Local Business Marketing Machine

Local Business Marketing Machine


Does Looking At Your Bank Account Scare You?
Maybe You Weren’t Meant To Work For Someone Else?
Find Out How I Went From Broke To Blessed
In No Time With A Simple To Use System.?
From: Jason C. Maxwell
RE: I am giving away my business!
Let’s face it, if you have looked for work lately you know as well as I do that it is next to impossible to find a job. Either no one is hiring or they don’t need the skills that you offer.

It can be REALLY frustrating, especially when you look at your bank account and see it dwindling to nothing.

I have been in that exact place in my life where I just didn’t know what to do. I had no idea where to turn. That is why I am writing to you today…

This is my old, one room trailer…it wasn’t long ago, I was living there,
AND it wasn’t even mine I was renting.
Then I figured out this easy to use system…

Local Business Marketing Machine

This is my new 4 bedroom house, I bought it in my name.
I cannot promise you Ferraris…and 10 bedroom mansions. What I can tell you is that if you follow the step-by-step program that I have laid out here in this opportunity you will see a HUGE change in your quality of life, just like I did!

Making Money Online Can Seem Really Hard
Maybe Even Like A Fantasy…
Something Only Certain People Can Make Happen.

Have you ever looked around online and realized that there are a lot of people making their living in their PJ’s working from home because of some website or special skill that they have? Have you ever wanted to be your own boss and make money from home like them, but realized after a while it was a lot of hard work and no results.

Countless people have tried to make money online and have failed. Maybe you have even tried other programs and experienced failure yourself. Have you felt like the internet money making schemes you have seen in the past only made their creators rich and no one else?

Have you ever wished you could find someone to train you that would actually care about your results?

That’s The Exact Reason Why I Created Local Business Marketing Machine!

You see I was in your shoes, I had tried and failed countless times at making money online. I was tenacious and tried really hard, but none of the things that I tried seemed to work for me. I was starting to think maybe I wasn’t cut out for this. That is when I accidentally found out how easy it can be to get local businesses to pay you to market for them online.

After having success after success I decided that I needed to tell someone about what I am doing to be so successful. That is why today I am GIVING MY BUSINESS AWAY TO YOU!

Don’t waste valuable time, get started now!

Today I Am Going To Give You My Business Secrets And Catapult You To Success So You Can Work From Home Like Me

Step By Step Training On How To Get Businesses To Pay You
Real world examples that show you how you can get businesses to pay you over $1000 a month to market for them online. Learn what you need to say, how you need to say it, and how to close the deal with big clients that have large budgets. Learn how easy it can be to find prospective businesses by just using a simple plan that I will share with you.
This alone could be valued at $97.00

Use My Simple W.A.S.P. Method To Get Your Clients To Page One Of Google
Your clients want to be at the top of the search engine results and it is your job to get them there. I am going to teach you all you need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how you can use it to make sure that your clients beat out all their competition every single day.
This alone could be valued at $97.00

Social Media Domination That Will Make You A Star In The Eyes Of Your Client
Learn how to get your clients hundreds of followers on Twitter in a matter of days. Create Facebook fan pages and LinkedIn profiles that bring your customers business. Show your client the power of social media by giving them statistics that will blow their mind (great way to close a sale!)

This alone could be valued at $67.00

Let Me Create An Action Plan For You That Will Get You Moving Towards Your Goal Today.
This course not only gives you all the knowledge to make this idea work, but it gives you an action plan to implement it. Not only that but I will be closely monitoring your success and challenges and will be helping you along the way with any problems that you area having.
This alone could be valued at $47.00

Personal One On One Attention From Me
You are going to get access to me via email for the next thirty days so if you have any problems I will deal with you directly and I will work to help you succeed. This has an unmeasurable amount of value. Plus within the first two weeks of you getting started you and I will have a PERSONAL ONE ON ONE STRATEGY CALL. That’s right I will call you and help you over any hurdles you may be facing PERSONALLY. This will be me calling you, so get your questions ready!

