sitting by the TV wondering what your ex is doing and if they are missing you like you’re missing them. Think about a life without them and how right now you have the chance to do something about it and get back with your ex. Think about making a decision to stop thinking about what you’re missing and Take Action Right Now!!! to get them back in your arms where they belong.

PPS: Remember there is no risk for you when ordering “Making Up Or Moving On” You are completely covered with my no questions asked 100% 60 day money back guarantee. You get the results you want or you pay nothing and you get to keep the entire course with my compliments.

Making Up Or Moving On - Get Your Ex Back

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