Sales C.S.I. Internet Marketing Forensics: Optimize Your Online Business, Increase Website’s Sales

Sales C.S.I. Internet Marketing Forensics


Supercharge your PPC advertising, list building & SEO results…
“Discover How To Build Your Lists And
Make [At Least] 15% More Sales [GUARANTEED) From Your Existing PPC Advertising And SEO Budget...Without Spending More on Traffic!”

If you are responsible for online sales or lead-generation, it’s now possible to supercharge your Google® AdWords, SEO and affiliate marketing results – increasing lead capture rates, building your lists and increasing sales conversions at least 15% - GUARANTEED – from your EXISTING traffic resources - using proven techniques and off-the-shelf-software that puts you in the driver's seat!
Increase lead-capture rates by 30% (or more) and grow your lists
Increase sales conversions 15% (or more) from existing traffic sources
Decrease wasted advertising spending by AT LEAST 10%
Identify where to focus and increase your SEO results
Identify how to increase your e-commerce and affiliate sales


Rick Braddy, CEO,
Friday, 10:35
Houston, Texas, USA


You probably already know that tracking and optimization are both key to operating your business online. There are many options available to do so, and many of them are free.

But are you digging deep enough with your metrics? Are you familiar with the best, affordable tools and how to get the most out of them to squeeze out more sales from your existing investments in traffic?

Leads and sales are the lifeblood of your business
As a seasoned marketer, you no doubt put in a lot of time and effort (money, too) into your business - you are continually looking for the right combination of traffic sources, ads, offers, landing pages, organic SEO techniques, and more.

Your responsibility is – and your livelihood depends on - decreasing wasteful spending on traffic and, of course, increasing lead generation and sales conversions.

No matter if you are responsible for monitoring (or improving) your corporation’s online sales process metrics – or whether you are an entrepreneur who doesn’t have the time to discover and test the latest tools and techniques to apply on your site – you want to avoid unsuccessful campaigns and increase the number of qualified clicks and up the rate of successful sales conversions.

You have a lot at stake
You invest significant resources and time into your advertising, promotion, design, e-commerce and content development of your website.

Chances are, some of your investments are underperforming today, and producing far fewer results than what is possible. This translates to less profit and reduced ROI for you.

The success of your sales process depends on your knowledge and use of the latest and proven techniques to build your lists and increase the number of quality leads and sales conversions flowing through your site’s sales processes.

And your personal success requires the confidence that you truly understand what’s working, what’s not and what to do about it.

So how can you remove the guesswork?
There IS a way to take the guesswork out of your online sales...and grow your lists bigger and faster, while increasing your sales conversion rates.

You CAN discover the improvements you should make – what optimizations - to get the most out of your traffic - and without spending more on ads or traffic...

And you will KNOW what adjustments you must make to build your list (turn more visitors into prospects), and to make more sales (convert more prospects to customers) - AT LEAST 15% MORE SALES - GUARANTEED...

The answer: “Internet Marketing Forensics™”
If you sell online – or if your business serves those who do – you must hone your investigative skills and take them to the next level - that’s right, you need to become an “online sales detective,” and conduct a “Conversion Success Investigation™” audit of your site's lead capture, list building and sales conversion processes, then optimize things based on what you uncover.

Think of your site’s sales process differently for a moment - as a place where you gather evidence, then analyze it to establish “facts.”

You then develop theories and “solve the mystery.” You determine exactly what is leading to sales conversions on your site…and how to apply this newfound knowledge to convert even more visitors into leads and build your list – and, to convert more prospects into sales.

In addition to measuring and tracking your day-to-day conversions, you can benefit from running controlled tests and experiments to optimize your business, and take the guesswork out of “what’s working,” “what’s not,” and “what to do about it”.

But where does the “forensics” part come in – isn’t tracking your sales funnel activity enough?

Internet Marketing Forensics involves more than “tracking”
Now you can do a better job to investigate and understand what is happening on your site – the specific content and processes that are leading people to buy…

You can learn the techniques and methods that enable you to:

Increase your sales by 15% or more without spending more on traffic
Achieve 30% or higher Landing Page conversion rates and build your lists bigger and faster
Nurture your leads better so your list becomes more responsive, and
Reduce wasteful/non-responsive ad spending by at least 10%
Imagine learning a process that leads to superior lead-generation, lead-capture, lead-nurturing and online sales conversions.