Everything You Need To Be Successful Online
Is Right Here!

Step-by-step training on finding clients with large budgets who want to spend money with you. Simple, yet effective method for getting your clients websites to page one of the search engine results. Learn to use social media in a way that no one is teaching to achieve maximum results. A personalized action plan that will help you get started today, in addition receive a free strategy call from me or my staff and learn how to make the most of your new business. Finally the unbelievable value of having ONE ON ONE access to me to answer all your questions and help you move to the next level.

Total Value For This Opportunity:

Offering This Opportunity To You May Actually Hurt Me In The Long Run So Why Would I Do It? You see right now there is very little if any competition in what I do for my customers. Yeah sure there are a lot of companies that will design a website for someone, but how many people really know how to get traffic to that website like I do? Not very many people are like that in the world, much less nearby where I live. By offering this information to you I am kind of shooting myself in the foot because I am letting you in on secrets that I have been using and have sort of had a monopoly on.

I am not a genius, in fact after seeing what I am about to do you may think that I am a fool. What I am though for sure is a guy who loves to see my students excel. I actually prefer it to most anything else. So I will gladly offer you this amazing, powerful, information at a ridiculously low price because at the end of the day I know that the world is a very big place and Even if I trained up 10,000 people just like me there would still be room for more in this huge market of small businesses.

Look at all I am giving you…

Over Three Hours Of Video Training
Two Full Length E-Books
Two Special Reports
30 Days Of Email Access To Me To Answer All Your Questions
Thirty Minute Strategy Call With Me Personally
+++PLUS+++ A bunch of great bonuses!!!

I am ready to get started and change my future!

60 Day No Worry 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I am so sure that the information you are going to receive inside Local Business Marketing Machine is the best you will ever receive on this topic, that I am willing to put my neck on the line instead of yours.

If for any reason at all…and I mean ANY reason, you are not fully satisfied and feel that you have NOT received full value then you can get every single penny of your money back no questions asked!!!

Did you see what I said…I said NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I am so sure that this opportunity is going to blow your mind and make you successful as an online entrepreneur that I am willing to take all the risk myself.

Local Business Marketing Machine Is On Sale For The First 30 Students Who Sign Up Today!

No offer this amazing will last for long. I am sure you understand that. What I am looking for is a core group of students that I can walk through this program hand in hand with me. I am looking for amazing success stories to come out of this group. That is why I am limiting the program to 30 people at this price. After those slots are filled the price will be going up…way up.In addition to the fact that I will be here to help you with any problems that you have I am also offering a few amazing bonuses for students who are serious about getting out of the rat race and into business for themselves.


SEO For Small Businesses – This is an Ebook that I wrote that gives you a detailed plan for how to increase the search engine optimization for any product, service, or business you want to promote. This is invaluable information and I am giving it away as a free bonus for the early bird buyers. Valued At $37

Productivity Tools by Helen Raptopulous – Helen has been a business coach & consultant?for the past 7 years. She?has taken her?skills and ideas to the online marketplace to create products and services that can help entrepreneurs & small business owners to take action?and move their business forward. Now she has written this amazing special report to help small business owners (like you) to be more productive. Valued At $27

Jason’s Secret Resource Guide – This is my file that I use every day of all the best online resources that you will need to be successful in internet marketing for small business. This list has been compiled by weeding out a lot of products and services that just weren’t very good. This leaves you with my very best recommendations for things you will need to get your business running efficiently . Valued At $27

Yahoo Answers Audio Book/Workbook – Amazing audio book on how to use the Yahoo Answers system to drive traffic to your clients sites and your own sites. Traffic equals revenue for you and your customers. This bonus comes with an Audio Book and a workbook. Valued At $37

All of these bonuses and the crazy price below are available for a very limited time. Once this time is up I promise you this product will be going WAY up in price. I wanted to offer this to you before I did that so that you will have the opportunity to change the way you are currently living your life.

That is well over $100 just in free bonuses!

So let’s Recap what all are you getting if you buy today?

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