Lose Weight Playing Golf - Reduce your Handicap And Your Waistline

Lose Weight Playing Golf - Reduce your Handicap And Your Waistline


The essential secrets all serious Golfers want to uncover…

How to Reduce your Handicap… 

and at the same time….

Remove unsightly Body Fat  from your Waistline”




Discover the simple method an ‘Obese Hacker’ followed to lose 110lbs and 10 strokes…

in just 9 months

Dear Fellow Golfer,

Please pay close attention because what I am about to share with you is very effective and powerful information.

Do You Want to…

Achieve the perfect golf swing?
Make long and accurate drives?
Conquer awkward shots?
Sink more putts?
Drastically reduce your handicap?
Burn off stubborn body fat?
Gain a lean firm stomach?
Experience the tremendous feeling of success?
Secure your future health and happiness?

If you answered YES to any of the above… You really will want to know how to make it happen.

What you are going to read will be so exciting and remarkable that you may find it difficult to restrain yourself from “turning cartwheels”.

For you are about to discover a truly amazing system that helped a flabby, out of condition middle-aged man lose over Seven Stones of ugly body fat in only nine months, whilst reducing his golf handicap by an incredible Ten Strokes.

Improve your Golf…

How can I Improve my golf performance?

Is that question always on your mind?

When you go out to play a round of golf… are you always hoping for a good score?

Well if you do, you are certainly in the majority.

How often does your outcome match what you had hoped for?

Do you usually shoot the scores you had envisaged before you teed off?

If not, do you ever evaluate where and how you could have improved things, saved strokes and avoided those catastrophic holes?

You don’t have to shoot par or complete a perfect game to have fun.

But the better you play…. The more enjoyable it becomes.

The game of golf is truly an individual sport. The basics are the same for everyone; however, due to the differences in people’s body types no two individuals will ever have the same golf swing.

Each person will have to adapt their bodies to perform a proper golf swing in their own way. Taking the time to develop your own method of playing golf will greatly improve your enjoyment and success at the game.

Practicing the basic fundamentals of golf until they are ingrained in your muscles will lead to confidence on the course, and that confidence will lead to much lower scores and intensify personal gratification.

If you are one of those golfers whose idea of a powerful golf swing is by making every effort to try and hit the ball as hard as possible, then you are guilty of one of the most common mistakes made by inferior golfers.

Trying to hit the ball as hard as you can will rarely give your golf swing power or the desired long drive. More often than not, you will note that your drive ends up disappointingly short.

In fact persistent efforts to hit the golf ball as hard as you can, will most likely end up giving you golfers’ elbow as you strain your unprepared muscles to achieve the desire of your heart.

There are two main reasons why this approach does not work in helping you achieve golf swing power.

Firstly golf clubs have all been cleverly and specially designed to accomplish various tasks. And among those clubs, there are several that will help you gain various degrees of golf swing powered long drives.

This is the reason why implementing the right technique, so that you hit the ball at the exact angle and in the correct way to gain your long drive, works so much better than sheer brute force.

Secondly there is a certain amount of strength and power that needs to be applied. This can only come from specific muscles that have been strengthened and conditioned to achieve consistent golf swing power.

So you need to discover how to increase your strength and flexibility, maintain power during rehabilitation and burn calories with Golf Specific Fitness Exercises.

If you are interested in learning exactly how to improve your game of golf, whilst developing a lean, strong and flexible body, then I have the perfect resource for you!…

Comprising numerous tips for you to implement immediately that will improve your golf performance considerably by shaving strokes off your score the very next time you play.

With this incredible and powerful data at your fingertips…you will discover how to  Reduce your Handicap…and, at the same time,  get rid of surplus ugly body fat.


Less Weight  =  Fewer Strokes

Next time you visit your local golf course… Stand back and observe your fellow players.  Take heed of the similarities that the competent golfers share and make a mental note of the limitations consistent among the hackers.

Now ask yourself this…

How many golfers could do with losing weight?

How many would improve their game by doing so?

How many have started weight loss programs only to give up and never get to enjoy the long-term effects?

The simple answer is more than you would think and this scenario is extremely common throughout the whole world.

I’m sure you do not want to be lectured about being overweight and the health implications it has on your body, but you should open your eyes to how you can accomplish weight loss without too much sacrifice or deprivation.

With the right approach, you can effortlessly lose weight..

and this is not an outrageous claim.

You could easily lose 5-10 pounds in just 30 days and keep it off permanently, without too much of a change in your current lifestyle. You just need a modicum of common sense to keep things simple and make only realistic adjustments.