Then imagine applying that process for detailed tracking, in-depth understanding and making the right observations and the exact set of changes to your site that result in optimizing website conversions.

In other words, take the guesswork out of your lead-generation and selling for a change. This will enable you to boost lead flow and increase sales conversions – from your EXISTING traffic resources - using proven techniques and off-the-shelf-software that puts you in the driver's seat!

A Solution
Now there’s a way to quickly discover and apply the latest tools and “Internet marketing forensics” techniques to your online lead-generation and sales process.

Now you can easily access video-based information to help you:

Know what tools to use to gather and analyze the evidence (and exactly how to apply these tools to your site and situation)
Apply step-by-step instructions to closely examine and understand exactly what converts and what doesn’t on your site, then optimize your site’s conversions to build your list faster and convert more leads into sales
Increase leads and build your lists faster from landing page opt-in forms, downloads and free trials, and contact form inquiries
Increase sales conversions, up-sells and cross-selling results
Identify dead-ends and "broken" lead-generation and sales processes and fix them so they perform properly
Eliminate wasteful spending and wasted time on unproductive advertising, keywords and SEO efforts
Focus your investments and time on productive advertising, keywords and SEO to maximize the ROI on your time and money
This process can assist you at “…the conversion scene” (your website and related processes like your PPC campaigns, email auto responder and related content) helping you gather evidence and solve the "mysteries" of building your list faster and generating more sales – all through the use of proper Internet Marketing Forensics that inform and guide your efforts.

Please read on to discover all the details about an exciting and extremely affordable program that will arm you with all the necessary information to supercharge your PPC advertising, SEO and affiliate marketing results!

Sales C.S.I.™ Conversion Success Program
"Become an Online Sales Detective™"

What It Is
A unique video-based training program - Simple video-based instruction and step-by-step tutorials - demonstrated in real-time with specific how-to examples on real business processes and actual websites, plus:

Email access for individualized support and advice
Member community for a place to exchange ideas, feedback and best practices
Support to get your questions answered
Who It's For
Website owners (enterprise to SMB)
Marketers responsible for online list building and lead-generation results
Online store managers responsible for e-commerce sales results
Webmasters responsible for streamlining website operations
Internet entrepreneurs who need to reach profitability and grow their lists and businesses
Web developers responsible for client's websites
Google AdWords™ specialists who manage Google advertising accounts for clients
SEO companies who optimize client's websites
Affiliate marketing managers who need conversion facts to motivate affiliates to sell more
Companies who advertise using PPC networks like Google AdWords, Bing and other PPC networks
Companies who attract organic traffic through SEO optimization
Companies who operate an affiliate program or participate in a CPA network for traffic generation
Companies who use banner ad and other advertising networks
Basically, anyone who uses a website to capture leads or drive sales will benefit from Sales C.S.I. If your responsibility area fits any of the categories above, and you want to increase lead-capture rates and grow your lists; increase sales conversions from existing traffic sources; identify and decrease wasted advertising spending on low-yield traffic sources; and identify where to focus your SEO efforts for maximum ROI, then the Sales C.S.I.™ program is for you!

What You Get
By the time you complete this straightforward, pragmatic course, you will have earned your "Detective of Sales™" badge you see shown below:

Once you have earned your badge, you can apply your newfound skills to turn unprofitable websites into profitable ones, and to amplify the financial results of any online lead-generation or e-commerce site you encounter from now on.

It's easier than you may think, too. Everything is explained and demonstrated in a series of brief videos, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

The foundation of the program is six video modules that cover, in step-by-step detail, proven methods to improve your online sales and lead-generation results – not ambiguous strategies or theories, but rather specific, proven processes and tools you can apply right away.

Many of the tools are free. Also included are demonstrations and examples of other recommended, affordable "premium" tools that you will have the option to license and apply, should you wish to take full advantage of that area of instruction to maximize your results.

