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Intern Black Book


What’s Intern Black Book?

Intern Black Book is a collection of swipe files for finding, hiring, and managing interns (email templates, website files, spreadsheets, sample interview questions, management tools, etc.).
What’s the outcome?

You will quickly and efficiently hire interns. You will spend very little time setting up ads, interviewing, and managing the hiring of interns using our swipe files.
What’s the benefit?

Interns can easily help you: Save time. Save money. Scale your business. All for FREE.

Intern Black Book will help you easily find & attract interns. It’ll show you exactly how to schedule & interview them. It’ll enable you to find the best interns. It’ll give you the tools to manage interns and get the highest possible output from them.

Intern Black Book will enable you to make you more money & save your time. That’s our guarantee.
Who’s this for?

This is for any business that publishes products online (even if it’s just you). Anyone who needs help with tasks they’re not capable of completing or don’t have time for. Anyone who wants to scale their business quickly, with limited overhead.
What do I actually get?

You’ll get a combination of swipe files, instructional videos, processes, and resources/tools for hiring interns. Through our secure members area, you’ll have access to 3 core modules, covering each step of the hiring & managing process.

Resources include templates, tools, videos, samples, and reference documents.
Free Add-On (Bonus)

Source Control ($44 value): Get David Walsh’s popular book on how to outsource and create systems in your business. Learn how to handle your interns remotely.
What does it cost?

The price is a one-time payment of $97, or 2 payments of $49.97. We stand squarely behind this product, giving you a full 60 days to get inside and see if it’s what you need. You can back out by sending one email. You aren’t truly committing or incurring any risk for 2 months.
Who’s behind this?

Derek Johanson & David Walsh. We’re the creators of & we run a small digital publishing company, Dangerous Publishing.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve hired & worked with close to 40 interns. We estimate that we’ve received at least $30,000 in free work from interns (and provided massive value to our interns in return for their services).
The Module & Resources Breakdown

All Intern Black Book materials are delivered instantly, via a secure membership area.
Module 1: Attracting

You’ll get:

* Compelling advertisement swipes for Craigslist and college job boards that will attract the RIGHT types of interns and get you more applications. Just change a few {bracketed} phrases to match your business and set everything up in minutes.
* Intern job descriptions: We’ve come up with a list of possible roles you’ll need and filled out their job descriptions.
* Company descriptions: If you’re publishing products online, our company description should be easily adaptable to your own business.
* Ready to import WordPress pages that make setup a breeze.
* How to accept applications and keep everything centrally organized.

Module 2: Hiring

* Sample interview questions: know all the right questions to ask at the interview so you can find the highest quality interns and not hire ones that will suck your time and energy.
* Sample Google spreadsheets you can copy to have interns schedule themselves for an appointment to speak with you – and a spreadsheet for evaluating your interns and their interview performance.

Module 3: Managing

* Common interns tasks. Get interns started immediately so you don’t waste time training them and you know exactly what they’re going to do before they come in.
* How to work remotely with interns who aren’t in the same city or time zone as you.
* Task accountability form: make sure interns fill out this Google form after each work session so they stay productive, and you can better manage their daily routine.


In the Managing module, we’ll give you Source Control ($44) for free. Handling remote interns is very similar to handling outsourced workers (only interns work for free).

Source Control contains ready-to-use templates, documents, and resources to kick-start your outsourcing/intern system. This is everything we’ve personally developed & refined to manage assistants simply, directly, and most importantly – from anywhere. It includes Google Documents templates and communication samples.
Exclusive Interview

We sat down with Josh Pellicer ( to discuss his intern hiring process. Joshua has had up to 25 interns working for his business at one time. He provides some unusual, yet effective, techniques for finding and managing interns.
What Are Other Businessman Saying?

We gave a select group of friends in the industry free access to Intern Black Book early. Here’s what they’ve said:
“Just had a chance to cruise through Intern Black Book, and you’ve got some great material in there! The swipe files for the Craigslist ads and such are definitely useful, as writing that stuff is always a pain in the ass.”
Sean Ogle of
“I couldn’t have done it without your swipes.”
Ian Borders of Break The Grid Industries

Intern Black Book is a step-by-step program showing entrepreneurs how to harness the unlimited potential of unpaid interns. Following this program will not only lighten your workload but it will provide you with the extra time needed to develop and improve upon your own business.

The creators of Intern Black Book, Derek Johanson and David Walsh, having recently co-founded Dangerous Publishing, hired a team of unpaid interns to handle administrative, writing, and graphic design tasks among others. Their hiring this team of interns, proved to be so beneficial to his business that he developed his method into a comprehensive program and share it with the masses. Now entrepreneurs everywhere can learn how to successfully hire and utilize an unpaid internship program.

You may think you can handle your business on your own, and that may be true, but hiring interns will undoubtedly help you grow and expand your business. Interns, if utilized in the right way, will make your job simpler. They are educated hard working and available to help. Interns are hungry for experience and resume boosters, they don’t mind writing press releases or making copies. They can and will handle the everyday tasks that are necessary to running any business, leaving you the time to flex your expertise and handle the more important business operations. And they do it all for free!

Intern Black Book

is perfect for the one-or-two-person business. After all, the one-man entrepreneur is the one who needs the most help taking care of basic tasks. You don’t need an office and you defiantly don’t need a Human Resources department. All you need is a Business or even just an idea for one, and Intern Black Book will do the rest.

So why should you use this program to hire interns, why not just get some on your own? Well you could do that, but do you know how to do that, what to say? Do you know what potential interns are looking for? The types of job descriptions that will get them hooked, or even inspire them to come work for you? Do you know how hectic and stressful the interview process can be? These are some big questions that all need answering before you even have interns. The questions and conundrums will only grow exponentially after the intern start to work for you.

Sounds awful, I know. But that’s exactly what makes the Intern Black Book so amazing. It takes all of these unmanageable questions and problems and shows you how to easily meet and solve each and every challenge involved in creating an internship program; in some cases this program will do the work for you.

The Intern Black Book is all-inclusive. It provides proven methods, tips and solutions for every step in the hiring process as well as what to do after you’ve hired your interns.

GD Star Rating
Intern Black Book, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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If you have experience with this product, or know something people might find important please feel free to share in a comment below. Let us know if you think this this product is a SCAM or The Real Deal.

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