To lose body fat, you need to incorporate sheer simplicity, plus ultimate science because understanding how to lose body fat comprises your awareness of BOTH concepts.

Now is the time to prepare your heart and mind for non-stop challenge, consistent focus, and utmost care.

I have just released my new ‘golf specific weight loss’ Ebook  “Reduce your Handicap… and your Waistline” and by following the advice therein, you’re going to be motivated to lose weight permanently just reading this simple, yet very effective and proven tutorial!

How I can Help You…

I will teach you my exclusive secrets of how to manage your own fitness regimen  from start to finish in an easy to follow format, that will give you all the necessary tools and confidence to lose weight and play better golf…    whilst at the same time maintaining confidence and peace of mind in what is generally regarded as a very stressful experience.





“Reduce your Handicap…

And your Waistline”

A revolutionary e-book course that’s jam-packed with knowledgeable facts, well-informed instructions, expert tips and practical hints.

It is the ultimate step-by-step tutorial and will establish the perfect foundation for you to achieve your aims.


You Will…


*   Improve the mechanics of your golf swing

A better golf swing is inevitable…for any golfer, with the right approach. It doesn’t matter about your age or ability. It’s a reality…and can happen very quickly! To achieve a better golf swing, you need to realize just how physically demanding it is on the human body as you swing the golf club at up to 100 mph. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

When you are swinging your golf club, you just need to relax and swing easily and reduce your power. Putting your feet closer together will also help reduce the strength of your swing. You should only use the amount of power that you are able to control. Accuracy, not power is the key to playing a good game. Distance will come from a clean, correct swing, not by how much power you generate. Tensing up when you are swinging your golf club will throw your balance off causing an inaccurate shot. Your club head should travel in a straight line with the ball. A smooth consistent swing with very little effort should be your goal. If the ball is hit correctly it will feel smooth and easy.

*   Put distance and accuracy on your drives

To hit longer drives is the dream of every golfer on the planet! Even professional players want to hit longer drives. But do you really know what it takes to dramatically improve your driving distance? I’ll bet your first answer will be an expensive new driver. Am I right? If not a driver…maybe to take more golf lessons. Am I getting warmer yet? If I still haven’t guessed right…perhaps, hit more balls at the driving range? Am I scorching hot yet?… 

The actual response is…”none of the above“….but you can easily find out the correct answer.

*   Conquer awkward shots

For some golfers, this is something that has to be dealt with more often than they would like. You know what I am talking about. Shots that throw you off balance or aren’t as simple as instruction videos or professionals make them look. You will learn some great ways to overcome the awkward shots.

*   Putt proficiently

Putting isn’t the sexiest thing to do on the golf course. It doesn’t draw a crowd around you like thunderous 300 yard drives do, but putting is the one area where you can immediately shave strokes off your golf game.

*   Undertake golf specific exercises

Too many golfers go to the gym, plop down on a machine and hope their game will get better. It hardly ever does.  You’ve always got to keep the mechanics of a proficient swing  in mind when undertaking a specific golf fitness exercise program.

*   Reduce your handicap

It’s when you start to play golf that you learn fastest. So if you have developed bad golfing habits today, you probably learned them when you first took up the game. But the good news is that anyone can break bad habits and learn good ones.

Now Take A Quick Look at What You’ll Find Inside…

In this brand new exclusive course, I unveil the following:

Five Golf Facts That Will Change Your Game Forever

Be the envy of all your golfing buddies and have them begging you to reveal your secrets.

Three Key Elements to Golf Specific Training

Develop your body to gain extra distance and enjoy lower scores.

Sixteen Basic Steps To Improving Your Swing

Add ten yards to your drives in your very NEXT round.

How to Achieve Successful Accurate Shots

Hit the ball longer, straighter and with more precision than you have ever thought possible.

Reduce Your Waistline As Well As Your Handicap

Build a body of granite with increased muscular strength, flexibility, power and endurance.


And as an interesting climax to the course,

a good friend of mine tells his heart-warming story:



an Obese Hacker


110lbs and

10 strokes

in just 9 months


Follow the step-by-step instructions and it becomes     almost impossible not to succeed.

I’ve found that this easy to follow approach has many advantages…

It is precise and easy to understand: There are genuine problems  nowadays with an unacceptable amount of worthless information… So each section is purposefully designed to be concise… but, at the same time,  both meticulous and thorough!. 

It includes documented examples to follow: Instead of giving you the usual “this is what I’ve learned” stocking filler stuff… I am going to thoroughly demonstrate exactly what you should do!