We organized things into a simple, 5-step "Conversion Success Investigation™" process, shown in the chart below:

The five key steps you will use to achieve everything we've discussed is:

1) Instrumentation - how to add the proper instrumentation to your website

2) Analytics - how to configure and use the analytic tools properly

3) Forensics - how to learn exactly what buyers (and non-buyers) are doing on your site

4) Observations - how to create actionable optimization steps from what you learn

5) Tuning / Optimizations - how to apply tuning and optimization to your site.

Each of these steps is organized into a "module", a set of brief instructional, how-to videos (most of them 10 to 20 minutes in length) showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Let's have a closer look at what's inside each module you get.


In this first module, you will learn how to instrument your site and make sure you are collecting the necessary data for proper tracking and reporting.

You will get started in the right direction using Google™ Analytics and Google™ AdWords, plus get acquainted with some more advanced, off-the-shelf tools for additional analysis and tracking sales conversions.
Module 1 contains the following five videos:
Module 1 Video 1 – Getting Your Site Instrumented with Google® Analytics
Discover the instrumentation you need to monitor your website operations, opt-ins, leads, sales and e-commerce transactions.

Module 1 Video 2 – Google AdWords Conversions
In this module you learn the planning process to monitor AdWords conversions and the necessary metrics to track them.
Also included is a step-by-step tutorial, using an existing Google AdWords account, that describes how to set things up, including related website integration procedures.

Module 1 Video 3 – Google Analytics, E-Commerce Tracking
Here you will learn e-commerce transaction monitoring as it relates to Google Analytics. You get a complete step-by-step walk-through that shows you how to set up your analytics tracking scripts covering your e-commerce processes.

Module 1 Video 4 – Clickstream Tracking for Forensic Analysis
This module acquaints you with off-the-shelf, forensics tools for real-time statistics and analysis of visitor sessions; learn how to go way beyond the capabilities of Google Analytics as a sales conversion detective.

Module 1 Video 5 – Detailed Conversion Tracking
The fifth module describes specialized instrumentation for detailed conversion tracking, with ability to track the interest, desire and actions of your site’s visitors, identify productive and wasteful AdWords keywords and more.

Learn the specific methods to hone in very quickly on where your profitable traffic is coming from and what campaigns and keywords result in lead and sales conversions.

Module 2 – ANALYTICS
In this second module, you will discover and learn to apply a variety of tools and reports for the analysis of traffic patterns, conversion metrics and e-commerce results.
You will receive specific instructions on how to set up and configure sales goals and funnels, how to see “big picture” and segmented visitor pathways (e.g., buyers)… then watch how to set up, analyze and interpret the results.

Module 2 contains the following four videos:

Module 2 Video 1 – Google® Analytics - Set up Goals and Funnels
In this video you discover how to apply the analytic tools that you learned to instrument in Module 1, beginning by configuring your goals and funnels. Step-by-step instructions and multiple, real-world examples (using data from an actual Google account) show you how.

Module 2 Video 2 – Google® Analytics – Big Picture and Segmented Views
Learn how to get a “big picture” view using Google Analytics, and, more importantly, how to make use of analytics to drill down and learn from what’s happening with your conversions, goals and sales funnels previously set up.

Module 2 Video 3 – Using Detailed Conversion Analysis
Learn how to apply this advanced tool to perform detailed conversion tracking, traffic source analyses and how to assess your site visitors’ AIDA (levels of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). This module contains specific step-by-step instructions plus real-world examples.

Module 2 Video 4 – Using Clickstream Analysis
Get introduced to an advanced tool for clickstream analysis (real-time visitor monitoring). Observe trend data for traffic analysis, ROI tracking and conversion tracking. You’ll get familiarized with how to use different reports that describe detailed and specific visitor activity on your site dating back to the initial visit.

Module 3 – FORENSICS
In the third module, you will become acquainted with the definition and methods of site forensics. After an initial overview describing what site forensics involves and the methodologies behind it, you are then presented with several videos that contain step-by-step illustrations, in detail, of how to perform specific forensics investigations.
Not only will you receive specific instructions you can access again and again as necessary, but in addition, you will view actual examples of investigations performed on real-world accounts.

Module 3 goes way beyond theory and shows you exactly how to perform investigations that will provide you with the information to make profitable adjustments to your lead-generation. sales processes and content, and pinpoint your most profitable traffic (and where to eliminate wasteful spending).

Module 3 contains the following five videos:

Module 3 Video 1 – Site Forensics Overview
In this video you obtain an overview of the concept and fundamentals of site forensics - what it means and a discussion of what is involved with the process and “what” it is, exactly, that you should be looking for with forensic investigations.

Module 3 Video 2 – Sale Back-tracking Example
In this video you will learn how to "backtrack" a sale; i.e., how to take a particular sale and learn everything about what happened to make that sale possible, including:

Traffic source that originally delivered this particular buyer to the website
Advertisement and keyword that attracted the buyer to your site initially
Landing page and offer that gained your buyer's interst enough to opt-in
Content pages the buyer was interested in before buying
Videos and other content that triggered the buyer into action
Auto-responder emails that brought the buyer back to your site
Series of actions that triggered the buyer to make a purchase decision
What happened during the checkout process
What has happened since the buyer made their purchase
Other products the buyer has shown an interest in, but not yet purchased
The video uses a real-world customer account and actual data, explaining how to do so in a step-by-step process. The insights you will gain from back-tracking actual sales will provide you with a "fact base" upon which you can make correct decisions about where to optimize, which traffic to reinforce and expand upon, etc.

Module 3 Video 3 – Recording Clues and Evidence
Once you’ve learned how to obtain the evidence by backtracking a sale, how should you record it so it can be analyzed later? This video suggests several methods. Also included are two “Evidence Log” spreadsheet templates to make the process even easier. You will learn to record the "clues" and "evidence" that you collect during your forensic investigations, that will be used in a later step to decide where to focus your optimization efforts properly.

Module 3 Video 4 – Lead Back-tracking Example
It’s important for you to understand where your quality leads (the ones that convert to sales) are actually coming from and how effective your lead-capture and nurturing campaigns are. This module illustrates and gives step-by-step examples of different methods to do so, plus the theories behind the methodologies.

Module 3 Video 5 – Critical Path Content Example
In this video you will find out how to identify your “critical path content.” Critical paths are the steps your buyers take as they navigate through your content and take action (such as a purchase, opt-in or downloading a report) that achieves one of the goals or significant “actions” that you have previously defined. This video begins with an actual account example in Google Analytics and then takes you step-by-step through several critical pathway analyses and discussion using forensics.

In this fourth module, you will learn how to turn the evidence and clues you gathered in Modules 2 and 3 into an actionable plan.
Follow along as we make observations using real data (evidence) from an actual Google AdWords account, then make certain crucial decisions and take action upon them.

In Module 4 you will learn various effective methods to examine the evidence and clues, form theories and make fact-based conclusions, then make the proper decisions so you can take the right actions that will lead to increased success.
Here you will discover methods to identify what’s broken, working, or missing, and what to do about it.

This fifth module will show you how to tune and optimize your website to increase sales and lead-generation results.

Follow along as we describe in detail a three-step tuning and optimization process and discuss key items to include in your test processes.
Both A/B testing and Multivariate testing examples are illustrated in detail, using actual account data and the Google Website Optimizer® tool.
Module 5 contains four (4 videos):
Module 5 Video 1 – Tuning and Optimization Overview
Learn the basics about how to optimize your website operations, opt-ins, leads, sales and e-commerce transactions.

Module 5 Video 2 – A/B Split Testing Example using Google Website Optimizer
Follow a live A/B split test process using the Google Web Optimizer tool. We analyze report graphs, create theories and draw actionable conclusions. A step-by-step tutorial for creating an A/B test example is demonstrated.

Module 5 Video 3 – Multivariate Testing Example using Google Website Optimizer
In this video you will learn how to increase the effectiveness of your organic, SEO-based search traffic. The demonstration utilizes an actual Web page from a site examined in Module 3 (“Forensics’).

You follow a step-by-step tutorial that shows how to implement multivariate testing to increase your organic SEO-based traffic and convert it more effectively through your sales and lead-capture processes.

Module 5 Video 4 – Test Results and Actions
Test results from the A/B split test and multivariate optimization examples are examined.