It builds gradually: As every phase complements its predecessor, it grows into an easy to follow tutorial…and increases your chances of actually doing something with it and seeing real results for yourself.

It becomes almost impossible not to succeed: You’ll soon discover that you don’t have to be a genius to grasp the essentials, uncover the secrets and ultimately reap the benefits.

It instils confidence and peace-of-mind: As you progress, you’ll sense your attitude transforming step-by-step because you will be following a simple systematic, methodical strategy.

If you do happen to be somewhat overweight and unfit, you will benefit greatly from this tutorial … but you certainly don’t have to be an obese hacker to improve your golf game… significantly reduce your handicap… and enhance your health and fitness levels.

However, if you perceive that you haven’t got the natural skill, willpower, confidence and inner determination to succeed, then…

The time has come for your perception to change.

Most people have the inherent ability to find some hidden strength within themselves… in order to combat the fear of failure… specially when it comes with the need to get rid of your unsightly ‘spare tyre’, improve your health and endorse your satisfaction in playing a competent round of golf.

It’s all about meeting that fear with inspiration and wisdom… And, my tutorial, will provide you with the Motivational Information you need.

The key is to acquire the facts gradually, which will begin to clear up many of the mysteries…Once you know how to identify potential disasters it will be easy to avoid them.

I will give you all the necessary tools, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm to succeed.

“Okay Paul, This sounds awesome, I really want to   follow your advice but how much will it cost me?”

Good Question. The simple answer is…Not as much as you might think.

But, before I astound you with an unbelievable offer, first do me a favour.

Before thinking how much it is going to cost you, consider how much it is going to save you?…How much would you pay for guaranteed peace of mind and your health and fitness?…What price would you put on the satisfaction of playing the round of your dreams?…

And then imagine…

How much more satisfying and enjoyable your life would be.

I would like “Reduce your Handicap… and your Waistline” to be accessible to everyone…I don’t want the price to be a limiting factor…stop you uncovering the exclusive information… and reaping the rewards.

I know of serious golfers who would bite my hand off to get this course at its original price.

However, for a limited time only, I am prepared to let you benefit from my tutorial for the cost of just a few decent golf balls.

All that I will ask for in return for a whopping 70% discount… is a truthful testimonial to endorse the product when it returns to its original price.

So Don’t Delay…Act Today

And instantly receive your copy for just $37


But Wait…..

I would like to make you an offer you just can’t refuse…

I am determined to enhance this deal.. so I have gathered together three additional Golf Improvement Guides, worth in excess of $200, to complement this tutorial… and I am prepared to give them away for FREE! …to everyone who purchases “Reduce your Handicap… and your Waistline” today!

These products are being sold right now, on their respective websites for real money… and you are getting them for FREE, if you purchase “Reduce your Handicap… and your Waistline” right this minute!

Take a look at these great bonus products you will receive at no extra cost when you purchase today




How To Make A Living Playing Golf With Amateurs!

Couldn’t make the Professional Tour if your life depended on it?

Now it doesn’t matter, you can still make a living playing golf.

You don’t have to be the best. You don’t even have to win to get paid!

Lots of people are currently making a handsome living just from playing golf for businesses and business executives.

How is this possible?

I’ll tell you, plus you’ll discover how to…

Stop paying to play golf!

Get PAID to do something you love!

Work on your game while on the clock!




Top Golf Clubs and Resorts in the World

You may be quite the golfer in your own neck of the woods, but how would you like to try your hand at a real challenge? Are you up for a great vacation as well?

If so, “Top Golf Clubs and Resorts in the World” is perfect for you! With detailed information on some of the best resorts, you’re sure to find a great place to stay and practice your putting.

Start Planning Your Next Vacation Now With Golf In Mind!

The next time you have time off from work, don’t waste it putting around your local golf course—be lavish and luxurious at one of the best golf resorts in the world!

This e-book will show you:

The best golf resorts in the world,

Valuable information on where to stay,

Where to eat and dine in style at the resorts,

The top recommended resort hotels


The information you need to find the perfect golf resort for you!






Playing Your Best Game of Golf at 60 and  Over

This book has the information you need to get started playing the game of golf. It is also great for those who love the game and have thought about playing. So whether you are an experienced player, but haven’t played in a while or you are a beginner who has never played this game. This book has the tips and the pointers to help you get started in the game.

Fitness and Health

To play the game of golf you need to get your body ready with golf specific exercises. These exercises will help you with your flexibility and range of motion. They will also give you strength and endurance.