Module 6 – Video 1 – Conversion Best Practices, Part 1
In this video you will use your newly-earned "Detective of Sales" skills to apply best practices to your website – actions you can take to produce the results you want by “modeling” successful sites and processes is highlighted.

These best practices give you a head-start on how to quickly apply solid techniques that are well-known and proven to get results, taking the guesswork out of optimization and tuning.

Home pages/splash pages, landing pages, and sales pages pages are some of the processes discussed. Key elements that impact conversions, such as headlines and subheads, graphics, guarantees, price points, testimonials, etc., are all covered.

Module 6 – Video 2 – Conversion Best Practices, Part 2
Conclusion of the best practices review, discussion and examples.

Ready to get started?

It’s a "crime" that you aren't capturing more leads and converting them into sales.
Now you can squeeze the most out of your traffic investments, lead-generation, list building and sales conversion efforts by learning and applying best practices that are guaranteed to increase your lead-flow and sales results.

You’ll get access to step-by-step instructions to closely examine and understand exactly what converts and what doesn’t on your site – and then optimize your site’s conversions to build your list faster and generate more sales.

You will learn how to gather the right evidence and then quickly solve “the mysteries” of building your list and converting more sales – all through the use of Internet Marketing Forensics – methods and strategies that you will find in the Sales C.S.I. program.

How This Solution Came About...
There was a time a few years ago where I began to notice I was spending more, then even more, on traffic - only to see less return on my investments. And with the increased competition in both Google® search and display networks, the costs were just skyrocketing out of control.

I began to feel “angry” with Google®; I resented what I interpreted as their various methods for getting as much of my money as their tools would permit – or at least that’s how I perceived things at first..
But my frustration was misplaced; rather than waste my energy in that fashion, I redirected it – into a deeper analysis of what was going on with my business’ lead generation and sales conversion processes.

I figured, I have no control over what Google does, but I DO have control over everything that happens on my website after a visitor arrives there. So I turned my attention to increasing the efficiency and performance of my website as a competitive response to the increased advertising costs and competition.

The first thing I realized is that the Google Analytics® tools environment, although impressive (and free), was just not enough. Using those tools I had no real way to:

Track specific visitors and their exact steps through my site’s sales process
Understand exactly which ads and other traffic sources were generating the highest quality traffic (and which were sucking money from my bank account)
Understand exactly which keywords were generating the best ROI without first spending a lot money to find out
I just could not seem to take the “guesswork” out of my PPC campaigns to make them profitable and grow them effectively…

And I decided that Google’s recommended course of action, to “experiment more” or turn more control over to Google to "help me" was definitely not the answer (read: “spend more with us”).
So I dove into some intense research and analysis regarding my traffic sources and online sales processes, and I came up with a system to take the guesswork out! This took me several years of experimenting and refining the whole process.

I went through a half dozen tools that looked good on the surface, but just didn't pan out when put into use, wasting time and money along the way, until I finally landed on the right combination of tools and techniques that work consistently across multiple websites and businesses that I own.

Being a “technology guy” as well as an experienced online marketer, I recognized what was needed – a logical set of processes, using proven, off-the-shelf analytical tools (either free or affordable), to pinpoint where to increase sales conversions without just spending more on traffic.

I applied what I see as common sense, straightforward “forensics” to discover exactly what was going on, doing what I call “back-tracking” of sales and other transactions, and clickstream analysis. This stuff isn't rocket science, just pragmatic steps that anyone can take once they know how.

This enabled me to quickly determine exactly what’s going on, where the sales are coming from, where the gaps are and exactly what to do about it. It didn't take long to realize these exact same techniques could be applied to enhance SEO optimization, affiliate marketing and lead-generation results, too.

Looking back, this journey led me to create a solution that’s fairly sophisticated in scope, but simple enough to be implemented by even the smallest businesses, too…

My experience as a CTO and corporate marketing executive
As CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for Citrix Sytems’ virtualization group, and then later as Vice-President of Product Marketing for them (managing multi-million-dollar product lines and launches), I gained firsthand knowledge that taught me what works and what doesn’t - and just how rewarding “forensics” data can be for those responsible for sales. It also helped me understand the realities of working in larger enterprise environments – and

My experience as an online marketer
As a small business owner and a “roll-up-your-sleeves do-er,” since 2004, I gained an appreciation for what was actually involved and necessary to perform sales conversion “forensics.” My businesses have consistently been highly-profitable since I began applying these common-sense forensic and optimization techniques.

My experience as an online marketing consultant
My ideas were further validated by consulting with various customers regarding their sites’ sales processes. Through working with them, as well as on my own online businesses, it became clear that these processes, and the step-by-step process I was using, made implementation as easy as following a recipe.

So that’s what I’ve created - a video-based how-to course for anyone interested in becoming an “Online Sales Detective” and taking a shortcut to applying the most effective tracking, tuning and optimization techniques – without investing years of effort and experimenting to learn how to get results.

It’s called “Sales CSI™”
(the CSI refers to “Conversion Success Investigation™”)

It’s a six-module video course that will show you EXACTLY HOW to supercharge your Google® Adwords, SEO and affiliate marketing results – increasing lead flow and increasing sales conversions – from your EXISTING traffic resources - using proven techniques and off-the-shelf-software.

Increase lead-capture rates by 30% or more and grow your lists
Increase sales conversions 15% (or more) from existing traffic sources
Decrease wasted advertising spending by AT LEAST 10%
Identify where to focus and increase your SEO results
Identify exactly how to increase your e-commerce and affiliate sales

If I were you, I would probably have a couple of questions right about now…

Why does the Sales C.S.I. ™ Internet forensics process work?
Data-tracking and analysis processes have generated millions of dollars in both increased sales and savings for businesses both large and small, but they’ve typically been too complicated and time-consuming to be practical for most people.

Sales C.S.I.™ utilizes field-proven techniques, based on years of experience, training and best practices from both corporate and online business settings. And you can apply these techniques in as little as an hour or two per week to get results.

What makes me qualified to provide this information?
Built into the product’s development curve is more than 50 years of combined marketing experience brought to you by its developers. These methods were refined over many years of day-to-day, hands-on management of sales and lead-generation with my own Web-based businesses (as owner and webmaster), as well as working with clients’ businesses and their sites.
As the former CTO of Citrix System’s Virtualization Systems Group. I was responsible for technology and business strategy, product architecture, and intellectual property for Citrix's application delivery software for Windows applications, and virtual Windows desktops – a business we grew from $425 million a year to over $1 billion during my 6-year tenure, so I know how to scale things up big.
Prior to becoming CTO, I served in VP product management and VP product marketing roles for Citrix, where I was responsible for numerous global, multi-million-dollar product launches. So you will find that Sales C.S.I.™ embodies much of my experience with big, successful, corporate online marketing campaigns, as well as online sales.
Before Citrix, I was group architect for Internet and “eBusiness” Solutions at BMC Software (e-business is what we called the Web back in the 1990’s), so I’ve been deeply involved with the Internet and Web technologies since 1995.
I have been a Web developer and entrepreneur since the 1990’s, and own and operate several online businesses today, so I understand firsthand exactly what's involved in generating leads and sales conversions for a wide variety of products and services on a consistent basis.
And that knowledge and experience is now recorded and explained in simple, practical terms, and available to you 24/7 in the affordable Sales C.S.I.™ program.

What is Sales C.S.I. ™ worth to you?
Without a doubt, no matter the size of your business and revenue stream, improving your lead generation and sales conversion processes will lead to increased profits.

For example, what’s a small increase - say10% - worth?

10% of $10,000 is $1,000
10% of $100,000 is $10,000
10% of $1,000,000 is $100,000
10% of $10,000,000 is $1,000,000

If your website is like most, there’s plenty of low-hanging fruit just waiting to be picked, as your site and sales processes haven’t been optimized much, if at all.

So achieving a 10% to 20% increase certainly isn’t out of the question. In fact, it's common for unoptimized sites to experience sales increases of up to 200% to 300% when optimized properly.
So what’s it worth for you to learn:

- Which of your site content is being read – and which isn’t?

- Which traffic sources are generating leads that turn into sales – and which aren’t?

- What else is working (converting) and what isn’t?

- What to reinforce and amplify (do more of) to boost sales even more?