There are certain snacks you should take with when playing a round of golf. Whether the game is just you and your buddies, or tournament play. The snack suggestions will keep your body fuelled so you can go all 18 holes

Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

The Health Benefits to playing golf

How to avoid injury

Seniors take a different approach to their game

Yoga a golf fitness program

Use Yoga for problem area

Seniors need good nutrition

Shopping for Lessons

Tips on Warm-ups

How about that swing

Improve your putting

And a lot more!


“I Am Giving You Absolutely Everything

You Could Conceivably Need…”

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a competent healthy golfer… or are presently struggling to become one… you’re going to be shocked by how simple it is to accomplish!

And there is lots, lots more besides. I insist on supplying you with absolutely everything you could conceivably need to make this work for you. I have left nothing to chance in my mission to ensure your success.

I hope you are starting to see the awesome potential of all this by now. Unlike most ‘Golf  and Health Improvement Tutorials’ that leave you bewildered, you must know this can work. The evidence is all around you… you know that millions of people worldwide lose weight and improve their sporting prowess on a regular basis.

And common sense must tell you that most of those people are ordinary men and women. They succeed, so why not you too?   Especially when I am offering you what I believe to be the Most Comprehensive & Healthiest Golf Specific Fitness Course.

But I wouldn’t want you to just take my word for it…

“I Guarantee Everything I Have Said Is True…”

I know I’ve made some pretty impressive claims in this letter… claims about my success … and claims that you can succeed too. I appreciate that, despite all I have said… despite the inspirational life story I am including to prove this to you… you may still be sceptical or have some lingering doubts.   So I’ll guarantee that everything I have said is true…



NO RISK 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

I am so convinced you will be amazed and captivated by what you find in “Reduce your Handicap… and your Waistline” that I absolutely guarantee it.

And I’ll make it very straightforward…

If you feel that this tutorial does not meet with your expectations… fine, just let me know by sending an Email to: pauljosephgolf@aol.com WITHIN 60 DAYS and I’ll refund your $37 in full.


And you are welcome to keep the course, as a thank you for trying it out… Also you’ll still end up with over £200 worth of bonus merchandise… In other words, I’ve removed all the risk, so you really do have nothing to lose by at least taking a look.


So…in conclusion

You Do Want to improve your golf swing!

You Do Want to make long and accurate drives!

You Do Want to master awkward shots!

You Do Want to sink more putts!

You Do Want to drastically reduce your handicap!

You Do Want to burn off stubborn body fat!

You Do Want to gain a lean firm stomach!

You Do Want to experience the tremendous feeling of success!

You Do Want to secure your future health and happiness!

And You Really Must…


Discover the simple method an ‘Obese Hacker’ followed to lose 110lbs and 10 strokes…

in just 9 months



Because You Really, Really Do Know…

This is the perfect resource for you!

With this incredible and powerful data at your fingertips…you will discover how to  Reduce your Handicap…and, at the same time,  get rid of unwanted ugly body fat .

Please consider this for a moment… “Reduce your Handicap… and your Waistline” sells on its own as a standalone product for $99.

Yet it is only a small element of a HUGE package comprising another three bonus merchandise worth in excess of $200

And I am offering it all today , fully inclusive, for only $37

So Don’t Delay Order Today to take advantage of this incredible price offer.

YES I want to secure my copy of “Reduce your Handicap… and your Waistline” right now…
YES I understand once my payment is approved, I will be taken to a special download page where I will gain instant access to the Tutorial E-Book and all bonus guides…
YES I realise I’m completely protected by your 30-day Iron Clad money back Guarantee, so there’s zero risk on my part…



Please Note: This is a downloadable digital product. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering.  

Clicking the above order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online payment processor of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a download page to download your product as well as the free bonus books.

If you have any queries you need answering prior to downloading this product please do not hesitate to contact me at:



Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Yours for a healthy and enjoyable life,

Paul Joseph

P.S. Remember discovering How to Reduce your Handicap… and your Waistline is COMPLETELY RISK-FREE. If for any reason whatsoever you feel it is not for you, simply email WITHIN 60 DAYS and you will receive a FULL REFUND…and even then you can keep your free bonus merchandise worth over £200 as a thank you for at least giving it a look.

P.P.S. If you only use merely one small section from my tutorial and it shaves you just a few pounds and a few strokes…wouldn’t it still be worth the paltry $37?   But, with everything you are receiving, this small investment in yourself is guaranteed to pay for itself many times over!

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