- Which web pages are actually being used by your buyers, and in what order, before they decide to buy? (so you know where to focus tuning & optimization)

- Which traffic sources, offers, ads, landing pages, opt-ins, etc. are working for you? And,

- Which aren’t and are just costing you unnecessary, wasteful ad spending?

Sales C.S.I.™ will show you how to decide what to reinforce, fix and eliminate in your online sales processes so that you can convert more visitors to leads, and more leads to sales.

What’s that worth to you?

Gain a competitive edge
With the Sales C.S.I.™ Program, you can gain a distinct advantage over your competitors. Get a leg up on your competition by converting more “lookers” into buyers before they visit your competitors’ sites - building a larger community of buyers and increased sales momentum for your business instead of theirs.

Time is money
Take advantage our time spent researching, experimenting and proving what works - so that you don't continue to be frustrated and over-whelmed. What's that worth to you?

It’s easy to get started
You can literally get started right away – and we’ll take you step-by-step through the entire tracking, Internet forensics investigative process, as well as how to tune and optimize your site properly.

Leverages industry-standard and best-of-breed tools
Sales C.S.I.™ shows you how to get the most of our industry standard tools like Google® Analytics and Google Website Optimizer. We also recommend a couple of inexpensive, best-of-breed tools required for detailed visitor and conversion tracking and clickstream analysis. These tools will make you much more productive and provide the detailed tracking and forensics information you’ll need.

Available under special "Controlled Release" program
A "controlled release" is a special program whereby a product is released to a limited number of initial customers in order to validate the product's readiness and suitability for broader market use. We have decided to use the controlled release approach and work closely with a small set of early adopter customers who apply Sales C.S.I. in their businesses.

We are taking this approach to ensure customer success early on, identify any potential gaps or areas of improvement for the product, and gather testimonials and results proof for use in the product's formal public launch a few months from now.

Here's more details on the controlled release program below:

The Limited Time Only release price is just $97 (Regularly $197.00)

But there’s a “catch”...
The planned sales price for the program AFTER this limited release period will be $197.00.
But if you decide to purchase now, you’ll gain instant access to all of its useful information, but at a significantly reduced, one-time special price.

Press the “Buy Now” button to take advantage of this $97 special offer:

Regularly $197.00
Special Price: $97

Immediate access - Instant download
(nothing ships - 100% available online 24/7)

Here’s everything you get with Sales C.S.I.™

6 Video Modules with 21 videos in all
Step-by-step instructions
Real-world examples
Hands-on product and analysis walk-throughs
Support - Includes 24 x 7 online support and program updates
Guarantee - 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
Five good reasons to choose Sales C.S.I.™
1) Proven – Based on industry best practices and proven techniques applied to multiple online businesses; uses popular off-the-shelf software

2) High-Value – No other product (we know of) can provide you with the kind of high ROI on your existing traffic and website investments

3) Guaranteed – 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

4) Rapid Results –You will begin reaping the rewards of faster list building plus more lead conversions and increased sales within just 2-3 weeks of applying the program to your business

5) Affordable– At $97 USD, it's certainly affordable for every business and website owner
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sales C.S.I. includes an unconditional, 60 day
money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Our No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident that you will benefit from Sales C.S.I. that
we GUARANTEE you will:

Increase landing page conversion rates by at least 30% and grow your lists
Increase sales conversions by at least 15% from existing traffic sources
Decrease wasted advertising spending by AT LEAST 10%
Identify where to focus and increase your SEO results
Identify how to increase your e-commerce and affiliates sales
We are happy to provide you with an unconditional, risk-free satisfaction guarantee for 60 days from date of purchase. If you purchase Sales C.S.I. and it doesn't meet your needs for any reason, you can get a no hassle refund.

Simply open a Support Ticket on our website,, and include a copy of your original purchase receipt within 60 days of purchase. We will then see to it that you get a prompt and courteous refund of the full purchase price.

Here's how to get started
Become a Detective of Sales™ professional and earn your Sales C.S.I. badge. Apply your newfound skills to your own websites or to your customers' sites (if you're a service provider or consultant) to:

- Increase online sales conversions

- Grow lists bigger and faster

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